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Found 4 results

  1. I've read dozens of times that this shouldn't happen and it was declared as a bug in the past if I read stuff on reddit about that topic. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but at the end of the video (last attack) you see after the zombie lunge attack, I'm scratched. Can a lunge attack or it's meant to scratch you at some point? I tried it also "with" clothes, same result if I try often enough.
  2. Hi everyone. I live in Poland and I'm programmer. Here is a game, that I'm developing together with friends. The game is inspired by such titles like: Dungeon master, Eye of the Beholder, Stonekeep etc. We are NOT taking pattern from Legend of Grimrock, which is actually nothing more than a copy of Dungeon Master. Things that will be different from classical, old dungeon crawlers: - side quests, - town with shops, - unique AI for every kind of monster - boss monsters. and few more... Here is a video of an very early version: And some screens: There are still many things to do, but I'm curious of your actual opinion.
  3. I have a suggestion concerning downed zombies. I would like to see you be able to bash already dead and downed zombies (as in dead dead not "fake" dead) as a just in case it wasn't dead I'll smash its head to potato mash. This might add some tension to the game as the blood splatter is the only indication of a truly dead zombie. This would also get rid of the exploit of swinging the air when making sure it's dead. As a downside, this might hinder the combat mechanics in a situation where you are in a pile of bodies fighting against a few stragglers. But if it could be done in a way that the game prioritizes the "fake" dead and the "living" zombies before the corpses when executing an attack, it shouldn't hinder the combat. The second downside I thought of would be that you'd have to make sure all of the already dead bodies you find are truly dead and would have to use your weapons durability to make sure. But when/if stomping will be added you wouldn't need to use your weapons condition. This would most likely be a bit annoying but on the other hand, realistic as you'd want to make sure every single zombie in the room is actually dead IRL too (you wouldn't just go to a zombie, look at it and then swing your axe in the air... ). It would definitely add to your little paranoia. It would be a nice way to get back at those brain munchers to just make a mush out of theirs. If you find this suggestion heavily annoying then please comment! but be nice! Edit: About hitting the downed zombies (living and dead): Do you guys think that the standing zombies should be prioritized over the crawlers? so with my suggestion if you'd have one standing one fake dead and one dead in a certain distance you would swing in the air rather than what is closest to you. (so the priority order would be walker, fake dead, dead dead)
  4. Was thinking it would be cool to have a new tag for knives and other small hand-held weapons that would work in a similar fashion like the jaw stab tag for knives, but would force the weapon downward, killing crawlers in one shot, like the jaw stab move.
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