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Found 7 results

  1. TheForeignCrusader

    Black Field of vision and Server crashing

    I Just bought the game today (1/28/2019) around 11:00 AM CTS, I even have less than 2 hours of game play. I was planning on playing it with a couple of friends and my Fiance'. However When I played at first with a mod collection the game kept crashing and the server kept closing and shutting down. We both restarted the game and Hard reset our PC's and nothing fixed it. we then Took off the mod's seeing the glitches that can happen with them. we started up the game with no mods installed and reinstalled the game, we made our Char fine with no issues but maybe a long (about 6 min) loading screen. I got into the game and everything was fine for about 4 min then after walking too a road form Scenic grove. It was around 2:00 PM in game and everything behind my field of vision went black. I could not see anything outside of my field of vision. Birds were chirping so I knew it was still daytime, I could see in my field of vision daytime but anything outside of it was Pitch black. but when she (my Fiance') Would use a admin command the server would crash. I decided too relaunch my game another time. I got back in and it was worse, it was still pitch black behind me but now my field of vision was darkened and there were still birds chirping. I could see all of my stats, inventory, ETC just fine. however I could barley see my char and the road. I walked for about 5 feet and the game crashed. PC Specs CPU: Ryzen 5 1600X GPU: RX 580 Pulse 8GB RAM: 16GB RipJaw's Storage: 1x 1TB HDD / 1X 2TB HDD / 1X 250GB SSD Connection: Ethernet
  2. Chess of Confusion

    New Update 40.26 Bugs that i have Found

    O.k before the update i was happy playing on single core 30 FPS not saying it couldn't handle more... it just there was no difference for me.. so there was no point in using more of my PC. After the update.. keeping with my single core 30 FPS all of a sudden i stated to get really bad lag drops even when i turn it form 30 to 60 FPS i still get lag drops. Now what happens when i enable Multi-core the great new's is no more lag drop's.. how ever my character feels like i pulling a car at moments.. i can run normal every now and then.. then i'm back pulling a car...also thank you for finely allowing to build walls with stone hammer that's everything
  3. Chess of Confusion

    So really old bugs and some ideas as well

    O.k to start of with the stone hammer as we all know you can build the frame but you can't build the main would be nice if that got fix in the next update.. especially when i'm trying to do.. a LP out in the woods. This problem what i'm about to mention next below.. it has happen to me and properly you when you enter a house and while your looting through the house a zombie has snuck up on you and you've been scratch or bitten because this has happened. The next bug.. well it's not really a bug but more of a's when one of your pull down menu's are down and you mouse is in the menu box.. if you are like me.. and you like to press the RMB instead of CTRL and even then when you press CTRL....even tho you do go into an attack stance while pressing CTRL you can't attack while your mouse is still in the Box. And if your like me and press RMB you don't even go into an attack stance the only thing you can do is push them with the space bar. I've even change my button layout from CTRL to the left backslash because as everyone here know's when you hold down the CTRL you can individually select items and it was a pain in my ares every time i press CTRL i would go into an attack stance. Now on to the idea's i have.. in regards to the mouse in the box and unable to attack because a zombie has caught you off guard and you've panic... lol..if your mouse isn't over an item right clicking close's the menu your maybe so other button can instead. My other idea is with the wooden stairs.. allow us to build them at level 1 but give a % of there safety.. of them braking and us fulling through them and hurting our self's. And also give not only the stairs but the wall's as well a Deterioration rate...Not 100% sure if that's all ready in the game.... i know there is for food but wood i'm unsure of. Thank for you time...And Happy Killing tho's Z'z My zombie killing Brothers and Sisters.
  4. The Good Noob

    PleaZEEED HELP with this "Infinite Ammo Bug"

    Hi, I am very noob with all this coding thing and Lua files. I tried to do some things for adding to the game, some of them asked before in Suggestion forum. The thing is I managed to do some of them, but find a BIG BUG when I made a Ranged Weapon. At first couldnt shoot with it. Then I thought I fixed some things but instead the weapon became endless ammo. It shoots, it does what was supossed to do in the rest of things, but the ammo don't decrease. Then I messed all up in the ReloadUtil file and ... well, I am a bit lost. At first I tried to make the weapon use the same pistol clip as the default gun, but couldnt do it to reload, so I made a new item, SBerettaclip (it is almost the same as default but with a change in name and I get it from Necroforge spawning by this moment). Here are the Items as part of WeaponsGuns txt file in the folder scripts: And here is the CompilationReloadUtil lua file put in the folder lua/shared/Reloading: Can somebody pleazeeeeed help me with this mess?
  5. Hello everyone. I recently came back to zomboid like many others to check out the multiplayer after so long and so far it is great. We do however seem to be having a problem where our characters are seemingly deleted randomly. I keep the server running 24/7 so that the world does not wipe and we have tried restarting it and deleting all the files to be sure that wasn't part of the issue. Whenever someone logs back into the game 2/3 times the character is deleted and they respawn back in the starting location again, losing the hard work put into the skills and gear of the other character. Last night I managed to log off and back in successfully twice before the third time deleted my character. After the server restarted that character was deleted as well but 2/4 other friends managed to log back in with the characters they had before that restart. The server is running in the background of my desktop computer since my actual server is currently in pieces. The computer is running windows 7 64-bit home premium with an AMD FX-9370 4.4GHz eight core, 16GB of ddr3 1600MHz ram, a standard WD 7200rpm hdd and an HD Radeon 7970 3GB. My internet connection at the moment is a bit slow, averaging out around 130 kilobytes/second upload and 2.4 megabytes/second download although the upload seems plenty so far to host the small ground (~6) of people currently playing. Anyway that seems to be about all of the information I can think of with the problem at the moment. I am about to leave for a few hours so unless the post it within the next 10 minutes I will not be responding for a little while but be assured I will later. It is just that in my experience it generally takes a few hours to get responses in the help sections of forums. But yea, thanks for reading this and thanks for any attempts at helping me to solve this problem. The game would be much more fun if we could gain more than a single level before losing the characters.
  6. Hi, I lost my character on MP, and it had some pretty good stats, and an incredible inventory. Lost him due to a corruption error. Computer shut off during mid game, and now everytime I load the character on the server, it goes under an infinite with "delay processing XX packet" where XX stands for a series of repeated numbers. Is it possible to edit any of the map.bin files and restore my character? Is there any modding tools that could allow me to add skills and XP to a new character? That is all, thank you.
  7. Running_pharmacy

    Steam version of PZ won't start

    I had gotten and activated my steam key for Project Zomboid, installed it, but it just won't start. I then uninstalled, then re-installed it, but still no luck. Is there something I need to do first or what?