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Found 3 results

  1. Using Blindcoder's map project, I made an in-game map. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2270363865
  2. You wake up in the West Point suburban area and discover you are in the mid of a zombie apocalypse. Will you be able to survive the horde of zombies that infest this place? This map mod expands the suburbs area just outside West Point with a few interesting buildings and locations to visit and loot, it has been created with the main goal of providing the player a new place to explore and survive, with a few safe buildings in which to set up a safehouse that is not too far away from WP city center, but also not too overpowered to give the player too much of an advantage, aswell as a huge apartments complex infested by zombies, that can supply the player with lots of usefull resources. Note: This map has been tested on the IWBUMS build 41.36, and is intended to be used with a low population multiplier. (0.1 > moderate amount) (1.0 > infested by zeds) The map replaces the cells 41x23 and 41x24 and adds the followings buildings/locations: A car worskhop with plenty of space and storage to stack up loot and fornitures and 6 garages outside of it. An apartments complex that provides both a challenge and a good amount of loot. A corner store and a laundromat. A lake surrounded by a dense forest. Two wooden huts, one on the west side of the lake, and one north of it. A rural style service area near the lake. A farm south the lake protected by the forest around it. Screenshots: This is the first time for me using PZ map editor, there might be some screw ups here and there so feel free to report any error/problem with the map and i'll try to fix it as quicker as possible. Hope you enjoy my mod DOWNLOAD: Steam Workshop
  3. Pretty cool seeing Muldraugh and West Point in the game. I have actually been there, almost stayed at the SunStar Hotel even (except its really called the Golden Manor) but we ended up staying in Shepherdsville which is just east of West Point. We stopped at Dodge's Chicken and bought gas and cigarettes, not sure the name of the place in the game, but its the gas station near the laundry mat on Dixie Hwy. I was working inside an underground tunnel at Fort Knox that they used to test munitions and explosives. and trust me when I tell you, the helicopters in the game are spot on... They are constantly flying blackhawks over there. annoying as hell. They have an entire mock village built in the woods where they fly in and shoot the place up with door gunners then repel out onto the roof tops. They told us at the gate "don't look, don't stop, don't take pictures" lol. At the edge of the mock town there was a little shack that had a dirt bike propped up against it with a Taliban dummy sitting in a chair holding a rope attached to a goat haha so when you add the base in the game, don't forget the goat. (I really don't expect the map to extend that far into the base) The whole road (Mt Eden Rd.) is littered with old tanks, trucks, etc that the army has used for target practice. (you can see it on google earth or google maps) The only thing that zomboid has wrong is the flat groung... its quite mountainous instead. Very cool nostalgia playing a map where you have actually been. Such an awesome game. well done!
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