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Found 3 results

  1. I know that most people dont even care about first aid. And over half of the community doesnt know about Poultices. While im pretty much sure no one uses them, they were a great addition to my Super-sprinters run, where most of the time goes towards foraging. My idea is that just like how First aid decreases heal time with a splint, it could increase the effectivenes of poultices. Maybe that way more people will actually use them.
  2. when bandages get dirty, how about an option "replace dirty bandages with..." instead of having to remove them and then add fresh ones as 2 separate steps?
  3. Well, this is sad, I lost my game just for a stupid scratch. I would like to share my story because it's not so reallistic and I think this kind of events should be changed. I don't understand why a character could die in a few hours for a scratch, bandaged and disinfected. The story: My character has been surviving during 3 months in a long-term game, and I was so proud about it. Surprisingly, a zombi made me a scratch. I didn't have a bandage at that moment, but I taked my car and drove home to heal my wound. When I was there I had "severe damage". Well, I don't undestand how a simple scratch can threat a person's life that way unless the zombie has the wolverine's claws. So, I disinfected my wound, I use a bandage and I started to eat until I reached the best boost for healing. Suddenly, I was in "Terminal damage", and I don't understand why! I ate everything I could during several hours, but my character was just stable in this "terminal state" meanwhile I ketp eating without control... (this is not reallistic, really). That wound was completely impossible to heal, and later he died... yes, he died for a scratch, after having eaten half the food in my fridge. ..... How is that possible? Developers, I love this game, you're doing an amazing work, but I have to ask you to check the health system again, because if you reach that state it's impossible to keep playing. A scratch from a zombie should not kill you anyway. What kind of nails do they have? @_@ I suggest some kind of changes about the health system. Minor injuries should annoy and prevent you to run, take objects, etc, like when you have a wound in your hands. I think thats great. But defenitely, not to kill you. It's nonsense! Even if you have a terrible scratch, bleeding during a while, it shouldn't kill you at all!. It could make you feel so weak, in pain, etc, but please guys, if human beings could die for a scratch in the reality, we shouldn't be here since several million of years. Unless you have a penetrating wound due some kind of accident or strong bite, any minor wound shoudn't threat your life! I propose to implement different types of wounds: A) Non-penetrating wounds: The result of blunt trauma or friction, scraping of the outer skin layer, like: Abrasions Scratches or lacerations from zombies, remember, their nails are not swords. Contusions (swollen bruises due to accumulation of blood and dead cells under skin) Concussions (damage to the underlying organs and tissue on head with no significant external wound) B) Penetrating wounds: The result from trauma that breaks through the full thickness of skin; reaching down to the underlying tissue and organs. (That kind of wounds could kill you) Stab wounds (trauma from really sharp objects, fall over an iron bar, etc). Severe and deep skin cuts (maybe a bite from a zombie) -> If you have many of them, you could die. Surgical wounds (intentional from other players or for a bad perform surgical procedures) Gunshot wounds on limbs. C) Deadly injuries: Several contusions from a zombie horde (Could break your limbs) Falling deaths (more than 1 floor). Serious infections (Caused by not treating a wound for several days) Food poisoning. Many open wounds (due the loss of blood). Gunshot wounds in important organs or head. D) Other kind of injuries: Thermal wounds: Extreme temperatures, taking hot objects from a cooker or a fire, operating generators etc. Chemical wounds: These result from contact with or inhalation of chemical materials from cars or industrial buildings. Bites from animals: Should cause infections. Electrical wounds: Maybe for manipulating electronic devices. That's all. I hope it could help to improve the game, or at leats give you new ideas. @Connall I summon you! I posted part of this post as a suggestion in the suggestions thread. Is it right? I'm not always sure where I should write a post hehe.
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