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Found 3 results

  1. Do you wish we had real voiceover for the in-game radio broadcasts? Me too! All the interesting stuff happens in the first week while we're busy fighting for our lives, but who has time to sit down and read it? To help you out, I'm recording one of the most lore-heavy channels for you to listen to while you play. LBMW has 38 broadcasts, and I'm using a voice modulator to record them all for you myself. I've got the first few finished and I'm releasing a new one every week. Here's the first to get you started. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Been playing PZ for some time, left a glowing review on steam. Always been sorta disappointed by the radio system. Its nice to have a radio system at all in the game, with lore, and useful information. But I always find myself turning on spotify music, or a podcast. Now I understand not adding the music, that can be expensive if you get your own made, and there are copyrights issues getting already made music in, but the lore, and talk channels? Why not voice those, even more so the Automated Emergency Broadcast System, you can just use a TTS voice for that. It just gets sorta frustrating to try to read the radio while driving, or be trying to do something else while soaking up the lore and such from the radio. I mean, hell. I'm actually from kentucky! I'd be glad to do one of the radio voices! Would love to see, or I guess hear, voiced radio stations. The same "More then 7 billion billion dollars was pledged to tackle some of the worst problems in developing countries" really has been starting to eat at me recently lol.
  3. I would like to suggest giving the Radio towers in the game a purpose acting similar to the power and water but, it stays on a little longer due to at the start of the game having a small army force stationed at all of them. This could have a range of possibilities with the people (Npc’s) stationed there staying or deserting their post making it random on how long radio communication or at least how long far range communication continues. eventually another choice for the people still there after the exclusion zone and military break down could be to just dig in and stay near the radio towers or leaving to somewhere else. Adding military remnants scattered on the map. Also rare ham towers at houses for ham radios possibly. Also they could be used as a way to leverage power against npc groups that have a dependence on the need for radio communication.
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