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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, as the designated cook in my group of Survivors, I tend to worry about food a lot. A good meal can not just give the body the energy it needs but also turn into an exciting flavour adventure (good or bad) that lifts the spirits of those who eat it. One key aspect of meals, however, is often neglected in those "live-or-die" situations: civility. Chugging down cold beans straight from the can might be efficient, but it's not nice. Even the most exciting meal, when chugged straight from the pot, looses some of its charm. So, here are my suggestions regarding the matter: Make more foods "splittable", using plates instead of bowls and perhaps add larger containers for drinks that can likewise be split up into cups. Add a modifier to any food's impact on mood when using cutlery, plates and other technically unnecessary amenities. To that end, my suggestion would be introducing a "Dinner Table" as a "machine" using the upcoming Crafting Overhaul that allows setting the table, increasing the mood modifiers for food eaten as part of this "machine" depending on what is present at the table. Perhaps this could even extend to work with multiple "courses" of different dishes, turning "food" into "meals". To combat the relatively easy increase in mood this could bring, I would suggest reducing the mood granted by food outside of these settings by some value. Leaving the field of strictly foods and hooking into 3, a general hook for "machines" to influence the moodles of a character would be a great asset for modders, potentially even allowing for things such as arcade machines and the like to be made. Food in PZ is already very exciting and interesting and, while there is a lot that could still be added (adding "vitamins" to nutrition, adding different moodle values to ingredients), it is already a lot of fun to cook and bake in the game. Getting together as a player "family" and enjoying a meal together would be significantly nicer and would add to the benefits of having a base that is not just a room with all crafting materials stuffed into boxes. Overall, though, I love PZ and all the love and labour that has evidently gone into it. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Aleris
  2. I did a quick and cursory search and found nothing much on this topic being introduced into the main game so I figured I'd suggest another idea! I'm super passionate about the game so I'll keep 'em coming if you enjoy them. So I was thinking, recently on my own survival sandbox world I came upon arcade and pinball machines. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to POWER those arcade machines and use them for a little mood boost? I was thinking something along the lines of this : Once you've got the arcade machines (and the pinball machine), they are able to be powered just like any electronic - but only if you've got good enough electricity skill. Once powered, the screen has a new "lighting" affect where it glows (maybe even give it some ambient arcade-game noises), and it eats up a fairly moderate amount of power. Here's the kicker though, rather than just being able to spam out the machine to be happy all the time, you must -just like any other arcade machine- insert money into the machine to play which consumes the (currently useless junk item) money allowing you to use the machine once. This would not only give one building item, and one useless junk item a use, but give players a whole new reason to venture out and collect any dollar bills they find laying around - or even rob the banks! If you wanted to go even further with it, maybe even make it to where over TIME using the arcade machine over and over would start to give diminishing returns - until eventually it would make you bored and you'd have to take a break before you could gain happiness and lose boredom from it. I've tried to explain the idea in a balanced and game-functioning way that would hopefully catch the eye of any of you fine people with similar interests to mine. I'd love to hear feedback, and thank you for taking the time to read my post! Once again, best of luck developing this great game! - Doc
  3. Dispensers machine that serve drinks traditionally serve them cold. Following that logic they should function as a refrigerator (without freeze comparment in build 34)
  4. Search-able Washing Machine and Dryer First off, before I go any further with suggesting anything here about them, are the Washer and Dryer planned to be search-able in the future? Also, will they be functional so long as the power is on? I would assume so, at least, as it makes sense (why include them at all, except for realism?) and would be no different, or difficult, to implement as searching an Oven or Cabinet. The same goes for using them, much like an oven; turn on, time passes, done washing/drying. The obvious question would then be, “What would be found inside either place?”. And, of course, the obvious answer would be, well, clothing; e.g. socks, sweaters, blouse, vests, pants, skirts towels, sheets, etc. And there is a chance that the cloth items in either one could be wet, perhaps because they had not yet turned on the machines when the world went to hell; If they are in the washer, there is a possibility chance – say 70% wet, 30% dry – that they will be damp/wet already.Things in the washer would, most likely be dry, but still a chance they are not – perhaps 10% wet, 90% dry. However, a new question becomes, what non-obvious items could be found in there but still make sense? Well, some things may still be washed that are not clothes – such as hiking bags, pillows, shoes, etc. - are possibilities. There are also things that might be left in pockets - like lighters, pens, pencils, band-aids, pills, tissues, cigarettes, and so one. Even the random, currently useless junk – rings, lipstick, wallet, blah-blah - could likely be found in there. You get the idea. Really, the possibilities are just as random, varied, and as likely as finding stuff in any other place, within reasonable realms of “realism”. I am just wondering if this is planned, since I could find nothing about it in my search through the forums, in the "Commonly Suggested" topic, or online. If you know where it's mentioned, please post a link; I don't like suggesting stuff unnecessarily. Thanks.
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