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  1. Added two new ideas : the corpse odor in the environment group and the survival XP in the player group. Survival XP credits goes to ZimTown.
  2. Precise, the ideas you like so I may give them a rating?
  3. Lol, your right! I'd say that maybe its dangerous, but I still think that a giant zombie horde is even MOAR dangerous! xP Added a bunch o'idea and did restructured some of ideas groups for a easier and more understandable topic! Also added a freaking long explanation of my way to see zombies, look useless now that I did it... xD Still searching for more way to use BBCode! Mini edit : TheCenturion brought up something interesting issues about the boat, the fact that if the boat is in reach of any zombies hand, your in big shit and its probably your end, so I added it in my ideas with credits
  4. Lol yhea but, you said it! They don't swim, and theres a lot of distance between the bottom of the lake and its surface. But I will count that as a vote against the idea!
  5. OMG... #$%$@%$ me and my bad english! I meant snorkeling xD! You know you find a reed and escape the zombies hiding under water. Lol sorry for the misspelling.
  6. You are totally right man.... Tacos is the best food ever made by human! Offtopic
  7. Updated the item from your past idea and changed it to story related items title, added more explications and added some examples to it. Also added a kewl header and made some experimented the buggy BBCode of this form xP.
  8. Thanks alot for the feedback, structured my ideas and added some rules! I hope that it will help you guys About the idea development, I welcome any new ideas from anybody and I will work on the ideas you asked me to develop!
  9. edit : DONE did my best to check everything, I'm not sure if I checked everything and I don't plan to, if you are really displeased by some of my ideas that are looking to much like other ideas in the forum you can point them out and I will remove them immediately!
  10. Moar IdeaS!!!! First : =_= NPC Idea - Some NPC could speak other languages... like Russian or Spanish? Second :] Boat / Water Idea - Got it... Scuba is not a good idea... But maybe a canoe would be a best idea... Who said zombies could swim?? So escaping with a canoe would really be kewl! Or just fishing.. or just idk... doing stuff on it... you know. Third Weapon attachments - Might already be proposed.. no idea. Laser pointer that you can attach to you guns? Fourth ._. Specializations!! Your an adult, and I think that if your and you lived in the world before the zom
  11. Lol, if you don't like them I respect your opinion. But please stay polite and don't insult my ideas.
  12. Lol, it was a joke. Developers do what they wan't I am not going to arg their decisions.....
  13. Im sorry the site said it did not post.... I did not checked if it was posted. I'm removing it. also I don't wana arg but...
  14. NEWS : _____________________________________________________________________________________ New cool art for the menu of my topic! New ideas : - Environment > Hiding spot - Player > Songs are good for the health! - Gameplay > Energy - Gameplay > Survivor's camps - Player > Survival XP - Environment > Corpse odor UPCOMING : ____________________________________________________________________________________ Going to use BBCode to make awesome stuff.. no idea of what yet. xD Gonna add more details to some of the ideas and add some art on the topic! MOAR IDEAS!!!!
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