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  1. Folder structure (not sure if this is correct): mods/Better Spear Upgrade/media/lua/client/recipecode.lua mod.info file: name=Better Spear Upgrade poster= id=BetterSpearUpgrade description=Changes the formula for the starting condition of an upgraded spear url= Code: local _orig_UpgradeSpear = Recipe.OnCreate.UpgradeSpear -- get a mix of spear & upgrade item to do a correct condition of the result -- we take the craftedSpear condition and substract the attached weapon condition function Recipe.OnCreate.UpgradeSpear(items, result, player, selectedItem) local spearCondition = 0 local spearConditionMax = 0 local weaponCondition = 0 local weaponConditionMax = 0 local conditionMax = 0; for i=0,items:size() - 1 do if items:get(i):getType() == "SpearCrafted" then spearCondition = items:get(i):getCondition() spearConditionMax = items:get(i):getConditionMax() end end for i=0,items:size() - 1 do if instanceof (items:get(i), "HandWeapon") and items:get(i):getType() ~= "SpearCrafted" then weaponCondition = items:get(i):getCondition() weaponConditionMax = items:get(i):getConditionMax() end end local conditionPct = ((spearCondition / spearConditionMax) + (weaponCondition / weaponConditionMax)) / 2 conditionMax = result:getConditionMax() * conditionPct if conditionMax > result:getConditionMax() then conditionMax = result:getConditionMax(); end if conditionMax < 2 then conditionMax = 2; end result:setCondition(conditionMax); end
  2. " There is no preview.png file in the folder you chose." I have tried 6 ways to sunday to get this to work, no matter what image I use, what size (it says 256x256) and it's in the correct location C:\Users\derp\Zomboid\Workshop\derp\Contents\mods\derp <---- within that folder is the Media folder, mod.info and poster.png. I tried using my own image I made for the mod with the right size, and .png format and I always get the same error: " There is no preview.png file in the folder you chose." I've also renamed it to preview.png to no avail I even copied the poster.png image from the template folder and get the same error. I've looked at other creators mods, the file structure, the image type and where it's located. (I know downloaded mods are in a different location than where they need to be to get uploaded) If I had any hair left, I would pull it out. What am I doing wrong?
  3. So I have an interesting bug happening and I'm going to try to explain it the best I can. I'm on my personal multiplayer (g-portal) hosted server, with lots of mods. I'm aware I could probably uninstall the mods 1 by 1 to figure it out but I'm reaching out here to see if there's any smart folks who know this issue. As far as I'm concerned there's no errors displaying in the server-console.txt that I can see through the server interface. Thanks! Example 1: If I equip a backpack, sometimes I can't put any items in it (no matter the weight), and other times it allows me, then it hits a certain point where items can't get placed in there, UNLESS I for example, drag 41 nails out of it, drag the item I want in, then drag the 41 nails back. However, it also doesn't allow all 41 nails, it will only put 39 of them as an example. This is happening with all storage on my world. Example 2: A storage cabinet has 8.65/50.0, and unable to drag anything into it. If I remove a single item from the storage, then drag it back in, then it allows me to drag several other items in it to max capacity. (possibly unrelated bug) Example 3: Walk up to vehicle, attempt to open trunk, automatically puts weapon away, then player just stands there. No trunk noise, no trunk inventory, also unable to get into car doors as well. Shouldn't there at least be a *click* when trying to open a car door/trunk? I'll attach all the mods I have installed on the latest version of PZ autotsartrailers. Algol Syringes I, KapMed, CrazyCarlShow, BigBrunoShow, BedfordFalls, EasyConfigChucked, MoreDescriptionForTraits4166, MilitaryUsedCarSkins, DylansTilesm, Diederiks Tile Palooza, tkTiles_01, WaterDispenserTheWorkshop(new version), ATA_Mustang;ATA_Mustang_x2, ATA_Mustang_x4, ATA_Jeep, ATA_Jeep_x2, ATA_Jeep_x4, ATA_Jeep_x10, BCGTools, BCGRareWeapons, FRUsedCars, FRUsedCarsFT, FRUsedCarsNLF, FRUsedCarsNRN;isoContainers, FuelAPI, KZGasBarrelsAPI, ExtraMapSymbols, ExtraMapSymbolsUI, Blackwood;Grapeseed, Pitstop, PitstopLegacy, TowingCar, VFExpansion1, OutTheWindow
  4. I can add parkingstalls without any problems in worlded but ingame they dont spawn any cars. I gave them i name and they are bigger than 4x3 so thats probably not the problem. I searched on google and the indie forums for help multiple times but i couldnt find anything helpful. Please help.
