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Found 7 results

  1. This error is kinda hard for me to nail down when it appears exactly. I play at tiling window manager (sway) under Linux, meaning my windows are automatically tiled so Zomboid opens on half a screen while Steam is the other half. I make it full screen shortly after start, but sometimes I get a red LUA error when launching the game. It sometimes appear right off the bat and when loading a save, but after restarting it seems to disappear. What I seem it causes is my inventory window positions and pins are reset. Here's the snippet from my log: attempted in
  2. Large warehouse northern Muldraugh. Despite being indoors with floor tiles directly above and intact walls all around, standing outside of the railings is considered to be outdoors. It's a common base building location, we realized we couldn't sleep in this area in the winter because it was too cold. The solution is to remove all the metal railings and replace them with wooden walls.
  3. Canned Tuna is packed in a can that shouldn't require can opener:
  4. Assuming no new item is to be implemented, a Pop Can would be more fitting for a beer can rather than a tin can.
  5. Bath Towel weights 0.3 units. Wet Bath Towel weights 0.5 units (0.2 more than the dry one). Dish Towel weights 0.3 units. Wet Dish Towel weights 0.3 units (the same as dry one). I think the Wet Dish Towel weight should be adjusted to 0.5 units and should be simple enough, unless you want to further differentiate these two items and e.g. make a dish towel weighting less than bath towel (e.g. 0.2/0.4). P.S. Since towels are drainable items, they don't dry at all until they are completely wet, unlike clothing; maybe they should instead be remade to c
  6. When playing on split screen, when keyboard + mouse player is having an item under mouse cursor and controller player clicks the left bumper when in inventory (to change containers), item is taken away from the cursor as if the keyboard + mouse player depressed the left mouse button. Also, when radial menu is open for controller player (tested with the car controller), each time keyboard + mouse player clicks the left mouse button, the menu blinks. There might be other minor issues where keyboard and mouse inputs are being confused and driving a vehicle is troubled with
  7. First of all thank you for fixing general controller issues under Linux! Now I can play with controller mostly fine, though I'm not sure if when playing split screen, some controller inputs are overriding 1st player keyboard and mouse inputs, though I need to test it deeply and then I'll file a separate bug report for it probably. I'm not sure if it's a Linux-exclusive bug, but I wasn't able to find others experiencing the issue so I assume it might be (maybe Mac as well). As I said, moving with regular inputs work fine for movement on foot. However, as soon as I enter
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