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  1. YouTube video: App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id963596102 The game is simple - just connect the small black circles with the big rotating circle. Seems really easy, right? Oh, forgot to mention, you need to avoid already connected circles. Are you still think the game is simple? Okay, and what about facts that the speed may change, direction may change, positions may change, all may change! Just try it, challenge yourself and your friends! The fast and neat gameplay, increasing complexity, balance between reaction and tactics, great amount of challenges will keep fascinate you for a long time.
  2. Minimalist puzzle game like Sokoban but vice versa. App Store (free): https://itunes.apple.com/app/id904615413 Rules is simple: Tap on squares to move them to the right places! For example, move a red square to the red circle. Squares move only in the direction in which the arrow is pointing at them. Detached arrows to change direction of the square. Get a high score and challenge you friends! New levels are coming! Inspired by Andrey Shevchuk ‘Game about Squares' available on the web. It's fully native app without using webview from website, lags and crashes. Gameplay: http://bit.ly/1nyIIlU
  3. Rain Circles: Tap it quickly ! Simple but addictive game that train thinking skills and reaction speed from logic game developer Planemo Studio. App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rain-circles-razvivaj-reakciu/id894137834?mt=8&uo=4&at=10lJDF All you need to do - just tap on circles, before they disappear from the screen! Train reaction in three game modes and share your scores with friends!
  4. Hail of Arrows, rumble of blasts and pools of blood. Meet the best addictive medieval shooting defense game! App Store: http://bit.ly/1gsqLmM Styria Empire was invaded by hordes of terrifying monsters. Commanders was betrayed, Emperor lost his mind and once great empire under threat of downfall. The last line of defense, a handful of Guards of Hyperion the only one heroes who can stop this... Now, it's time to return the empire to humanity! Restore the justice and punish the traitors! Feed the monsters arrows! Make 'em burn with magic! Features: * Different awesome battlefields * Easy but challenging gameplay * 3 heroes with totally different spells and gameplay * Hordes of furious monsters * Unique Barrier mechanics * Two game modes: Campaign and Survival * Exciting storyline and various endings * Elixirs, potions, crossbows, staffs, axes, stake gun and more! We'll be glad to see you in our community!
  5. Hello, we are an indie game developer team, Planemo Studio, proud to present our project, an incredible puzzle adventure: Pave The Way. • 80 different levels • Dangerous enemies, carefully guarding the path to the treasure • A lot of traps, trapping you on the path to the treasure • Perform additional tasks for the generous reward! • Any level can be passed by a lots of ways Promo video: Pave the Way - YouTube Download from Apple Store [Free]: https://itunes.apple.com/app/pave-the-way/id724557757 Rick, Treasure Hunter, got an old map with a route to the abandonment of the time and space mighty tomb of Pharaoh Khnum'a . Help Rick to collect all ancient tablets which open the door to countless treasures! Moving from an obstacle to an obstacle, Pave The Way from the one flying island to another . Use a variety of mechanisms to cope with enemies: mummies and ghosts, guarding the road to treasures; move the boxes, turn off the traps, destroy the enemies, and more! Collect the golden tablets, pave the way to the gems, scattered on the level, destroy obstacles , or create your own way to the finish line! Eighty free levels of addictive gameplay! Screenshots:
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