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Found 13 results

  1. We welcome all our readers. We want to present you a new roguelike elements arcade game with battles in space. Our trailer: Choose your space ship and enter the battle for the universe against the unknown threat of the "Xenarians." The fate of the entire cosmos depends on you. In "Space Killer," you'll encounter exciting battles, space exploration, resource mining, and an incredible amount of Loot. Customize your ship to your liking by selecting from various modifications and weapons. Each upgrade makes your ship more powerful and ready to face the dangers of space. There's no room for boredom in "Space Killer" - numerous missions, puzzles, and adventures await you, where every decision affects your survival. Become a true cosmic Loot hunter and acquire the most valuable Loot in the universe. Join the epic space battle for the universe and prove that you are the ultimate Loot Hunter on the cosmic frontier. Prepare your ship for battle and get ready for incredible adventures in this captivating arcade game with elements of LOOTING, RPG-ARCADE, and ROGUELIKE ELEMENTS Game page is already available on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/2653860/Space_Killer/. We'd love to hear your feedback.
  2. I did a quick and cursory search and found nothing much on this topic being introduced into the main game so I figured I'd suggest another idea! I'm super passionate about the game so I'll keep 'em coming if you enjoy them. So I was thinking, recently on my own survival sandbox world I came upon arcade and pinball machines. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to POWER those arcade machines and use them for a little mood boost? I was thinking something along the lines of this : Once you've got the arcade machines (and the pinball machine), they are able to be powered just like any electronic - but only if you've got good enough electricity skill. Once powered, the screen has a new "lighting" affect where it glows (maybe even give it some ambient arcade-game noises), and it eats up a fairly moderate amount of power. Here's the kicker though, rather than just being able to spam out the machine to be happy all the time, you must -just like any other arcade machine- insert money into the machine to play which consumes the (currently useless junk item) money allowing you to use the machine once. This would not only give one building item, and one useless junk item a use, but give players a whole new reason to venture out and collect any dollar bills they find laying around - or even rob the banks! If you wanted to go even further with it, maybe even make it to where over TIME using the arcade machine over and over would start to give diminishing returns - until eventually it would make you bored and you'd have to take a break before you could gain happiness and lose boredom from it. I've tried to explain the idea in a balanced and game-functioning way that would hopefully catch the eye of any of you fine people with similar interests to mine. I'd love to hear feedback, and thank you for taking the time to read my post! Once again, best of luck developing this great game! - Doc
  3. Hello everyone! We, the Offmonreal, small indie dev team. We already have experience in development, last year we released our first game on Steam. Now we have created our first mobile game. This is a test version.It called "Cat Vasya vs. Zombies" )). This is a shooter, where you need to hit the zombie animals and save your friends. The game contains 11 levels. More in the future. If you like it, and we see opportunities for further development, then wait for more varied levels. What we want to ask you: to conduct testing, there may be bugs, but the main thing for us is your opinion about mechanics, style and result in general.We will be very grateful and thank you. Sorry for eng translate)) Download: Google Play
  4. Hello Everyone! We are Porcelain Labs from Brisbane, Australia and we are proud to announce that we've just released our first game Snack Attack! The game was developed in part with hiQu Dental, a dental clinic from Townsville, Australia, for their website as a short, but enjoyable dental related game about squashing nasty snacks like chocolate and soda that try to take your teeth away. We managed to get the go ahead to port the game for mobile devices and so here we are! Player's have five rounds to squash as many snacks and collect as many coins as they can within the time limit so they can get the biggest score! Players can also purchase perks in between rounds using the coins they collected so that they can get a leg up when things get tough. The game also comes with a fantastic cute cartoon art aesthetic and an endless mode to the game for the hardcore players who love their snack squashing mayhem and want to show their friends how long they can last! Snack Attack is a free to play title for both Android and iOS devices or you can purchase the premium version of the game if you'd like to support the developers We would love it if you could check out the game and leave a rating or a comment! Let us know what you think of it. We also have a trailer for the game that you can check out as well Android link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PorcelainLabs.SnackAttackLite&hl=en iOS link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/snack-attack-free/id1003597853?mt=8 Trailer link:
