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Found 4 results

  1. grivcin

    Cherno and tiles.

    So I was lurking the forums (like I have for years now) and came across Cherbourg. What a beautiful piece of work. Even though I cannot play Project Zomboid (my 2011 yr old laptop can't handle it like it used to). I still admire most of the things that are created. I've been contemplating reworking the Chernaurus map since Cherbourg came along, but it's a massive endeavor. Cherno was a passion project. A hobby. Meant to ease a lot of anxieties and depression. I've since lost most of my photoshop files due to hard drive failure. But I still have some files. So I made a new base map.
  2. Blender template for creating custom Project Zomboid Tiles Hello. Recently been experimenting with creating custom tiles for Project Zomboid, and tried to create some model for it in the Blender software. So ive decided to prepare and share some instructions/template for people who would want to create their models/furniture in blender - but they are still a bit confused how to start with it, to fit with the default PZ dimensions. Heres project file for Blender (currently 2.92.0 version), which contains a basic workspace for creating Project Zomboid tileset
  3. So Ive Been WOrking on my first home, as seen here..... But over half of my object have missing tileset as seen here, i can plus mark them but then they appear invisble....please help..
  4. Howdy folks! I've been working on alot of buildings for a costum pack I'm designing currently, following Thuztor's amazing guide. I've been encountering some problems though, recently. My main problem is the creating of costum tilesets. By that, I mean, the creation of tilesets in Building-Ed, where I simply move existing tiles into a newly created section. If I try to do that though, every new object I place in the tileset is invisible, meaning that I only see the grid below the tile, but not its texture. The same goes for when the object is placed in the building, only the tiles it stands on
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