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Found 2 results

  1. As you slowly wake, your brain focuses enough to ask for a moment, 'where am I?' But, banishing the morning's first thought, the gentle swirling of the current outside and the comfortable pitch black remind you that you're safe in your cot. You fumble for a moment in the inky darkness before finding the breaker and flipping it. With a quiet 'whoosh,' water flows into the now-unlocked turbine outside and the globe on the ceiling slowly flickers into life, lighting your small room in its warm glow. Outside, nearby fish dart swiftly away from the sudden light (often spelling danger at this depth)
  2. I got inspired by Rathlord when he created Depth I have wanted to do one of these for a while, but this thread gave me the inspiration to finally make one! Rules are simple, after I post more story, you guys vote on what you want, saying A if the choice you want is A. Put your vote in bold, and any questions/comments/concerns you may have in normal text. Feel free to argue your answers, and if you change yours, strikethrough and write you new answer, like this: A B I may change these rules at any time, and will let you know if I do. Now lets get started!
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