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Found 5 results

  1. Would the devs be interested in adding a trait that makes the player more prone to panic at night? This seems like somthing that a lot of real people have, and would fit well among the kinds of traits in the game so far.
  2. So today I was building a second floor and I couldn't really tell where I built floor and where I hadn't built floor. There is a little shading difference between the tiles on the active floor, and the floor below. This is a suggestion to make the tiles on the floor below a little darker so you know where there are/aren't floor tiles. http://i.imgur.com/DJU4GIy.png This picture is a bad example because I have build over all the hard to tell tiles. I feel as though it is good enough to get my point across.
  3. So my suggestion is simple - character should stop reading when the light level drops below X and complain that it's too dark. I think it would force player to either flip the switch or use matches/candles to allow for further reading, essentially creating more use for these items.
  4. You will agree that if someone is a long time in the dark as when trapped miners to exit will need help to see sunlight naturally? Well what I propose is that being a long time without going to see the sun you have to go to not be able to see very well from the effects of lightning and you will have to wait a while or go out at night. If you're not used to being in the sun you can see better at night but in the day you will be very wrong with your vision If you continue in that form the situation go more bad you will have like a perk that you can see in the dark a lot good but you can never see the sun (Or something similar) And the dev can put the dark more darker like in olders version Nothing more
  5. Currently, with the onset of NPC's fast approaching like the Mongolian scourge poised on our borders (except with hilarious bugs and fantastic happiness instead of decapitation and rutheless slaughter) we will soon find ourselves getting involved with the politics to emerge from post-apocalyptic world. That probably makes it seem complicated. What I am suggesting, is that if your group gets large enough, the authority of the 'leader' has the possibility of being questioned. Bad decisions, competing goals, or conflicting personality. Meta-game and the player should have options in dealing with such things, or just preemptively doing it. The player or NPC could initiate a chain of events that attempts to change the group dynamic. Maybe from now on the leader of the group should be elected - or the polar opposite Caesarian approach. This provides a delicious new conflict in deciding if the group should grow any larger. "Oh, Stacy has a lot of people voting for her. And this new guy seems like he'd vote for me... Over here! Come enjoy our spoiled cabbages!" Could become "Everyone hates me and this new guy would love Stacy too. Say hello to mister axe, stranger!" TL;DR Option to persuade survivor group to either pick leader or accept you as supreme overlord for life.
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