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  1. Sounds funny ^^ Well there are many informations out there about that but none from the devs. The good thing is, the game is constantly changing, the bad is, information also. And since there is no tracking of that, I can only speculate. I hope one of the devs can clarify it =) I would like to also do content with informations, but if i don't have 100% evidence, I dont want to, because i don't want to lie to people.
  2. I would like to have a 100% information =) So the damage is purely from falling? From the animation it looks like it's too late. Hmm
  3. I've read dozens of times that this shouldn't happen and it was declared as a bug in the past if I read stuff on reddit about that topic. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but at the end of the video (last attack) you see after the zombie lunge attack, I'm scratched. Can a lunge attack or it's meant to scratch you at some point? I tried it also "with" clothes, same result if I try often enough.
  4. Someone tell the scientific world that the game found a way to create mass from the void In spear sports, the spear weights from 400 to 800 grams (yes wood).
  5. Hello Ladies and Gentleman, my last information about Survivor Zombies is they appear in smaller groups of zombies. So what exactly does the Trait "Lucky" do in general (would like exact number informations) + what does it do when you loot a zombie? And what do blunt/blade weapons do to a backpack if the survivor zombies has one? Lower chance to drop? Is it gone when hit? Something like that? Thanks in advance
  6. Yeah I was thinking the same =) I broke the poor little engine a bit ^^
  7. I maybe messed up the order a bit. I try to explain what i did to save my game. I just teleported to a location in Muldraugh with the Mod "Cheat Menu". It crashed. So I loaded the old savegame again (I made a backup before) (still with car ontop of the other) and teleported to another location. "Screen was black" nothing worked but the inventory. Then I restarted again, tried to exit the vehicle with "e" (still blacksreen) and again restarted. Now i was able to see my char but the car was gone. But yeah atleast I can continue playing.
  8. I've posted it in the wrong section. I'm sorry. I wanted to post it in the Bug Reports section.
  9. As the title says, I can't leave the car anymore. I just drove on the street and did hit the fence, it catapulted me into the air, landing on a burned car. Now Im on top of it and can't do anything about it. See the Video Link for details.
  10. Well C# and C++ is much better than Java anyway, Java is known for bad performance in Games. Well if really really good coded it can run slightly in good fps (look Minecraft) but most Java Games have really bad Performance. So Performance wise C++ and C# are much better. I dont see a real competition here, Indiestone (PZ) has many many features done and working hard on it. This Hollow Pine Game is far far behind and has not the same concept for the game, okay it will maybe look better but wont have the same feeling or fun PZ has in my opinion or atleast in a other way. And even then, if i would see this 2 Games i would buy both =)
  11. I can agree to the fact that very large hordes are spawning near your house after a while, without any event. Dont let us all discuss why or in which way it happens, the fact is it isnt realistic or fun that you have a very large horde or sometimes many hordes around your house after a night or after reloading your savegame. And please moderators, i know you guys have much work and try hard to answer. But please know that people dont want to hate or hesitate you guys or the game, we just all only want to share our experience with the game that you guys know how people feel about some game related situations and happenings. or behaviour while playing the game intensively. Thanks and keep up the good work, love you Guys =)
  12. Well maybe not everyone is posting their problem, but i know alot with AMD/ATI combinations which have problems with this game. I dont said that no optimisations have been done already, but its ugly that still many having issues with it. And im curious why much more AMD/ATI people having problems compared to intel/nvidia peoples, atleast i dont know guys with intel/nvidia to have problems with the game... Well if you have any hint why many have problems with the game just tell.
  13. On one side, good Job that this game makes so much process and gets constantly updated with new features and bugfixes. But theres one thing me and many guys are not happy about =/ Since many versions the game has many micro-lags and sometimes heavy framedrops on very good gaming PC`s, mostly with AMD/ATI combination. Its not only me having this problem, some guys in the german PZ community having these problems and aswell my friends which do have AMD/ATI combinations. And no, it isnt the driver of the graphiccard or the systemcomponents or java. Even a clean install doesnt change anything. Dont get me wrong, my english isnt that good so this post maybe sound aggressive. I only want to tell you that you maybe should focus a little bit more on performance if possible cause many people having these performance issues only with this game and that makes the feelings bad. I know it`s a alpha/steam beta version but i dont think performance stuff should be done at final release only. Maybe you work already on it or have it on your todo list, i dont know, if not maybe you think about performance optimization a bit. I just wanted to tell you that =) Thanks for reading this. Greetings Houy System Specs: System: - Asus M4A89TD Pro USB3/890FX Watercooled - Silent 650W Power Supply - AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 6x 3,2Ghz - Raid0 2x 250GB Barracuda Seagata 7200/upm - 8GB Corsair XMS3 / 9,9,9,26 - ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB 800Mhz/1000Mhz - Logitech G110 - Logitech MX518 - Audio Interface Behringer 302 USB - Headphone AKG K530 - Microfone Zalman ZM-MIC1
  14. I tried your mod now ( and i have to say, the Zombies drop waaaaay too much. 8/10 Zombies dropped all kind of stuff. Pictures should explain all. Sorry but i wont try cause its way too buggy and laggy for me, i cant risk getting uber shitty framedrops while recording for a lets play
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