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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.4.1 - B41.78+ Compatibility Update (17/08/2023) English/French Compatible Necroforge Compatible SP/MP Download Link : Steam Workshop Nexus Mod Mirror Manual Installation (If you downloaded from Nexus Mod or Mirror link) : 1.Drag and drop the folder MegaviBlades of the zip in the mods folder of Project Zomboid (C:/Users/(your name)/Zomboid/mods) 2.Launch Project Zomboid 3.Mods > MegaviBlades > Enable Enjoy Video : Youtube Items list and infos : Weapons : - M9 Bayonet - Can be found pretty everywhere but rarely, can be more common at somes places. - Assassin's Blade - Extremely rare. - Stone Saw - Can't be found, only craftable with 4 chipped stones, 2 tree branch and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. Can only saw logs and become unusable with the time. - Metal knife & sword - Can be crafted with a sturdy stick and sharp metal blades, which can be obtained if you have MetalWorking skill level 3. Can be repaired a good amount of time with sharpening stone and easy to make : 1 sturdy stick, 1 sharp metal blade (or 2 for sword) and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine (only twine for sword). The sword need propane torch and welding mask to be make. - (Removed) Katana - Can be found very rarely on zombies and at somes places of the map. - (Removed) Little Axe - Can be found pratically in the sames places of the axe a little bit more commonly. Can be found on zombies too. Can cut trees but can't be handled in two hand so less efficient than a true axe. - (Removed) Stone Knife - Can only be crafted with 1 chipped stone, 1 tree branch and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. Can't be used for cooking (or only to remove skin of animals) and can't be repaired. Items/Drainables : -Metal Blade - Can be obtained at level 3 of metalwork with a little metal sheet. It is used to craft Metal Knife & Metal Sword, but have to be sharp with sharpening stone before. -Sharpening stone - Allow to repair many times blade's weapons, can be found mostly in tools related locations. -Stone Saw - Can't be found, only craftable with 4 chipped stones, 2 tree branches and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. Can cut only wood and become unusable with the time. #### Changelog : #### 05/03/2018 - 1.0 : First Release : Adding Katana, Little Axe, M9 Bayonet and Assassin's Blade 06/03/2018 - 1.1 : Adding Stone Axe 10/03/2018 - 1.2 : Adding Stone Knife 25/03/2018 - 1.3 : MetalWork Update : Adding Metal Knife and Sword, Sharpening stone and metal blade. Review of durability & swingtime stats of many weapons. 15/08/2023 - 1.4 : B41.78+ Compatibility Update : Removing Stone Knife, Katana and Little Axe (now in vanilla game). Upgrading cost of crafting a Stone Saw. Improvement of distribution. 17/08/2023 - 1.4.1 : Minor Bug fixes ### Inspired by : ### LBMKnives - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=859341915 Home Made Saw - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=593493209 ################# Feel free to give me ideas or ameliorations, you can even use my sprite for your mod if you want but credit me
  2. I think chopping trees down with an axe is way too easy. It should take far longer, as should sawing, with a progress bar so you can continue on from where you left off if you need to interrupt it. This would make dismantling objects like doors/wardrobes for planks/wood be far more necessary (and how many times do people in a zombie movie chop down trees? They're always breaking up furniture tho.) And when chainsaws are in, it'll be a nice balancing act between noise/fuel and the extra time it would take to just use an axe. Also, making chopping/sawing harder would essentially make them be two separate jobs (as in, one player helping another out by sawing what they chop) for players in multiplayer/eventual NPCs, helping with roleplaying etc.
  3. Hail of Arrows, rumble of blasts and pools of blood. Meet the best addictive medieval shooting defense game! App Store: http://bit.ly/1gsqLmM Styria Empire was invaded by hordes of terrifying monsters. Commanders was betrayed, Emperor lost his mind and once great empire under threat of downfall. The last line of defense, a handful of Guards of Hyperion the only one heroes who can stop this... Now, it's time to return the empire to humanity! Restore the justice and punish the traitors! Feed the monsters arrows! Make 'em burn with magic! Features: * Different awesome battlefields * Easy but challenging gameplay * 3 heroes with totally different spells and gameplay * Hordes of furious monsters * Unique Barrier mechanics * Two game modes: Campaign and Survival * Exciting storyline and various endings * Elixirs, potions, crossbows, staffs, axes, stake gun and more! We'll be glad to see you in our community!
  4. Hi survivor before exposing my idea, I warn you because I am a french guy so if my english is bad sorry for that. Sorry if that idea is allready explain. So my idea is to implant a firestation (like the title indicates) to find some axes inside and a new item : a quencher ! Because in project zomboid there is no way to extinguish a fire and it's baffling when we are in front off our house in fire.. With that we can implant a new trading cart for steam "Spiffo the fireman" :cool: And why not a new skin of zombies with fireman suit but this zombie can only spawn inside the building of fireman. So thanks for reading and comment this idea ! And sorry for my english
  5. I think the axe breaks way to fast. In real life, an axe can last many many years. I have one In my garage that was bought in the 80's and still cuts wood just fine. Maybe there could be a sharpening system instead of the axe actually breaking. That is what you normally have to do with an axe, after time its get dull and you sharpen it with a file. A sharpening system would actually be good for most bladed weapons really, swords, knives, etc. then add in a file and sharpening stone Sometimes you can break an axe handle and have to replace it, crafting one in game could also be implemented. But overall, an axe head will last you a lifetime. (sorry if this is a repeated topic) Idk which would be better, having a sharpening system or make axe handles break so they have to be crafted. Maybe both? after so many sharpenings, the handle needs replaced???
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