  5. "This is a story about a gamepad,not just an ordinary gamepad,a very special gamepad,a magical gamepad! What is so special about this gamepad you ask? Well, let me sum it up in one word LIFE!" Bad Joystick is an indie platformer game I am working on, I started development on may 2015 and already have a functioning alpha build with 40 levels for you to play with, here is a gameplay video and some screenshots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW_oUuFGcCQ playable alpha version, more info about the dev process, images and videos,I will be posting to it at least once a week. Bad Joystick - DevBlog
  6. Hey guys, Dreamteck here (Pepi writing). We are a small indie studio making its first "grown-up" steps in the industry. And we are super excited. I wanted to show you the game we've been working on (yes, it's a Unity game and it draws tons of inspiration from the games with which we grew up.) Viberift is a multiplayer, music-driven, action, arcade game that reimagines some of the classic music-driven game mechanics and puts them in the 3D environment of a fast paced, dog fight-styled gameplay (imagine a not-so-goofy-but-equally-fun Starfox atmosphere + dynamic Afterburner-like gameplay + Beat Hazard/Audiosurf-like game feel - you get Viberift xD). Music The most important choice in Viberift is the choice of music. In the lobby you'll be able to select between playing with the in-game music library or loading your own tracks (or why not just specifying a sound input device like a mic and beatboxing while you play xD). But whatever choice you decide to make you should know that every audio track generates different outcomes in terms of actual gameplay. Viberift's audio analyzer has been designed to "read” any given music track (or sound input) and identify a large amount of its elements. This allows us to create a great variety of weapons, abilities and enemy behaviours, each of them governed by a different frequency band or aspect of the music. Gameplay In Viberift's multiplayer you'll get to test your skills against other people in a set of open-world arenas and in a variety of game modes (in PvP) or you'll be casted against AI-controlled Viborg swarms in massive, cooperative arena battles (in PvE). At a later stage we will be introducing a single player campaign, which follows a female human pilot in her struggle against a self-replicating race of alien robots of death and destruction (it's serious, though). It will guide you through the world of Viberift in a set of levels - each with a specific environment, objectives and enemies. Mechanics In our game we strive to reintroduce some of the classic, for the genre, mechanics, seen through the prism of a music driven-game: - A fluid and generally awesome control system with boost, dodge, flight-plane switch, fake death and other components, some of which - heavily music-driven (ok, I lied about the fake death button because no one on the team likes it but together we can #makefakedeathhappen, right guys? Guys?). - A good variety of ships with different stats, stat limits and visual modifications. - A selection of our finest music-driven weapons, each with its own effects and behaviour. - An in-depth customization system with the possibility to upgrade your ships’ stats, weapons and appearance. - A special ability system with many music-driven abilities (in-game you'll only get to pick one, though, because it's already getting too much for a self-budgeted indie studio) - (And the cherry on the pie:) A super-kick-ass Sonic Mode which you'll get to rarely activate but when you do - you'll be transported to a parallel dimension of magical music-driven rainbows and unicorns and stuffs. So… yeah… It'll be worth the wait. Story The Viborg are a mechanical creatures created by and modeled after a long extinct race of vibrational beings. Their only energy source is mechanical vibration, thus, to survive the soundless vacuum of space, they decompose every piece of matter they come across, feeding upon its vibrations. Shortly before the first attack, the humans manage to replicate some of the Viborg's technology and implement it in a handful of individuals. Thanks to our race's natural ability to make use of higher and more complex organizations of sound, those bio-augmented pilots are able to draw massive amounts of energy from... ehm... their favourite music, becoming far superior fighters than the Viborg. Nonetheless, we are fighting a lost war and our last, lingering hope lies within Vihra. In the coming months we'll be launching a closed beta and soon after - our Steam Greenlight. Stay tuned and support us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, IndieDB оr Google+ (or just check our Team Page or Game Page) - we would really, really appreciate it! Love, Dreamteck
