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  1. If by successively you mean successfully, then continue reading. I just completed the testing phase of updating my mod project to the latest build on Steam (31). This includes my three custom crops, fully functional in growth, harvest and functionality compared to the default available crop types. The testing was a complete success, and they have no problem growing through all 7 stages. Here is evidence of them passing seedling stage: I honestly couldn't tell you what you're doing wrong because I found it extremely complicated to get working way back when I did this and it's hard to recall exactly what I did step for step. If you put the time and effort into detailing every exact thing you have changed in your attempt at a custom crop, I will try and help you solve your problem.
  2. Thanks for the replies! Hmm, so repairing is still completely useless in my opinion then, at least for my play style. The higher durability however, still makes Maintenance quite useful. Good catch about being able to see the traits pop up for Strong and Athletic, that's a nice feature. So I'm thinking 5 is the default value as shown in character creation represented by little green bars. And the weak trait would be -5 which brings it to fresh level 0. That would make sense. Choosing obese and weak could help with getting some more of the good traits on your side if you just work hard to level them up naturally hmm.
  3. Thank you again, Svarog! Of course this generates a couple more questions. -How can you check your Strength and Fitness in-game? Or put skill points into levelling them? -For Maintenance, what exactly do you mean by 'how easily and effectively'? Does it simply repair the item in 0.5 s instead of 1s? Or does it cost significantly less materials?
  4. Hello PZ community, I am about to dive back into the game and enjoy it once more and live another story about how I died. I have been doing some research to try and catch up to the changes since I last played in build 29.3. I can't seem to find any solid answers on the questions I'm about to ask, so any information about them would be greatly appreciated. 1) Strength skill. I noticed you have this in character creation screen, but in-game under the Skills tab, there is no such skill and I cannot seem to locate the value anywhere else in the game.. but yet I see that it is possible to add Experience points to it in lua files. Q) What specifically does Strength affect in gameplay, and is it possible to increase your Strength level after character creation? If it is, how do you increase it? 2) Fitness skill. Same as #1. Q) What specifically does Fitness affect in gameplay, and is it possible to increase your Fitness level after character creation? If it is, how do you increase it? 3) Blade/Blunt Accuracy. Q) What specifically does this affect in gameplay? 4) Blade/Blunt Guard. Q) What specifically does this affect in gameplay? 5) Blade/Blunt Maintenance. Q) What specifically does this affect in gameplay? Thank you for your time, everyone. ^^;
  5. It's already made haha.. I was just updating it. This hair color addition is the only 'new' change really. That title screen says the major enhancements with no exagerration. The mod aims to stay true to the original essence of the game, it just expands upon it and remains very well balanced. It is private, but my closest friends can get the files from me and join my private server.
  6. Thank you very much. ^^; You're a good person. I also like to share knowledge. Sunny and I are going to have a blast with this! 500+ hours went into my mod. I'm okay with modifying the default files, it's for personal use and I have a highly organized library of the specific files modded, a clean version for each file, plus document comparing software to help me re-merge info from my old build mods to the newest versions. Took me about.. 6 hours to update from 29.3 to the latest Steam build. Compared to how long it took to create the mod itself, 6 hours is nothing. Given how much has changed in the luas and other files that I noticed, it was a fair bit of work but I'll get better at it every time I have to re-mod the game. So worth using default files for me. If I were releasing it to the public however, that would be a different story. Again thank you so much, you're truly wonderful. ^^; Mackenzie~
  7. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. However I can't find media\lua\client\SVGHair.lua anywhere in my PZ installation directory to modify the currently available hair colors. Is this a new lua you created entirely yourself? Where would I go to modify the pre-existing hair colors? If I am unable to do that, I will resort to using this wonderful mod you made and just add a few new (realistic including a couple dyed variant) colors. Seems you have quite a bit of modding knowledge for this game.
  8. Hello again PZ community, This time I am trying something new. I am looking to make my blonde hair in-game actually look blonde instead of... well, not. I'm sorry but THAT is not blonde and nowhere even close to blonde! My hair looks kind of like yellow/gold in real life and it saddens me that I can't have that in-game despite it saying there is blonde.. I have modified all three of these files in media/textures: -F_Hair.png -F_Hair_Blonde.png -F_Hair_BlondeDark.png I made them all bright and blonde as they naturally should be, but I don't think it made any difference at all in-game. I increased the lightness, vibrance, saturation and pushed it to true blonde colors. I don't believe modifying these files is making any difference. Please can anyone tell me how to change the default blonde hair color?
  9. Unortunately nothing in that thread helped me solve the problem as it seems to use the Packer method or default-available textures, but it did make me think outside the box a bit and try various assortments of the direct pathname. I am not 100% sure it worked, but I am 99.5% sure because the seedlings for each crop are no longer invisible, and they are using the correct icons and texture! Yay! Image files for Tobacco crop: -Item_tobacco1.png -Item_tobacco2.png -Item_tobacco3.png -Item_tobacco4.png -Item_tobaccoBloom.png -Item_tobaccoMature.png -Item_tobaccoRotten.png For those interested who have similar problems, here is what I had to change in the farming code to get it working (for one of my crops): planting = growNext(planting, "media/textures/Item_tobacco1.png", farming_vegetableconf.getObjectName(planting), nextGrowing,farming_vegetableconf.props[planting.typeOfSeed].timeToGrow + water + diseaseLvl); planting = growNext(planting, "media/textures/Item_tobacco" .. nbOfGrow .. ".png", farming_vegetableconf.getObjectName(planting), nextGrowing, farming_vegetableconf.props[planting.typeOfSeed].timeToGrow + water + diseaseLvl); planting = growNext(planting, "media/textures/Item_tobaccoBloom.png", farming_vegetableconf.getObjectName(planting), nextGrowing, farming_vegetableconf.props[planting.typeOfSeed].timeToGrow + water + diseaseLvl); farming_vegetableconf.props["Tobacco"].texture = "media/textures/Item_tobaccoMature.png"; farming_vegetableconf.sprite["Tobacco"] = { "media/textures/Item_tobacco1.png", "media/textures/Item_tobacco2.png", "media/textures/Item_tobacco3.png", "media/textures/Item_tobacco4.png", "media/textures/Item_tobaccoBloom.png", "media/textures/Item_tobaccoMature.png", "media/textures/Item_tobaccoRotten.png" }
  10. I just tested, sadly it makes it vanish so that must mean it didn't work. Dang I worked like 72 hours making those crop textures.
  11. Thank you! It works for the item icons. Could you please tell me how I would adjust my code for the crop sprite? I have three fully growable, farmable crops but I am unsure if the textures will load correctly: farming_vegetableconf.sprite["Tobacco"] = { "Item_seededTobacco", "Item_tobacco", "Item_tobaccoBloom", "Item_tobaccoMature", "Item_tobaccoRotten" } This is what I made back in the day ^ Thanks for your time.
  12. Hello everyone, I created an old mod when I used to play this. I could load individual .png image files and they loaded in the game perfectly fine, but after re-working my mod (took several hours this morning) to apply it to and include all of the latest changes in the game, none of the custom images work anymore. Everything else works but the images. They are mostly Item_ icons, and one Objects_ file. Previously I used this code in a random lua for it to work: function TestItemIcons.loadTextures() getTexture("Item_Cigar.png"); end Events.OnGameBoot.Add(TestItemIcons.loadTextures); ---- Please can someone help me get my custom images to be loaded by the game again? My friend and I are eager to get back into the game and we're just waiting on this last bit of info, thanks everyone.
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