  5. Hey, I created my first map mod but I get a repeating error message when I hover over or select my mod in the mod selector window. I tried to find info on the internet or to read the Console.txt but neither got me any further. When creating my mod I used the following version: LATEST TILEZED, WORLDED AND TILESETS (MARCH 14 2022) I used the following tutorials as a basis: THE ONE STOP TILEZED MAPPING SHOP Daddy Dirkie Dirks zomboid mapping tutorials You may have had a similar error message or can help with my Console.txt. I would be very happy about help Edit: I've seen a similar bug in another mod before. Cabin in the woods Workshop ID: 2732928635 Mod ID: CabininwoodsJoji
  6. My game started to crash after the update so i cannot launch the game anymore. It crashes instantly the game tries to open itself. I think i've tried every little bit of method to fix it but it didnt work. Here's what i've tried so far: -Tried the alternate launch -Uninstalled my mods -Deleted my save files -Checked file integrity on steam -Reinstalled the whole game from scratch *I also tried choosing legacy41.65 from betas on launch options in the steam menu, i was able to get into the main menu but the game crashed again when i tried to enter my SP save file. (I tried this first when i havent uninstalled the mods yet) Before this update, yesterday, i was able to play the game perfectly fine. This update just broke everything for me. I have an AMD system (RX570, R5 1600AF) and every driver is updated, im using windows 10. logs.zip
  7. Hi, i have a problem with textures on car, they are inverted. Idk what to do, I sent here 2 photos below. Maybe you know what to do.
  8. I am very new to this so sorry if I overlooked the answer for this or if its obvious. I am creating a test world to learn the ropes of making maps. I paste my world .bmp file into WorldEd. When setting up TileZed and WorldEd I linked it to the extracted tileset folder from April this year. When I try to convert to TMX I get the error below. How do I fix this? Thanks.
  9. I'm having a repeating crash with a save game. It happened as I went to sleep and time was progressing but every time it reaches 5:00AM game time the game freezes then eventually quits back to main menu after having created a _crash copy of the save. I'm at the point where I'm at 2 months into the game, the crash seems to occur at 2 months 18 hours to be exact. The console.txt file is showing this ERROR: General , 1630461936733> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "zombie.inventory.InventoryItem.setCondition(int)" because "<local3>" is null at InventoryItem.update line:779. ERROR: General , 1630461936733> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "zombie.inventory.InventoryItem.setCondition(int)" because "<local3>" is null at zombie.inventory.InventoryItem.update(InventoryItem.java:779) at zombie.iso.IsoCell.ProcessItems(IsoCell.java:2823) at zombie.iso.IsoCell.updateInternal(IsoCell.java:5618) at zombie.util.lambda.Invokers$Params1$CallbackStackItem.run(Invokers.java:37) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.lambda$invokeAndMeasure$0(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:83) at zombie.util.lambda.Stacks$Params3$CallbackStackItem.invoke(Stacks.java:230) at zombie.util.lambda.Stacks$GenericStack.invokeAndRelease(Stacks.java:26) at zombie.util.Lambda.capture(Lambda.java:130) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:81) at zombie.iso.IsoCell.update(IsoCell.java:5572) at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.updateInternal(IsoWorld.java:3175) at zombie.util.lambda.Invokers$Params1$CallbackStackItem.run(Invokers.java:37) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.lambda$invokeAndMeasure$0(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:83) at zombie.util.lambda.Stacks$Params3$CallbackStackItem.invoke(Stacks.java:230) at zombie.util.lambda.Stacks$GenericStack.invokeAndRelease(Stacks.java:26) at zombie.util.Lambda.capture(Lambda.java:130) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:81) at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.update(IsoWorld.java:3113) at zombie.gameStates.IngameState.updateInternal(IngameState.java:1612) at zombie.gameStates.IngameState.update(IngameState.java:1319) at zombie.gameStates.GameStateMachine.update(GameStateMachine.java:101) at zombie.GameWindow.logic(GameWindow.java:285) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) at zombie.GameWindow.frameStep(GameWindow.java:726) at zombie.GameWindow.run_ez(GameWindow.java:642) at zombie.GameWindow.mainThread(GameWindow.java:471) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) LOG : General , 1630462093657> reanimate: saved 0 zombies LOG : General , 1630462093731> Saving GlobalModData LOG : General , 1630462093734> STATE: exit zombie.gameStates.IngameState LOG : General , 1630462093735> EXITDEBUG: IngameState.exit 1 I did remove all mods and the crash stopped happening. I'm assuming from the stack trace that at 5:00AM it's trying to spawn an item into the inventory of something but I don't know what item to try and track down any possible issue. I've gotten 2 months in without any issues and having run a search through my mods folder there are no items (besides the vanilla Katana) which start spawning only after 60 days. Is there any way to help track down what item is causing this so I don't lose this save?