  7. Battle on The Heads - is a fun game for two, where you have to jump on the heads of people and do not touch the ground , otherwise you will overtake defeat. And your goal is to kill the other player. Game made spacially for SiliconJam2. Available on Gamejolt Itch.io Additional Information: Developer: Indi surreal Games Platform: Windows VK Public: Indi surreal Games
  8. Hello! I never made any mobile games before and recently decided to give it a try. It's a simple tapping game, tap to change your running direction and avoid missiles. Tell me what you think (or not), thanks for your attention anyway! Screenshots: Download: <3
  9. Dodge the bombs and collect bonus points as you flick the coin in this fun and exciting Snooker meets Golf meets Air Hockey game! Get it from Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thoughtshastra.coininhole2d.android Game Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReqT_tVZy4o
  10. Hello everyone, Im an indie game developer at EGGHEAD. I am happy to announce my first 2 game which is available at EGGHEAD . Please visit my website for details. 1. Krash On Planet X The story so far..... You are Commander Krash and your Assistant Engineer Bubo are escaping from General Zolt Army. You crash on Planet X after depleting the energy crystal. Collect all the crystal on planet x to excape. 15 level to complete, The Desert, Underground Carven, Ghost Castle, Frozen Ice and The Forest. 2. Precision Lander. The story so far.... Control your Lander on an unknown planet. Avoid hitting rock and wall or you explode. You have a limited fuel for 300 sec. Refuel at any station for extra 15 sec. You might encounter hidden relic. Collect them. 34 maze level to complete. Best regards, Neil Gomes @ EGGHEAD STUDIOS
  11. NEWS : _____________________________________________________________________________________ New cool art for the menu of my topic! New ideas : - Environment > Hiding spot - Player > Songs are good for the health! - Gameplay > Energy - Gameplay > Survivor's camps - Player > Survival XP - Environment > Corpse odor UPCOMING : ____________________________________________________________________________________ Going to use BBCode to make awesome stuff.. no idea of what yet. xD Gonna add more details to some of the ideas and add some art on the topic! MOAR IDEAS!!!! Rating system : After each idea your going to find a [0]. If someone leave a bad comment I will subtract 1 from the current idea score and if someone add a good comment I will addition 1 to the current rating of the idea. I'm doing that to help everyone know the general opinion about the ideas. I am not adding my opinion to the rating and theres some special cases. Special cases #1: If no one as rated it yet, I'm going to put a dark color on the font of the idea. Special case #2: If peoples have rated it but the general opinion made that the rating score is still at 0. I'm going to set the text to a blue text font. Ideas coming from others player and posted on this topic : They will be underlined with a * at the end of the sentence and at the end of the ideas there will be another * followed by the name of the player who gave the idea. If you see one of my idea that look like another one in the forum : Point it out and I will check it out. If I judge that my ideas look to much like theirs, I'm whether going to put a link to their topics or remove my idea, depending on how much the ideas are looking like each others. Before saying my ideas are illogical : Offtopic Every idea in this topic is logical, I would not propose something unrealistic for this game. So for people who might think my ideas are illogical let me tell you that : For me, a zombie did not have his molecular structure changed. Hes still a human, made of flesh, but with a nasty disease. A zombie, obviously lost any personality, emotions or memories. The two things that make the zombies so dangerous is that, first, they do not feel any pain and secondly if they bite you your probably infected (the ratio of infection is depending on the movie or game your talking about). To understand what I am talking about, I will show you the brain schema and explain of a zombie. Zombie brain : Definition of the parts : Frontal Lobe- associated with reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving Parietal Lobe- associated with movement, orientation, recognition, perception of stimuli Occipital Lobe- associated with visual processing Temporal Lobe- associated with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech All of those dark patch are meaning that its dead, so half dead, half alive I don't think that anyone would arg on that part. Zombies are not invincible, zombies can't swim, zombies can't survive underwater (You can't yell if you got no air inside you, where ever it might be x_X, and in project zomboid, the zombies yell, so they still breath!). Zombies can still think, with the primal instinct of any animal who would be hungry, bear would do same thing if they would be starving, and bears are no zombies. So to conclude, zombie is just a virus that spread by sharing some saliva with an open wound and their mouth. They stop attacking peoples right after their dead just because their now also infected. Their no