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Found 3 results

  1. After reading post about generation explosion I've got an idea. What if we can have that system on cars? When engine durability is lower than 40% (for example), we can have a chance of engine break. After engine break you should exit your car and make some engine maitenance (without spare part). The lower state of engine-the longer it will take to repair. And if the engine condition is very low, you should have a chance of fatal break, after that you should repair it with high mechanic skill and with a fair amount of spare parts. I think that this system can generate some awesome moments. What do you think?
  2. Hello everyone My suggestion is rather simple in principle: I think the maintenance skill is not very good the way it works now and I think the game would benefit, if it were changed slightly. Considering this formula, it becomes apparent that very sturdy weapons benefit relatively less from good maintenance than highly fragile ones. I believe this makes little sense as it is neither realistic nor improving how fun the gameplay is. Let us consider an example: An Axe has a ConditionLowerChanceOneIn value of 30. A Nailed Baseball Bat (NBB) has a value of 15. A Pencil has 1. If we compare the effect of great maintenance (a skill level in maintenance of 10) in game with bad/no maintenance (skill level 0), we see the following: Axe(0): 1/30 -> An Axe with 0 maintenance takes condition loss about 1/30 of the time it is used. Axe(10): 1/50 -> With a skill level of 10 in maintenance, the chance of condition loss is reduced to 1/50 (-40% to Axe(0)) For a NBB we have NBB(0): 1/10 to NBB(10): 1/30, which is -67% chance. For a Pencil we have Pencil(0): 1/1 to Pencil(10): 1/21, which is -95%. Now either I am interpreting/applying the formula given wrongly, or this seems a bit off. I am sure, that NBBs can benefit from good maintenance. But I am also certain that their benefit of maintenance will relatively speaking be nowhere near that of an Axe and that a Pencil is simply too weak for combat and takes irreparable structural damage with every blow. It's still a game though and I understand that an Axe should not become an indestructible weapon because players should still be confronted with the problem of scarcity and scavenging. Here is my suggestion for a new formula: Rand.next(ConditionLowerChanceOneIn^(1+Maintenance/20)) What would it lead to? Well: Axe(0): 1/30 stays the same, while Axe(10): 1/164 benefits a lot more (-82% to Axe(0)). NBB(0): 1/10 --- NBB(10): 1/32 -> (-68%) Pencil(0): 1/1 --- Pencil(10): 1/1 -> (+/- 0%) I do not believe that my suggestion is perfect, but I think it would improve the current system. The maintenance skill would become more worthwhile and it would function in a more realistic way, because all the improvised weapons that aren't really meant for combat would remain just that, instead of becoming viable tools for combat (do remember that a Butter Knife can instakill a zombie if the attack is timed right and that with some training and tactics, the timing is not hard to get right). Even if my suggestion should be found not good enough I do hope that a change in the system will be considered and I would be interested to hear about others opinion on the topic. Of course this entire suggestion is based on my assumption that I understood the formula presented by RobertJohnson correctly and that this system is still being used. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
  3. Hello PZ community, I am about to dive back into the game and enjoy it once more and live another story about how I died. I have been doing some research to try and catch up to the changes since I last played in build 29.3. I can't seem to find any solid answers on the questions I'm about to ask, so any information about them would be greatly appreciated. 1) Strength skill. I noticed you have this in character creation screen, but in-game under the Skills tab, there is no such skill and I cannot seem to locate the value anywhere else in the game.. but yet I see that it is possible to add Experience points to it in lua files. Q) What specifically does Strength affect in gameplay, and is it possible to increase your Strength level after character creation? If it is, how do you increase it? 2) Fitness skill. Same as #1. Q) What specifically does Fitness affect in gameplay, and is it possible to increase your Fitness level after character creation? If it is, how do you increase it? 3) Blade/Blunt Accuracy. Q) What specifically does this affect in gameplay? 4) Blade/Blunt Guard. Q) What specifically does this affect in gameplay? 5) Blade/Blunt Maintenance. Q) What specifically does this affect in gameplay? Thank you for your time, everyone. ^^;
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