  10. So I have made many buildings but some feel empty like racks and shelves that are empty am I supposed to add to these I see there is thing like books in tile zed or will the game populate the future with art to make it look full. Like in my gas station i placed these fossil racks down looks like magazines would go in them but in the editor they are empty when someone comes here in game with they appear to have items in them if there is actually an item in them?
  11. my problem is with the front most corner and how it looks odd. It seems like it is trying to connect to something else. I just started testing and all for map making so I am not sure if there is something I caused. So I was wondering is there a fix to this or is it meant to be like this and when i go to place a door on the outer wall it like another image loads in with the door as well as shown it the last picture.
  12. From the 41.51 release notes: Is there an example of how we define custom perks (skills) and use them?
  13. As title says, unable to sleep more than once per game session. Restarting game allows me to sleep once more, then unable to sleep again until next restart.
  14. I've been trying to figure out how to display spiffo4.png on the hud, and I just can't figure it out. Here's the code I've been using for testing? require('ISUI/ISPanel'); require('ISUI/ISImage'); require('ISUI/ISCollapsableWindow'); UIImagePanel = {}; function UIImagePanel.new(x, y, width, height, texture) title = title or 'test' text = text or 'Bacon ipsum dolor amet strip steak drumstick shankle jerky frankfurter short loin sausage. Short loin hamburger landjaeger turducken. Pork belly bresaola pork drumstick picanha. Rump capicola pork chop ball tip pork loin.' local self = {}; self.tut = ISImage:new(x, y, width, height, texture); --(x, y, width, height, texture) self.tut:initialise(); self.tut:setAnchorBottom(true); self.tut:setAnchorRight(true); self.moreinfo = self.tut:wrapInCollapsableWindow(); self.moreinfo:setX((getCore():getScreenWidth() * 0.5) - (self.tut.width * 0.5)); self.moreinfo:setY((getCore():getScreenHeight() * 0.5) - (self.tut.height * 0.5)); --self.moreinfo:setTitle(title); self.moreinfo:addToUIManager(); self.tut:setWidth(self.moreinfo:getWidth()); self.tut:setHeight(self.moreinfo:getHeight() - 16); self.tut:setY(16); self.tut.autosetheight = false; --self.tut.clip = true; --self.tut:addScrollBars(); --self.tut.textDirty = true; --self.tut.text = text; --self.tut:paginate(); return self; end and then called with: ISImage:new(70, 70, 15, 15, "spiffo4.png");
  15. I wish b41 was more stable and accesible for low end tech. Have i got a software issue or is my hardware at fault? Or neither and the game just has the issues? Can someone take my console.txt and help me figure out whether or not i can play b41 or not?
  16. I'm trying to reduce the initial Carry Capacity of the character from the default 12 to something like 6, so the first thing you need before starting looting is a bag. How can I target that? There is any specific file I need to change? Seems like it's related to Strength, but I'm not sure how to target that either.