invincibles, they don't got any super powers, and their smell is not duplicated, they are human with a dead body so it's rotting, dying but their still some stimulus coming from their brains. lol made that big explanation, also, if someone tell me that something is not true and its not related with zombies (Cause can't arg about something that don't exist), please bring some facts to prove that I'm wrong cause if you don't... well its my opinion versus yours. Between, mud does hide your scent and make you less visible. Tips : - If you put you mouse over the scrolling new or update text, it will stop scrolling. Survival utilities : Mud(Hiding trick) : [-1] Snorkeling : [-2] NPC's Languages : [0] Environment : Cars as bed : [0] Windows : [0] Tree houses : [1] Canoe : [-1] Corpse odor : [0] Hiding spots : [0] Weapons Fire + iron/metal melee weapons : [0] Home made weapons : [0] The player Gym/Training : [0] Story related items : [0] Betty : Friend's hand : Songs are good for the health! : [0] HUD Arcade : [0] Energy : [0] Topic statue : Not working on it. My email : Fwilhelmy@hotmail.com Shartuku
  12. Maze


    Maze-Software.com | Facebook application page It's now available on Google Play - check it out! Description Do you remember the Cyber Bee? Now you can help the cute Bumblebee collect as many flowers as possible, because it is now the protagonist! Show it the way through the world full of thorn branches, evil hornets, strong wind, falling leaves and lethal lightnings! Achieve bonuses and use extra powers to increase a chance to survive… Let's get ready to Bumble! Key features ✿ 100% FREE! ✿ simple, intuitive and dynamic gameplay ✿ real-time environment generating ✿ rigid body physics ✿ both local and global leaderboard ✿ popular social networking services integration Do you like the game? Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Trailer Releases 1.1.0 (2013-09-01) • [Easy Medium Hard] difficulty slider added • Access to your Scoreloop account added • Speed limit set • Lightning won't kill "ghost" and "armor" anymore • Lightning visual artifact fixed • Problem with order of score sending to social media fixed • Emulator crash fixed • Minor bugs fixed 1.0.0 (2013-08-01)
  13. Maze

    Cyber Bee

    Maze-Software.com | Facebook application page It's now available on Google Play - check it out! Albert Einstein once said: "If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live". Nowadays science has gone so far that we can help bees in their difficult life, indirectly helping whole humanity. Bees are human best friends in insect world - they can pollinate plants and produce honey. However they become weaker because of growing human industry. As a scientist working at Cybernetics Science Laboratories you were assigned to research on the bee - YOUR BEE. You have many modules at your disposal that can be installed on your research object, such as: rockets, helicopter rotors, firearms etc., but you can't use it until the bee is not skilled enough. Every module you unlock during gameplay has its own, specific behavior. Find the best combination for a level to achieve the GOLD CELL. There are several worlds - the further your bee goes, the more difficult it becomes: 1. Spring Sprint - do it as fast as you can! 2. Flower Power - collect flower pollen! 3. Hornet Horror - don't let hornets to block your way! 4. Leaf Grief - watch for falling leaves that slow you down! Finishing level will be rewarded with: Nothing - no medal-cell award (fail), but if you fit in time (sufficient), it just unlocks next level and gets you +1 Honey-Money. • Bronze Cell - satisfactory. Additional reward: +5 Honey-Money. •• Silver Cell - good. Additional reward: +25 Honey-Money. ••• Gold Cell - very good. Additional reward: +100 Honey-Money. 100% of cell-shaped medals in a world will unlock an assigned module you can further install on the bee. Every module can improve your gameplay but it is limited to its resources (e.g. fuel) that you can increase by using Honey-Money. Every world is cumulative which means it can contain entities (characterized below) that belong to previous one. The aim of the bee is to reach the beehive which is always located on treetop. Remember - bees are workaholics, so your score mainly depends on time (1s = 10 points). Just be effective. You can meet on your way: • Bumblebee - neutral, cute and fluffy insect that can make you slower decreasing your final score. Killing it will cost you -10 points. • Hornet - natural bee enemy that attacks nearly spotted bees. Avoid it, because it can block you for good. Killing it will get you +10 points. • Flower - a colorful point of life of bees. Collecting it will get you score dependant on petal count: 5 petals = +50 points, 10 petals = +100 points • Crate - random pickups (fuel, bullets etc.) falling out of dead hornets. You can get it only by killing an enemy, but not every time because of its limited probability. Teach your bee to live in its natural environment more efficient, preventing it from disappearing from our Earth's surface! Build a cybernetic organism - the CYBER BEE! Gameplay movie
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