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Found 2 results

  1. RegularX

    [WIP] Xmod

    So I'm wrapping up SICmod, which I tried very specifically to keep to stuff which I thought blended in to the vanilla game itself. SICmod might make things a little easier in some ways, but nothing was over the top. Xmod - Xmod should be over the top. Balance schmalance. If the weapon doesn't instakill - something is wrong (OK, near instakill. Instakill is .... difficult post 9.15). Did you read somewhere that a nail gun is a poor zombie weapon? Don't care. Course, SICmod was a little easier because it played by the rules. Most of the things in SICmod are based on something that already exists in the game somehow. So I'm not really sure what can and can't be done here - but here's a proposed list: Update: Changing some of the design based on general limitations and also approaching it from a more Profession-centric way. XProfessions: These will be professions selectable at the character create screen. Former SMart Employee -Sawed off Shotgun -Plenty of Shells -Copy of Necronomicon Bonsai Chef - Carbon Steel Knife - Good with Knives Trait - Full cooking XP - Starts with plenty of canned food Wandering Samurai - Katana - Good with Everything Trait - Tiger Blood - Various Physical traits Evil Genius - 10x MURDR Grenades - 5x Romero’s Tonic - 5x No Damage Tonic - SUPR Pistol Escaped Psychic - Exploding Brain Wave Attack - Various negative psych traits - All good awareness traits Shaolin Master - Kung Fu - Tiger Blood Trait - Various positive physical traits Hitman 42 - Silverballer - Good with Everything Trait - Way of the Gun Kata Trait - Full Aiming XP The Handyman - Starts with every tools and lot of nails - Full Carpentry XP The Farmer - Starts at a farm, with loads of gardening stuff - Full Farming XP XWeapons: Very Rare (configurable) items Necronomicon Reading from the Necronomicon may destroy/injure nearby zoms. Reading too much of it may be dangerous to your health... Nail Gun Uses nails in your inventory for ammo. Moderately deadly, faily silent. Katana / Carbon Steel Knife Decent range, extremely durable. MURDR Nade Designed specifically to harm zombies SUPR Gun Solar powered Undeath Ray pistol. Dodgy when rainy. Romero's Tonic Cures everything. Even dries you off. No Damage Potion For a short period, everything is healed instantly. XTraits: Free with an XProfession, otherwise quite expensive Tiger Blood Zombies don't scare you. They might be scared of you. Kung Fu With your hands, who needs a chainsaw? Good with Knives You can attack continuously with a blade while aiming Gun Kata You can attack continuously with a pistol while aiming Good With Everything Any melee weapon in your hand is deadlier Psychic Your mind is a weapon Really Handy Full Carpentry XP Gourmet Chef Full Cooking XP Master Green Thumb Full Farming XP Most of this I've got working in some capacity, but needs a lot of testing. Won't release a build until after 9.17 comes out with the new modding framework. Due to some questions about how Xmod might be doing x or y (especially when it comes to efficiently killing zombies) - I'll go ahead and post a 9.16 friendly version. Please note: This code is untestedIt's also kind of ugly and a bit shy. It may well bite.It may very well crash your game or corrupt your save. You've been warned.I'm only about half way through trying to "balance" the Professions. By "balance" I mean somewhere leaning towards "wildly overpowered" while being knee deep in "still fun". But don't complain if you pick a profession that starts of with a zombie cure, or by reading the Necronomicon too many times you find yourself suddenly infected (cough cough).That said, please wait until after I can test this against at least 9.17 before commenting on things like "the Psychic is way overpowered". Some of the tricks in this version which might be of note to other modders: The KillAllZombies function in XWeapons will instakill all zombies in a radius. The Necronomicon, MURDR Nade and Pyschic attack all use it.If you look at the "KungFu" and "Psychic" related stuff, you'll see how you can override the default hand attackThe Silverballer weapon is my best effort so far to play nice with the ReloadManager.XProfessions shows how to add your professions and control them without having to rewrite any existing Lua files.Necromonicon and Romero's Tonic has some bits on curing/causing infection. Necronomicon is untested, I think I added it around midnight last night.The "attack while aiming" code might be curious to weapon mods, but again - very untested. This is one bit that will probably need a lot of tweaking. There is a strong chance that much of this might change post 9.17. Fellow modders please feel free to grab, copy, paste, modify, outright steal or otherwise take advantage of the code. Since none of this rewrites existing Lua, as long as you're putting it back into your own object/namespace there shouldn't be any conflicts. All due credit, yada yada - more important if you're trying to do something fun with the game. All I really ask is if you see that I'm doing something horribly wrong, or otherwise have a suggestion to improve X or Y let me know. Feel free to shoot questions here or via PM. Download link here: http://xmod.herokuapp.com/Xmod.zip
  2. So the trash can hiding and hidey hole posts got me thinking of an awesome and realistic magic trick we could do in-game. A Body Bag!! This body bag would be carried by a survivor and folded up stored neatly in a backpack or something similar. When the survivor comes across a herd of zombies and is spotted, they can get a head start around a corner somewhere and pull out their body bag and unfold it, hop inside and zip it up. Then all they have to do is lay perfectly still and all of the zombies will go stumbling by because the bag would fool their senses by blocking their vision of you because you are now inside a body bag, they wouldn't not be able to hear you because you are not moving and laying still inside the body bag and they will not be able to smell you, because the body bag is made out of materials that block decomposing odors, so they would be able to block out the smell of a live human. You would have course have to wait until the herd passes, then climb out, and fold it back up into your inventory, leaving it unzipped so you can just jump in again next time. Though if zombies spot you jumping inside of it, they will still attack you and rip the bag apart and eat you.
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