  17. How to reproduce: 1) Start new challenge "You Have One Day". 2) Go back to main menu. 3) Enable any mod in main menu, e.g. "Mod Template". 4) Load the game using "Continue" button. Don't press "Load" button. 5) You will see the red error (bug): ----------------------------------------- STACK TRACE ----------------------------------------- function: preLoadLastStandInit -- file: LastStandSetup.lua line # 7 ERROR: General, 1596264292792> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: OnInitWorld of non-table: null at KahluaThread.tableget line:1684. ERROR: General, 1596264292792> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace: java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: OnInitWorld of non-table: null at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.tableget(KahluaThread.java:1684) at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.luaMainloop(KahluaThread.java:492) at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.call(KahluaThread.java:163) at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.pcall(KahluaThread.java:1975) at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.pcallvoid(KahluaThread.java:1807) at se.krka.kahlua.integration.LuaCaller.pcallvoid(LuaCaller.java:66) at se.krka.kahlua.integration.LuaCaller.protectedCallVoid(LuaCaller.java:139) at zombie.Lua.Event.trigger(Event.java:37) at zombie.Lua.LuaEventManager.triggerEvent(LuaEventManager.java:50) at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.init(IsoWorld.java:1980) at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.runInner(GameLoadingState.java:242) at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.run(GameLoadingState.java:201) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) To reproduce the bug you should enable the mod either in the main menu or in the save, but not in two places at the same time. Anyway load the game using "Continue" button, because "Load" button is buggy at this moment (I've reported it here).
  18. ...more precisely, the function works, but not correctly, because of which it seems that it does not work - the confirmation button is blocked and immediately becomes available again. an error in the function `ISTextBox:updateButtons()`, which is called every (frame update?) in `ISTextBox:prerender()` function ISTextBox:updateButtons() self.yes:setEnable(true); self.yes.tooltip = nil; local text = self.entry:getText() if self.validateFunc and self.validateText ~= text then self.validateText = text -- after that the next iteration doesn't check and self.yes.enable remains true local isValid = self.validateFunc(self.validateTarget, text, self.validateArgs[1], self.validateArgs[2]) self.yes:setEnable(isValid) end -- ... end I suggested changing the function a bit like this: function ISTextBox:updateButtons() self.yes:setEnable(true); self.yes.tooltip = nil; local text = self.entry:getText() if self.validateFunc and not self.validateFunc(self.validateTarget, text, self.validateArgs[1], self.validateArgs[2]) then self.yes:setEnable(false) self.yes.tooltip = self.validateText; end -- ... end here the check happens all the time, and `validateText` is used as a tooltip when button disable.
  19. Fanny Pack (Front) -> Equip Primary/Secondary -> Wear on Back -> Double Icon in Inventory Panel: In addition, it seems not a good idea to change DisplayName of Fanny Pack when it wear on Front or Back, since this will lose the name entered by player via "Rename".
  20. I already wrote about this in discord, but probably the message was missed. When new Bucket Hat appears in the world (you drop it on floor or zombie knocks it off your head) - this causes a lot of repeated errors: ERROR: General, 1592632584064> RenderThread.logGLException> OpenGLException thrown: Invalid operation (1282) ERROR: General, 1592632584064> RenderThread.logGLException> Stack trace: ERROR: General, 1592632584064> org.lwjgl.opengl.OpenGLException: Invalid operation (1282) ERROR: General, 1592632584064> at org.lwjgl.opengl.Util.checkGLError(Util.java:59) ERROR: General, 1592632584064> at zombie.core.opengl.PZGLUtil.checkGLError(PZGLUtil.java:42) ERROR: General, 1592632584064> at zombie.core.skinnedmodel.shader.Shader.setLight(Shader.java:406) ERROR: General, 1592632584064> at zombie.core.skinnedmodel.model.WorldItemModelDrawer.render(WorldItemModelDrawer.java:213) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.textures.TextureDraw.run(TextureDraw.java:326) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer$RingBuffer$StateRun.render(SpriteRenderer.java:1157) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer$RingBuffer.render(SpriteRenderer.java:1098) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer.lambda$buildStateDrawBuffer$0(SpriteRenderer.java:342) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.GameProfiler.invokeAndMeasure(GameProfiler.java:135) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer.buildStateDrawBuffer(SpriteRenderer.java:341) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.util.lambda.Invokers$Params1$CallbackStackItem.run(Invokers.java:37) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.GameProfiler.invokeAndMeasure(GameProfiler.java:135) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.GameProfiler.lambda$invokeAndMeasure$0(GameProfiler.java:165) