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Found 3 results

  1. So the trash can hiding and hidey hole posts got me thinking of an awesome and realistic magic trick we could do in-game. A Body Bag!! This body bag would be carried by a survivor and folded up stored neatly in a backpack or something similar. When the survivor comes across a herd of zombies and is spotted, they can get a head start around a corner somewhere and pull out their body bag and unfold it, hop inside and zip it up. Then all they have to do is lay perfectly still and all of the zombies will go stumbling by because the bag would fool their senses by blocking their vision of you because you are now inside a body bag, they wouldn't not be able to hear you because you are not moving and laying still inside the body bag and they will not be able to smell you, because the body bag is made out of materials that block decomposing odors, so they would be able to block out the smell of a live human. You would have course have to wait until the herd passes, then climb out, and fold it back up into your inventory, leaving it unzipped so you can just jump in again next time. Though if zombies spot you jumping inside of it, they will still attack you and rip the bag apart and eat you.
  2. I was thinking, lots of zombie movies have their characters hid somewhere some time. Or even I, myself, if zombie apocalypse just happened, hiding will be my last option. Example scenario 1: (defensive) If that house's alarm, gunshots or chopper sounded and its pitch black outside and you haven't barricaded the house, you might just want to hide somewhere you can fit into. This is also true for multiplayer. Since the game implements some sort of fog of war, then hiding would be such a nice addition to tricks players can do. If you're in pursuit by a gang of aggressive players, you have other options other than fight back, run away, or run away and hide then run away again. Example scenario 2: (aggressive) If multiplayer is implemented, this can be used not only for defensive hiding, but also as means for surprise attack. Mechanics: - you must find a large container where a human can fit into - make sure you emptied it (or maybe something that affects player's overall weight and the weight the container can still hold) - to bring out the hide context menu, you'll have to right click the eligible container then choose "hide" - you cannot eat, drink or sleep inside containers (it would be OP if this can be done) - once hidden there are no means to see whats outside the container (peeping by opening a container for a tiny bit, would seem to be OP as it would be so hard for other players to spot you) - but you can hear sounds of course. the nearer zeds or players are, the louder the sound you could hear. - there could be other things to consider especially during Multiplayer. These include: Hidden Players' Keen Hearing Trait or Hard of Hearing Trait, against Pursuing Players' Graceful Trait, walking, running or sneaking. - if you've been detected by a zed, it will move adjacent to your hiding place and start whacking your hiding spot. You will get highly reduced damage and be injured, but not a zombie bite injury. If implemented that containers can be destroyed, then it will be destroyed after a few hits; and you'll be left vulnerable for a while, like stunned for 2 realtime seconds or something. Thats when you're gonna get bit by zombies. - if you've been detected by another player, or NPC, he can attack you with his weapon but with highly reduced damage, and you'll also be injured, until the container got destroyed. You'll also be stunned for 2 realtime seconds. - you may choose to get out of your hiding spot by long pressing E, just like going out of the window. That way, you'll suffer no stun debuff. You can also start attacking as if performing a surprise attack. - however, if you get out of your hiding spot while being attacked or receiving damage, you'll still be stunned for 2 realtime seconds. My suggestion. sorry bout my English.
  3. So ya.. I want to crawl to avoid detection, and I want to strafe to dodge attacks.
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