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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.4.1 - B41.78+ Compatibility Update (17/08/2023) English/French Compatible Necroforge Compatible SP/MP Download Link : Steam Workshop Nexus Mod Mirror Manual Installation (If you downloaded from Nexus Mod or Mirror link) : 1.Drag and drop the folder MegaviBlades of the zip in the mods folder of Project Zomboid (C:/Users/(your name)/Zomboid/mods) 2.Launch Project Zomboid 3.Mods > MegaviBlades > Enable Enjoy Video : Youtube Items list and infos : Weapons : - M9 Bayonet - Can be found pretty everywhere but rarely, can be more common at somes places. - Assassin's Blade - Extremely rare. - Stone Saw - Can't be found, only craftable with 4 chipped stones, 2 tree branch and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. Can only saw logs and become unusable with the time. - Metal knife & sword - Can be crafted with a sturdy stick and sharp metal blades, which can be obtained if you have MetalWorking skill level 3. Can be repaired a good amount of time with sharpening stone and easy to make : 1 sturdy stick, 1 sharp metal blade (or 2 for sword) and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine (only twine for sword). The sword need propane torch and welding mask to be make. - (Removed) Katana - Can be found very rarely on zombies and at somes places of the map. - (Removed) Little Axe - Can be found pratically in the sames places of the axe a little bit more commonly. Can be found on zombies too. Can cut trees but can't be handled in two hand so less efficient than a true axe. - (Removed) Stone Knife - Can only be crafted with 1 chipped stone, 1 tree branch and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. Can't be used for cooking (or only to remove skin of animals) and can't be repaired. Items/Drainables : -Metal Blade - Can be obtained at level 3 of metalwork with a little metal sheet. It is used to craft Metal Knife & Metal Sword, but have to be sharp with sharpening stone before. -Sharpening stone - Allow to repair many times blade's weapons, can be found mostly in tools related locations. -Stone Saw - Can't be found, only craftable with 4 chipped stones, 2 tree branches and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. Can cut only wood and become unusable with the time. #### Changelog : #### 05/03/2018 - 1.0 : First Release : Adding Katana, Little Axe, M9 Bayonet and Assassin's Blade 06/03/2018 - 1.1 : Adding Stone Axe 10/03/2018 - 1.2 : Adding Stone Knife 25/03/2018 - 1.3 : MetalWork Update : Adding Metal Knife and Sword, Sharpening stone and metal blade. Review of durability & swingtime stats of many weapons. 15/08/2023 - 1.4 : B41.78+ Compatibility Update : Removing Stone Knife, Katana and Little Axe (now in vanilla game). Upgrading cost of crafting a Stone Saw. Improvement of distribution. 17/08/2023 - 1.4.1 : Minor Bug fixes ### Inspired by : ### LBMKnives - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=859341915 Home Made Saw - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=593493209 ################# Feel free to give me ideas or ameliorations, you can even use my sprite for your mod if you want but credit me
  2. I feel as if the different skill types for different weapons, such as spears and axes are good. though segregating Long and short types of weapon is a bit to far and adds pointless grinding into the mix. For example. the Hammer and sledgehammer. If you are a level 8 in Short blunt, Able to reliably kill zombies in 1 or 2 shots with a Hammer, frying pan ect. If you get a Hammer that is somewhat heavier and has a longer handle, None of that training with shorter hammers applies to hammers the game defines as "long". Beating something to death with a Blunt object that is 15 inches long should not be an entirely different skill to beating someone to death with a blunt object that is 30 inches long. Think of it like if the Developers decided to split up shotguns and Pistols into different skills. They are different, But the end result and the way that the result of An object going into A Zombie's face at high speed is exactly the same. Merging them back into a single skill would help saves some minor headaches with modded weapons in the future. Would a 19 inch club count as short while a 20 inch club count as long? TL:DR Would beating something to death with a 20 inch club vs a 23 inch club really be so disconnected in transferable skills as electrical engineering and fishing?
  3. I just had a little idea for a defence system that could be added to the game. This would work both as a deterrent for both zombies and survivors. Basically, using a log and a saw you can craft 2 wooden stakes. Stakes can be placed individually on the ground, taking up one tile, however you can still walk around them. Four wooden stakes could be used to make a stake wall (just four stakes in the ground upright, taking up one tile like a regular wall). Regular stakes can be used to display dead bodies, so assuming you had tons of these set up around your base, the smell would help to mask your base from zombie hordes and would also deter most NPC's from getting too close. Now as a defence, you could create stake trap and barriers, the traps would be single stakes in the ground at a random angle, a zombie could then be lured to walk into the stake and get stuck. Now do this around the entire base and you have a minefield of zombies for trespassers to get through (and if they do get through it they'd make a ton of noise killing all the trap zombies). Trap zombies would be tough to deal with since you can't push them off of you, they could grab you and pull you in for a snack. Worse yet, if the angle is right, they could pull themselves off the stake and then you'd have a bigger problem. Stake barriers would be similar to trap stakes, but would be more like a wall. Basically you'd craft it using 7 stakes (3 for supports, 4 for the actual barrier), and it'd be at a 35-40 degree angle facing N, S, E or W. These would work well as one-way routes, people would have a lot of trouble getting over the sharp end of the barrier while people on the other side could walk up it and hop off the end. I'm kind of thinking similar to the medieval style barriers which I believe were effective against cavalry, these would work well against zombies (they can still break through them though) and humans who would need to get past the sharp stakes and any zombies that might be stuck on them. Anyway, let me know what you think, personally I think this could be really cool when it comes to survivor group wars and would just be awesome to see hundreds of zombies placed in a big minefield style defence. -GodWaffle
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