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Found 2 results

  1. ******* DOWNLOAD LINK ****** **** Download can be found HERE **** This mod allows you to take certain fruits and vegetables, some garden-grown and others fridge-found, and dry them out. Without all that moisture, I bet they'll keep on your shelf for a while... What this mod does: This mod lets you preserve most foods so they don't go spoiling on you... What this mod adds: Some custom recipes with sprites. Not a whole lot. Oh! And a drying rack. I guess you'll need that... How this mod works: It's pretty easy. Just put a certain amount of fruit/veg in your inventory, put the drying rack and a kitchen knife in your inventory... and you're good to go!! How much fruit/veg? I'm not telling. Play around! Most recipes are at least four, though. Planned features: Mod Loader compatibility!More dried items!Only allowed to dry items outside... (makes sense, right?)Any other ideas?How to install this mod for now: Drag and drop the main folder into media > lua and you're set!!Any bugs? Not that I'm aware of. It runs fine on my game after extensive testing. If there's a problem, let me know... ******* DOWNLOAD LINK ****** **** Download can be found HERE **** Code by Kerilynne Sprites and debugging by Bassair
  2. ******** DOWNLOAD LINK ******** **** Can be found HERE **** Inspired by this mod, I wanted to make a juice mod that would let you put juices into various other containers, and even make a custom juicer to use to make things harder (easier?)! I did most of the coding, and debugging, sprites, and distribution guiding was done by Bassair. Making recipes isn't that tough, but be sure sure sure to credit her for her lovely sprites. If you have a container in your game/mod that you want to add to this, though, go right ahead. The more the merrier! Just post and let me know, I might want to add it to my game too!! o_o Now on to the good stuff... What this mod does. Fairly simple! This mod allows you to take a juicer, an empty container, and some fruit/veggies and turn it into juice that won't spoil! What containers does it use? Empty water bottles, empty pop bottles, empty whiskey bottles, empty remoulade bottles, and empty pop bottles. It also uses mugs, but... How do mugs work? Mugs require a new item added to the game.... CLINGFILM! These recipes require fruit + juicer + mug + clingfilm. How much fruit does it take? I'm not telling! =) Just know that some containers take more fruit than others... and it takes more fruit for some recipes... Where can I find the new items? Hunt around, my zombie fighting friends! But where do people usually keep juicers and clingfilm? I will tell you this, though. Some pre-bottled juices can be found in fridges. Anything else? Every feature works on my game. 99% sure it's debugged. If you run into any problems, let me know. If there's too many bugs you all run across, I can move it to WIP. Planned features! Possible integration of the jars from this wonderful canning mod (check it out!) if I get the go-ahead.Bowls! Cooking pots! Roasting pans? o_oMod-loader compatibility Installation, for now! Just pop the main folder right into your media > lua folder, same as most drag-and-drop mods. ******** DOWNLOAD LINK ******** **** Can be found HERE ****
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