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Found 8 results

  1. I host a fairly large and active unmodded Project Zomboid server. I really need a way to “whisper” players from server console. It’s unprofessional to announce warnings server-wide when someone is being naughty. Perhaps you could add optional flags to the /servermsg command much like the /banuser command. /servermsg <Message "String"> [-p "String"] [-s] [-b] [-n] <> Required [] Optional Options: [(-p | -player) "Player Name"] - Direct this message to a certain player, otherwise all players. [(-s | -say)] - Create temporary message over player entities. [(-b | -broadcast)] - Create a temporary message in the center of the screen. [(-n | -nolog)] - Do not send message to player(s) chat window/log. Not only could this aid in improving the server image but could also be used for certain owner-made events.
  2. As stated above, those console commands do literally nothing apart from the return functions at the end. Admin panel weather stop and weather start options do work. I've tested this on an unmodded server, the console commands just give their return line of "rain started"/"rain stopped" but don't really do anything besides those return functions. This is a pretty big issue for Hydrocraft servers specifically. While it's on the mod dev to fix his mod, a very nice workaround would be a simple program that detects a specific error (rain in hydrocraft can cause errors while loading chunks) and then runs the stoprain command. Without these console commands functioning this isn't an option and it then forces hydrocraft servers to disable rain altogether. Thank you guys for the updates you have pushed, and here's hoping soon that non-tile containers will actually save their inventory data when players remove stuff from them soon as well, but please consider patching this issue real quick as well for the coming update.
  3. As asked in the title I was curious if there's a command for it? or something that an admit can do that I've missed say similar to instant construct Had to restart my personal friendship server due to HDD death and I wanted to get me my Cossette back, Though with a decent 45 mins of Google and the what not can't find nothin'
  4. Alright so I tried asking for help with this back on your steam forums about 1-3 weeks ago, never got a single reply. I requested a server from Pickle Hosting, they have others who also wanted it as well. After I requested it, they decided to start working on trying to get a console or such set up for TCAdmin, they were having major issues with it from what I was told. They couldn't get the settings "printed" to TCAdmin making it hard to try to run the server from there. They were going to try to get in contact with you, but I offered to do that myself to help the process along. I've been busy past few weeks waiting for a reply from both you and them. If you can get in contact with them to help them out that would be great, because The Indie Stone combined with Pickle Hosting being able to host could bring even more to PZ. So in all truth if you can reply to this and possibly provide some input on helping with this whole set up, it would be very much appreciated, since I am rolling with a group who has been waiting for us to get a new server back up, since our last one got torn apart by a couple of people.
  5. If this is somewhere else on the forum, I apologize, and you have permission to label me as grade A idiot. I'm new to forum things. It's pretty simple, I can't type into the server console. Just got one up and running for me and a few other friends to play on, and when asked to stop the rain (since we are a building bunch,) I type "stoprain" into the console. Or at least I tried. I run the server on windows, launch the batch file, and that's about it. Can't type, can't grant admin abilities, etc. Please help. Or if you don't want to; (EDIT) Sh**, I forgot to mention that I don't know how to login with admin rights. I apologize. I surrender all my cookies and other things.
  6. Allow the server console to receive commands especially in linux enviroments, this would help with scripting start/shutdown/save/status scripts. Specific commands I would like to see; save, quit [time*], say [msg], kick [user], kickall, ban [user], unban [user], whitelist [add/remove/on**/off**] [user] [password] *Assumes now if no time given (e.g. quit 30, stops the server in 30 seconds) **Also opens or closes the server to new users For example My friend and I were designing a script to warn players of an impending server save and restart... but we learned that we could not issue commands to the server from console... which destroyed us warning players... It also makes it harder for admins to login via SSH and watch the server. I would also like to suggest that we log player chat to console & not log the rain collection in barrels as often.. Perhaps even log the chat to log files that can be parsed by shell scripts. Original Topic http://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/2/540739861667658316/
  7. "When you first launch your server, or if no "admin" account exist, a password for the user 'admin' will be asked in your console." Is it realized now? I am starting server but in console there is nothing about admin rights or password. *sorry wrong txt attached (can't delete it)* console.txt
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