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Found 2 results

  1. I was crouching + holding shift to become faster while sneaking, there were 2 zombies, both had their backs tunrned my way. I wanted to stab them in the back, but one of them turned around and saw me so i wanted to trick her into attacking me and going into that "missed the player" animation that zmbies have which would give me enough time to stab the other guy and deal with the first one solo afterwards, it's an old trick that i kept using before but now I'm scared, so what went wrong? Well it was all good untill that moment when I bumped into her, my guy teleported behind her and got stuck in a "frontal zombie defense attack/shove" animation, and while he got stuck in that bug she had enough time to turn around and freely inflict a wound of any kind to my character, thankfuly it was a (severe) scratch, not that it mattered even a bug caused bite was curable with just the right cheat menue though I always felt much less guilty curing a small survivable wound then a deadly bite or a laceration on the neck with a cheat menue, but it wasn't worth a risk on a 4 months and 17 days old save, sadly i lost a 3 month old denim shirt. All in all i hope that devs look up this bug and fix it, ithappend in b41.55 and I am 101% percent shure that it's connected with the "- Player running through a horde will now have greater chance of falling" and interaction with zombie/player bumping hitboxes...stuff like that.
  2. Typically an item carried or attached to the belt will show you its effective weight followed by the unequipped weight, like a hammer on the belt will display weight: 0.7 (1.0 unequipped) However, I'm using the Premium Technologies Walkie Talkie and while it does get the weight reduction bonus for being equipped/on the belt, it doesn't report this weight when you hover over the item. Walkie Talkie weight while not in inventory is 8.2: Weight correctly goes up by 2 when taken to inventory to 10.2: Receive the weight reduction bonus from equipping to belt down to 9.6, but Walkie Talkie does not display accurate weight: I also noticed that the battery/ear buds being equipped to the walkie talkie don't effect the weight, but it seems Faalgorn already noticed that but I'll leave that link here too since it's weight related.
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