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Found 4 results

  1. So I've got this idea that I'd like to have seasonal item spawns in the world. Using Nolan's awesome Items Spawn of the Ground mod, I want to make a few items that will only appear during certain seasons. For example: In spring months, flowers spawn in meadows. Maybe insects are easier to find. In the deep woods, some seasonal herbs may be easier to find. Etc. In the fall you could have mushrooms to find in the woods, acorns, walnuts and other seasonal produce. And in winter you can't find anything. I think aesthetically it would be cool to see these things, and give more incentive to explore the woods and rural map. The issue is I think I know how to make seasonal item spawns using the code in the hunting mod, which does a season check. I'm trying to brainstorm some ideas, however, to make those items disappear once the season is over. Modders, any ideas?
  2. I'd like to find a way to make a mod that changes the ambient sounds with seasons. Such as when the leaves change in autumn you'll hear leaves rustling, maybe less bird songs and more crows or geese as birds migrate, etc. Then in winter the sounds might change to more cold wind, less leaves. In spring maybe the sound could be more birds, and in summer more insects. I think it would really improve the immersion and atmospheric-ness of the game. What do you all think? I've tried editing the .bank files but I don't know scripting well enough to make these changes happen in game. Any suggestions?
  3. One thing I felt that could greatly improve the immersion of the game is changing ambiance according to not only the weather, but the changing seasons which were so awesomely added with Erosion. The outdoor ambiance is wonderful, but I thought it would be neat if in the spring you hear more birds and bugs, in the summer more insect noise, in autumn the rustling of leaves and migratory birds, and in winter a chilly wind. Or you know, whatever your interpretation of the sounds of the seasons are for Kentucky. =) I would be happy to supply the ambiance sounds if someone knows how that could be coded into a mod. There is a cool website http://www.ambient-mixer.com/ where you can mix sounds, the only downside is you have to pay to have a downloadable version of the sounds. I'd be happy to mix the sounds and pay for them if someone knows a way to code them into the changing seasons. =) Thank you for reading! Let me know if you think it's a good idea.
  4. The Problem Seasons and changes in weather patterns in Project Zomboid are currently only noticeable by the player feeling either hot or cold. During the summer/hotter months the player feels hot. During the winter/colder months, the player feels cold. However, there is no graphical indication whatsoever to visually indicate these shifts in seasons and weather. How Can the Game Improve in Respect to this Problem? A system should be implemented that would make the visual environment and temperature of the world change depending on what time of the year (in-game) the player is currently playing in. Ex. Leafless trees, occasional snowfall and snowy grounds during winter.Multicolored leaves floating around and covering the grounds during autumn.Full, leafy trees and bird formations during the summer.More intense storms during the spring, etc. Does it Make Sense for the Game? The game takes place in Fort Knox, Kentucky and the areas surrounding it. This region of the USA would experience such changes in weather and seasons, with the exception of frequent snow, however seasons in KY should still be cleary differentiated. A realistic atmosphere is important for Project Zomboid. An improved weather system would bring the game world to life. Is it worth the time and effort to develop? An improved weather system should give the player new challenges to consider that should be incorporated in a survival game. Weather is something a survivor should always consider. It can mean life or death if it is not properly considered. Snow and heavy rainstorms would slow the play down significantly and could destroy their crops and low-tier structures.Loud thunder and lighting could make the player less noticeable to nearby zombies. [Edit: I think this is already implemented]Winter months would have short days and longer nights, while summer months would be the opposite.Autumn leaves on the ground would cause the player to make significantly more noise while moving.
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