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Found 2 results

  1. The current method of canning involves using vinegar to "pickle" the foods before boiling. Adding vinegar is required to can low-acid foods such as meats and vegetables, but is not required for canning high-acid foods such as fruits and tomatoes. The following is my recommendation for expanding the canning recipes in-game: All fruits and tomatoes can be canned using water and sugar and cooking the result. Vegetables, seafood, and meats can be canned using the current method of pickling (water, sugar, vinegar). Optionally, if a pressure cooker was added to the game the recipe could forgo vinegar as the higher temperature and pressure would make it unnecessary. This is a simplification of the canning process for playability. The actual process of canning involves a lot more ingredients and steps. If the developers wished to expand canning even more, there are a lot of fun things they could add, such as: Canning fruits in alcohol instead of water Turning fruits into jams and jellies Canning salsa's, salads, and soups Pickled eggs, sauerkraut (from cabbage), and kombucha Additionally, some method of reusing lids or creating new ones would be appreciated since lids are consumed in the process and are limited in number.
  2. ******* DOWNLOAD LINK ****** **** Download can be found HERE **** This mod allows you to take certain fruits and vegetables, some garden-grown and others fridge-found, and dry them out. Without all that moisture, I bet they'll keep on your shelf for a while... What this mod does: This mod lets you preserve most foods so they don't go spoiling on you... What this mod adds: Some custom recipes with sprites. Not a whole lot. Oh! And a drying rack. I guess you'll need that... How this mod works: It's pretty easy. Just put a certain amount of fruit/veg in your inventory, put the drying rack and a kitchen knife in your inventory... and you're good to go!! How much fruit/veg? I'm not telling. Play around! Most recipes are at least four, though. Planned features: Mod Loader compatibility!More dried items!Only allowed to dry items outside... (makes sense, right?)Any other ideas?How to install this mod for now: Drag and drop the main folder into media > lua and you're set!!Any bugs? Not that I'm aware of. It runs fine on my game after extensive testing. If there's a problem, let me know... ******* DOWNLOAD LINK ****** **** Download can be found HERE **** Code by Kerilynne Sprites and debugging by Bassair
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