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Found 4 results

  1. This is not a new bug. I feel like the phrasing needed an update, thus the new post. The ONLY reason I built a garage was to test this out, because EVERY time I enter my vehicles, the temperature is a lot hotter than normal daily outside temperature and I wanted to get indoor temperature for the vehicle I use most often. Vehicles parked inside a building with indoor temperatures should inherit indoor temperature of the building it is parked in. Other posts on this topic say it happens in Winter as well, with cold temperatures (vehicle parked indoors do not inherit warmer/indoor temperature). I am playing solo in sandbox settings, no mods, 41.78.16, on Aug 22 @ 00:50 (just past midnight). The temperature outside is 70.7 degrees F. The temperature inside the garage is 71.6 degrees F. Vehicle parked outside, when entering the vehicle, the vehicle's interior temperature is 79.7 degrees F. Vehicle parked inside my player-built garage, when entering the vehicle, the vehicle's interior temperature is 79.7 degrees F. Essentially, there is no point (no benefit) of parking a vehicle inside a garage to keep the vehicle's interior temperature moderated by the indoor temperature. This makes zero sense. The vehicle should inherit the temperature around it while indoors inside a garage. The lighting is not great at night, but here are a couple screenshots, #1 standing inside garage (71.6 F) and #2 inside the vehicle parked inside garage (79.7 F).
  2. I think you should be able to rebuild garage doors in the game like the ones for the auto shops. The auto shop in Riverside was missing a garage door in my playthrough which leaves the building exposed to zombies. To rebuild garage doors you'd need metal for the metal ones and wood for the wooden ones (not counting nails, screws or hinges. You may have to have level 6 or 7 for either metal working or carpentry to do this. The material requirements for either garage door could be similar to building their respect gate counterparts. Like to build a wooden garage door you may need 4 hinges, 12 nails and 12 planks minus the 2 knobs like a wooden gate. Maybe you'd need screws in place of the nails. You could have different types of garage doors to rebuild like ones for the auto shop would be different than ones for the U-Store It facility. Anyways this would be better than building some wall barrier with a door because it'd fit better and require less material.
  3. Hi everyone, During my last session I realized for the first time that garage doors were not big enough to let cars go in. Is there a plan to get the door bigger?
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