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Found 4 results

  1. Craedon


    Teaser LunaSouls We are a team of two called LunaSouls. We started developing the game about 7 months ago. For more information, contact us at: lunacythegame@gmail.com IndieDB page Twitter One developer and one writer Environment Lunacy takes place in an old house in the forest area near the town of Angel Falls, in the 1970s. Storyline Eleven year old Elijah Grey and his mother Katarina recently bought a 90 year old house. The first time he was left alone in the big hous
  2. I have been playing Project Zomboid since the continued smothering of bald spot's wife. When i first started playing zombies were a bit intimidating at first but after a few hours i would be fighting off hordes. Several updates later the new combat system came into play and i though this would bring me a scare or two but hasn't. I haven't been worried or afraid to enter a house or building with more than three zombies in it. I just fight them off simply enough and grab the loot and leave. I never get bit or scratched unless i am on multiplayer and alt tab quick or get hit while typing in chat.
  3. http:/wwww.youtube.com/user/xmrspyx Hello it's Matthew Mayne from the UK, I am currently the only developer of my game called "One Starry Night". One Starry Night was started 5 months ago as a hobby when I was bored, then it turned into something magical for me so I started posting YouTube videos of it. Very few people see these videos but I want to show you my project to a greater audience and get advice on what I should tweak/remove from my game that I am developing. If you have ever played slender the game-play style is very similar but in ways is different, for exam
  4. Hey, We are an indie game development team called VisionArts and are currently in development of our survival horror game called Middle of Nowhere. Middle of Nowhere isn't just jumpscare based, nor is it full of action when it's meant to be survival horror. Instead, it's unforgiving to the player and survival is at upmost importance. Our story is engaging to the player, we want to create a unique experience while taking influence from the old survival horror games such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil. We're ready to give Middle of Nowhere our all to make it a success and hope it's a game
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