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  1. Hey guys, we just launched a seperate post with a bunch of new content as the game has drastically changed since we posted this, you can find it here - http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1932-middle-of-nowhere-survival-horror-major-changes-new-videos-and-kickstarter/ Thank you all for your great comments!
  2. Hey, To follow our last post here on the forums(we were very grateful for your responses) we have completely revamped Middle of Nowhere with a new design: Second of all, we are doing weekly video updates during development in which you all get a first hand look on the features in the game, then we take back feedback and listen to you. Our latest videos: Kickstarter Video Devlopment Update #1 - Level Design Development Update #2 - Core Gameplay Mechanics and Guns Explanation We've also updated our site completely with a bunch of new content - www.middleofnowhereg
  3. Hey, We are an indie game development team called VisionArts and are currently in development of our survival horror game called Middle of Nowhere. Middle of Nowhere isn't just jumpscare based, nor is it full of action when it's meant to be survival horror. Instead, it's unforgiving to the player and survival is at upmost importance. Our story is engaging to the player, we want to create a unique experience while taking influence from the old survival horror games such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil. We're ready to give Middle of Nowhere our all to make it a success and hope it's a game
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