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  1. MadDan2013

    More corpse position

    Good point, I completely forgot about crawlers. Since this update will add more variety, more corpse variations would be welcome.
  2. MadDan2013

    More corpse position

    If you look at the Gigamart employee at 46s, she falls on her stomach. The video was supposed to start at that time, might have glitched out. Of course, yes she wasn't dead at that point, but I don't see why it wouldn't imply that we'll have different corpse positions. At least I hope it implies that.
  3. MadDan2013

    More corpse position

    Seems like it's already added to the next major build.
  4. MadDan2013

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    I'd love something like Rick's "Murder Jacket". Also something simple like his S9 shirt. The image just made me wonder, will watches be visible on your character's wrist? It could be tied into those "idle actions" when you're walking or just waiting in place to give some life to the character instead of standing still.
  5. MadDan2013

    Glowing picture

    I think this would be considered part of these lines of bugs I've reported:
  6. MadDan2013

    Sunstar Snaps

  7. MadDan2013

    PZ Lacking Sprites

    Great suggestion. It's nice to see the different areas separated by different sprites/building types. Posh or poor it adds some life and variety to the game. Like how Riverside(?) or Rosewood has posh housing, rural posh houses etc...
  8. Aargh . It's annoying it keeps changing. I'd love if I could find a definitive answer myself. It seems to just be one of those bugs that can't be reproduced. I've regularly had it on "all", but I've tried again with different settings and I haven't experienced it in a definite time frame I normally would have (10-20 zombies killed). Now I have it set to all, with 3D corpses and it's seemingly fine again. Maybe changing to 2D and back to 3D did something? I'm at a complete loss at this point to be honest. Guaranteed it'll probably happen again after posting this or something.
  9. MadDan2013

    More highlighting issues/now arrows?

    Hey, I just wanted to check if this is still being worked on or if a fix has been found/planned in the future? It's still a significant issue in the game, or in my game at least. I understand animations are a priority at the moment but I'd love an update if possible. Thanks!
  10. MadDan2013


    It's just a reference/parody of the TV show King of the Hill. All those four characters are shown drinking beer outside often.
  11. Another update on this: Temporary fix is to put corpses on 2D instead of 3D. Hasn't occurred since I've done that. That's the biggest specific I can offer at the moment, though I think it's the best one. Unfortunately, I don't think that'll be possible any more when the animations and combat overhaul come out. Or if it is possible then corpses would be significantly different than alive zombies. Sometimes new features can seemingly fix bugs, or more likely introduce new ones, but maybe once they're out we'll be able to track it down/fix easier.
  12. MadDan2013

    March Ridge House Glitch

    Can confirm. Nice find.
  13. MadDan2013


    A very cool idea, not sure in the vain of the current design however. I think the closest we would get to that is higher skill levels may do a bit flashier kills with weapons. For example stabbing a zombie at the side of it's head or through the skull. Don't quote me on this though.
  14. There is new music coming with the animation update, so hopefully it allows for more suitable music. Otherwise, I completely agree, something needs refining. We have no zombies at our base in the new farmland (ever, about 6 months into the server) and I hear the extremely intense tracks.
  15. MadDan2013

    Bumper On Car and Mutant Zombie

    This was concept art posted last year, not close to being done but this would probably be the limit of car modifications, besides modding. Mutant and any other type of special zombies are a confirmed no as of this thread: [n] "Special" Infected or any type of superhuman zombies