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    Game developer, Guitar Player, book reader, mad cyclist.
  1. neilgomes

    IX 2

    Hi, Just add in a small update of the game. 1. Test main menu for the game https://youtu.be/HVK_fRgNNeM
  2. neilgomes

    IX 2

    Hello There, Just a little bit of update on my game IX 2. Added Enemy AI. Now enemy will detect player. Also added better shadow effect. Flashlight will not overlap wall as in the previous game. Enemy AI at youtube Cheers, Neil Gomes at Egghead Games
  3. neilgomes

    IX 2

    hello, great news. All game are 50% for 5 days at EggHead.
  4. neilgomes

    IX 2

    Upcoming game IX 2. Currently doing lighting and opacity effect. A better improvement from the previous game. Will update game status soon. https://youtu.be/ow3i1f1coPk
  5. Hi , I am using C2 for the car race. But i put it on hold for other project. Yes , i do notice the engine sound is in a loop. Will fix that soon in the future. Right now quite busy doing other game project. Please do visit my website at EGGhead of upcoming game development and thanks again for taking your time for checking my car race game. Cheers, Neil Gomes at Egghead
  6. neilgomes


    Hello Indie Stone people, I just upload the demo of the game. you can download it at my dropbox LINK 1 32 bit version LINK 2 64 bit version Thanks again for reading.
  7. neilgomes


    hello again, A lost ship, crew missing or dead. An illegal experiment on board, An alien presence. What could go wrong. Took almost four month to complete. Its a 2d top/down sci-fi mystery similar to the Alien Breed series in the 90s. I do hope you enjoy the trailer i just made. The game is available for download at my website at EGGHEAD and do look at the game trailer that i made at I really appreciate if you give me feedback and comment about this game. Thanks for reading.
  8. Thanks dragonbahn . just post a new topic at http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14388-ix/
  9. hi guys, My upcoming game. Need a few days to upload. Right now doing some testing. Do visit my EGGHEAD for update of this game and future development. Its a top down Sci-Fi horror shooter similar to alien breed game in the 90s. Will post here too once game is uploaded. Thanks again for checking this out.
  10. hello again, here is my link to the game. Please download it and let me know how is it. DROPBOX or you can visit my website at EGGHEAD for the game details.
  11. Trial test of racing game video just upload to Youtube. Please visit my blog at EGGHEAD for the link. Will upload game content for level 1 soon.
  12. Hello fellow indie game developer, Its been a while since my last post. Just drop by to let you guys know that im developing a car racing game. Its still in work in progress. Will keep you update on my race car development in this post. Till then, Do visit my blog at EGGHEAD for my latest project. Best regards, Neil Gomes @ EGGHEAD STUDIOS
  13. Hi GerbilSchooler, Dont worry, i dont post any spam stuff in this forum. . FYI, I took the idea from Lunar Lander and create a different kind of game called Precision Lander. The only difference is you need to control your craft in 34 level of maze and collect hidden object. I will be creating another game base on the Alien movie. Its a top down arcade similar to the classic 90s alien breed. Its a 3 part series which consist of 10 level for each part. Hopefully i am going to make it and distribute it for free. You can visit my website at wackybrain.weebly.com or my facebook pages at EGGH
  14. Hi GerbilSchooler, Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section of the forum.
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