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  1. Moodles vs Animation

    Judging from this video's list: It seems it's fairly in depth, but of course, we haven't seen all of these in action so who knows if they will make it in or give enough context for moodles to be removed. I'm at least assuming that they are actual animations created for those actions. Raking is one example we've seen. I doubt it would be a good idea to remove moodles. Animations give the game more life and the moodles give details sometimes on how to heal yourself if you're injured or how wet you are. Even if they are that detailed to show a soaking wet character compared to a dry or slightly wet character, it's unlikely the majority of the player base would even notice a detail like that. I have thought about it and really until we start to play them and judge for ourselves, we won't really know. Although I'm sure the devs would have considered it if they started to see in their own testing it made it obsolete.
  2. How long do YOU survive?

    Mostly a month, and it's simply because I get to a point where I get too cocky, and/or feel as if I've achieved a self-sustainability and I need action and danger so I end up getting myself killed. It does feel though as some systems in the future *cough*, will change that when there may be more than one threat and some storytelling, stuff like that. I like the 365 days, but I doubt the majority of the player base will reach that, and probably all because of different reasons. Would you change the start date for all players permanently or put in an option when selecting? I mean you could add options when selecting the game modes (besides sandbox since we already have it) to select one of the four seasons to start the game in with a description of how it affects gameplay.
  3. 40.3 — Grey screen in every building at some zoom levels

    Seems dependant on the colour of the house? Mine was blue coloured, and the houses I went into were blue. Also happening with different zoom levels. On Weather Build yes.
  4. Black Corpses

    Same happened to me after launching the same save again.
  5. Apologies for spamming the bug reports but I rather compile them in groups rather than forget about them.,0.26894697605347456,311.0196045167247 If you break the window you can't pass by the booths, the only way in is breaking the walls because most of the time doors are locked.
  6. Missing panels from window

    This house is missing panels from the second floor,0.2388901063543327,259.1830037639371
  7. Also in the challenge "You Have One Day" there's a ton of these highlighting/clipping(?) issues with the map. Especially when in the big apartment building. I believe this is just issues with the map itself. The best I can understand for the most part is Erosion growth causes them in Sandbox/Survival/MP. Although I do have another post with a green dot issue caused by planks.
  8. Typos/mispelling etc in some areas

    Obviously, I understand this is low priority but still, they decrease from some of the polish of the game so any dev with free time would be appreciated fixing these. Under skill books: "This book give you XP multiplier..." > "This book gives you an XP multiplier..." ChessBlack and ChessWhite (etc) > Black Chess Piece/White Chess Piece (or whichever suits best) Carpentry menu has some incorrect capitalizations, typos/misspelling and missing information about some items The cooking menu has some issues with crafted recipes. For example, adding honey or other condiments you're allowed add result in: "Honey and sandwich" instead of "Honey Sandwich" And stuff like this too should just be Roasted Vegetables, but I added vegetables twice. Might be lots more worth looking into also Will edit more as I find them. I think there might be a good bit more in the cooking menu but I haven't cooked everything it has to offer.
  9. In MP on the stable branch, even when fully zoomed in, the running animation sometimes plays it 50% the speed. It's not an FPS issue as I run 60 and we're not at the mall or anything like that. Also on SP on the weather test branch it occurs. Running borderless window and tried with the fullscreen option on and off, still happens. Tried recording but OBS is making the game run at 20 and when I did finally record it at 60, it only showed the menu. Honestly, it should be fairly easy to reproduce, it's very frequent. Zoom fully into your character (or out and in) Probably important to be running at 60FPS to notice it's not FPS lag Run in borderless windowed with fullscreen on/off You should notice your character slows down, zombies stay the same Can happen while moving through windows and such also
  10. No problem, also what's your YouTube channel? I don't think I've seen a single person post about the weather test yet on YouTube. I usually like watching people's reactions to new features/test builds.
  11. I don't see why not, it's a public Thursdoid with all the information for anyone to try it out. As long as you state it's a WIP build and subject to change, I'm sure it'd be fine. Although I'm not a moderator or a dev so I can't speak on behalf of them, sorry.
  12. A friend and I have a private MP server with no mods set up, and between a few different characters, the map is currently on a month in from initially starting. During one of the times, when I was playing on the server on my own, the broadcasts were doing the "this is <szzt> are currently <szzt> be safe <szzt>" etc. I assumed it was going out then but when I reconnected with my friend next time they were back to normal.

    In terms of its feeling overall, it feels great. With shaders off, it seems to look the best, look the most natural. Though with shaders on sometimes it's very grayscale, feels very empty. I understand the shaders make the game moodier, and I often play with them on but I feel it needs a bit of toning down. Maybe it's just me? Shaders on: Shaders off: I like playing with shaders on naturally, but with them off, you can very easily determine the rough time of day without a watch. Having shaders off suits the update much more, and definitely looks amazing but I feel some changes need to be made for them when they're on.
  14. Vehicle sounds are regular sounds and not muffled. Bag zipper sounds, filling from the sink, unpacking/packing sounds are also not muffled. I'm sure other sounds I haven't mentioned also aren't muffled. Only zombie sounds are muffled as well as attacks. I have not tested with a deaf character, but I believe the deaf trait does work and plays no sounds so far.
  15. Green dot on barricading walls/doors

    I believe it's in relation to Erosion also with wall vines being kind of highlighted when you're inside a building.