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  1. I am sure zombies don't seek you out or your structures just because they are player made. I am on day 21 at the McCoy Logging Co. and I still have not killed a single zombie up there (minus the ones that were in the bathrooms and etc on day 1) nor are they migrating my way for no reason. Every day I make a walk down the road towards town and no zombies are migrating my way. Mainly because I am quiet and sneaky. I never sprint at my base, I never sprint home. I sneak into town and scavenge then sneak home being sure to not drag a group my way and the zombies don't leave town. If they migrated towards player made stuff or automatically towards the player, they would have done it by 21 days in. Also, zombies spawn in a location where the player has not been in a day. So if you just stay at your base 24/7 surely some zombies will spawn in the chunks around your base and find their way to it.
  2. we have 2 different play strategies man. in my own opinion, high thirst is absolutely horrid. its really not bad at all. keep a water bottle on you or 2 for a back up in case of having to flee or going on a scavenging trip and you never even know your thirsty. ever. just keep it filled daily. i don't think you drink 1/2 a bottle a day. I'll have to keep track of it and see how much it really is but i know its not a full bottle because mine never goes empty through the day.
  3. How about the ground being muddy after a rain that leaves tracks while moving. good for tracking zombies, other players in MP and NPC's when they arive. Maybe even the mud slows you down a little, or risk slipping and injury. Maybe even fall down like the zombies after bashing them with a bat. I just see me running in the rain and slipping and falling on my back while a horde is on my heels. Then there coud be a way to cover your tracks? Or just lead everyone in cirlces and loops to throw them off. Places along the river bank would always be muddy. Then there could be muddy clothes that need cleaned or swapped out. Possibly cause movement reduction or increase the noise you make or simply how much load you are carrying.
  4. what about wringing out your wet clothes into a bucket or etc? bet you could get at least a quart of water of a soaked set of clothes. Or how about digging a hole and line it with a tarp for water. there is already the spade in the game and the tarp. but i agree that most containers should catch water at a much reduced rate than a proper rain collector. I could just see multiplayer now, covered with mugs and bowls. Its not that it takes too much effort to get to lvl 4 carpentry to me, its just that its a waste of a couple hundred nails and an axe to get to lvl 4. just to put a trash bag in a box. what about the trash cans? they are practically pre made rain collectors. just line it with a fresh bag. or tarp.
  5. not sure i would be happy to die in the game due to lightning. but it makes me think about the zombies being hit and set ablaze. trees being hit and catching forests on fire. houses being struck and burned. might even be the end all for the "middle of the woods floating fortress with sheet ropes". Forest fires would burn them out in a hurry. the more i think about it the more i like it
  6. +1 for scavenging windows or glass panes to repair windows. not so much for the smelting sand idea though. I have actually made glass with sand and my forge. I had to retrofit it a little to contain the heat better to smelt the sand in a crucible but all in all it worked. I blew it into one ugly vase looking thing. takes too many things to be a realistic feature in project zomboid imo.
  7. hangs head in shame..... the dang stalls.... forgot about those toilets. I've already hit level 4 carpentry and have 2 rain collectors. hahaha. The high thirst trait is about the best negative trait on the list imo. I usually trade high thirst for stout or something big on the list. Its not so much that getting level 4 carpentry is difficult, its just a huge waste of nails. Takes a couple hundred nails to hit lvl 4.
  8. I am held up in the McCoy Logging Co. So sinks up there are limited and running back to town for a water run is risky and a days trip. and my character has the High Thirst trait....
  9. So the only current option of collecting rain is getting to carpentry level 4 and making rain collectors? right? The bucket would be a nice option early on instead of having to grind out 4 levels of carpentry. The tarp could also work. Use the spade to dig a hole and put the tarp in it. Really any of the liquid containers would catch rain. Bucket, mug, cooking pot, baking pan, roasting pan, frying pan. I was just playing and on day 2 the water shut off. Now comes the carpentry grind... 3x the walls I really need and a total waste of the axe and all my nails just to level up in order to make a dang trash bag in a box. Kinda makes you wonder why you ever took the trash bag out of the trash can.... pre made water collector... no? lol rain collector + tarp = more effecient rain collector. maybe use the tarp and some sturdy sticks with a rain collector. What about filling the bath tub with water while the water is still on? sinks as well.
  10. How about the ability to paint windows? Instead of covering them with sheets why not just paint them? Any color of paint in real life would completely seal it from light therefore sight. What about some other ways to cover windows as well. Cardboard for instance. There are cardboard boxes in the game that you can loot. Why not make them breakable with cardboard as the item drop. Then you could cover windows with it, using a hammer and nail, or even tape. Then there is the bath towel. I'm not 100% sure you can't cover a window with it already, pretty sure i tried though. A bath towel could cover a window with some tape but i doubt it would be big enough to nail up. Duct tape.... ah duct tape. You could cover a window with a roll of duct tape for sure. just tape the glass up. I bet a full roll of duct tape would cover more than 1 window. probably more like 3 windows. garbage bag. come on, we have all seen a window taped up with a garbage bag. tarp. nailed or taped. probably could cut it so that it could cover 2 windows most likely. wire or even better, barbed wire. I could hammer nails around a window and wrap wire around it then weave back and forth from nail to nail then bend the nials over making a grid of wire. easily seen through. probably even get grabbed, scratched, or bit through. but not easy to pass by for a zed. newspaper and tape. an unfolded newspaper with some tape could cover a window
  11. OMG. O.o heightmaps, cliffs, rivers, trees with canopies! There must be a tunnel! I can just imagine being trapped inside a tunnel full of zombies! EPIC.
  12. How about a wheelbarrow or a wagon for hauling supplies or logs and etc? I am sure there are plenty of them in Kentucky. But make them difficult to be crafted, and have some negative impacts from using it. you get tired faster, can't sprint, you have to let go of it to swing a weapon. It would be great for hauling logs or planks for construction. It could even break after X amount of use and need repaired with X amount of parts, so it would be stuck where it is and you have to fix it on the spot. I can just imagine pulling a wagon full of supplies and getting surrounded by a horde and then leaving it only to be stolen by someone else in the server. haha
  13. ok, while most people will cry bloody murder about homemade suppressors, they are possible, but not a bottle... an oil/fuel filter for large trucks, tractors and machinery work quite well for a limited number of shots. They are essentially a store bought ready to go suppressor right out of the package, problem is they are not made to withstand the pressure. They are mostly made of cheap aluminum. AR-15 barely made a pop for the first 2 shots, next two were twice as loud, next 4 rounds together in a quick group blew the filter apart. Now when placed on a .22 instead of a .223, they last longer and don't explode after 10 rounds. I do not endorse or recommend this to anyone. Do not try at home. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars.
  14. In SP... zombies killed me many times. In MP...actually no... hmm...
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