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.util.lambda.Stacks$Params4$CallbackStackItem.invoke(Stacks.java:286) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.util.lambda.Stacks$GenericStack.invokeAndRelease(Stacks.java:26) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.util.Lambda.capture(Lambda.java:121) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.GameProfiler.invokeAndMeasure(GameProfiler.java:163) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer.postRender(SpriteRenderer.java:322) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread.lambda$lockStepRenderStep$2(RenderThread.java:300) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread.lockStepRenderStep(RenderThread.java:300) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread.renderStep(RenderThread.java:270) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread.renderLoop(RenderThread.java:138) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState.main(MainScreenState.java:220) In this case, the Bucket Hat visually remains hanging at the level of the character's head. Sometimes during the battle this is accompanied by strong graphic bugs, which can be fatal for the hat owner. BucketHat-bug console.txt
  21. Hi survivors! (And Indie Stone, too) Did anyone want a grill on their base? The game allows you to pickup the grill with propane, although it says that you need to remove it. We picked up the grill from the ground (We didn't pull out the propane), put it back on the ground - the model of the object has changed to a microwave (But game still think that's a grill). Then again taking and returning to the ground the object - it finally turns into a microwave (It even works! Profitable?) BUT! If we take out the propane, everything works fine. This is the whole bug. For convenience, here is a video with this small bug (CAUTION! The video may be too loud, sorry!) The bug was found by my friend on his computer and checked on mine. Without the use of mods in both cases. This is my first bug report, there may be typos in the text, thank you!
  22. This is already a pretty old bug, but I finally found the time to figure out what was going on here. I checked it for “Winter is coming”, but most likely the same will be for other challenges. When I start a new game - all right; when I exit from game (to desktop, or in main menu), and use "Continue" (last save) - all ok, too. But if I run “Winter is coming”-save via LoadGameScreen (Load - Select saved game - Play) then the winter breaks: the weather corresponds to usual summer weather in PZ. I added print-markers to WinterIsComing.lua and found out that with the last option (Load menu), WinterIsComing.OnInitWorld function is not executed - which means that other functions that should work in WinterIsComing (OnGameStart, EveryDays, OnInitSeasons) will not be executed. Ok, I won’t tell how I looked for the reason for this difference - it was cooler than any AAA-horror-game 😱 But in the end this block of code seemed critical to me: -- MainScreen.lua, function MainScreen.continueLatestSave,from line 1384 for i,challenge in ipairs(LastStandChallenge) do if challenge.gameMode == gameMode then LastStandData.chosenChallenge = challenge doChallenge(challenge) getWorld():setWorld(saveName) MainScreen.instance:setDefaultSandboxVars() MainScreen.continueLatestSaveAux() return end end I added a similar code to the function for load menu: -- LoadGameScreen.lua, function LoadGameScreen:clickPlay, line 565, before "getWorld():setWorld(sel.item.saveName);" for i,challenge in ipairs(LastStandChallenge) do if challenge.gameMode == sel.item.gameMode then LastStandData.chosenChallenge = challenge doChallenge(challenge) getWorld():setWorld(sel.item.saveName); MainScreen.instance:setDefaultSandboxVars() -- duplicated code from source function in order to use "return" self:setVisible(false); MainScreen.instance.bottomPanel:setVisible(true); if self.joyfocus then self.joyfocus.focus = MainScreen.instance; updateJoypadFocus(self.joyfocus); end MainScreen.continueLatestSaveAux(false, self) return end end It seems to work - now "Winter is coming" for real, regardless of the way it is loaded.
  23. When you use saving in the "Customise Character" screen, the DisplayNames of clothes are written to the file Zomboid/Lua/saved_outfits.txt (taking into account the included translation). This creates two errors: 1. If the translation is not Unicode (Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.), then instead of the names, question marks are written to the file, which are then not read; that is, a set of clothes is not actually saved; 2. If you configure and save the character in one language, and then switch to another translation, the saved set of clothes does not load correctly (because the names are different in different languages). Perhaps it makes sense to use not the DisplayName, but the code name of the item (for example, "Tshirt_Profession_RangerGreen" instead of "Green Ranger T-Shirt").
  24. These books and magazines still need a parameter "StaticModel" (for display during animation) : - media/scripts/items_radio.txt, items RadioMag[1-3] - media/scripts/vehicles/vehiclesitems.txt, items MechanicMag[1-3] - media/scripts/vehicles/vehiclesitems.txt, items BookMechanic[1-5]
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