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  1. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    It's been like that since I tried it, I think it's just a bug with the way sound is handled. Not sure if it's known as a bug or not already by the devs though.
  2. [Version 40.9]Problem with trunk

    The only other thing I can think off is that the trunk is broken, did you check the condition of the vehicle? Although I doubt it's broken considering the car looks in perfect condition. Plus I'm not sure if the sound would play or show that green box if it were broken. Can't think of much else, may very well be a bug with this version of the game but I haven't had it happen to me to be able to confirm or reproduce it.
  3. [Version 40.9]Problem with trunk

    A quick check to make sure, are you running with mods? QuickBags or something causes issues with car trunks.
  4. How to post in PZ Suggestions?

    As far as I'm aware, there's no rule saying you need so form of initiation to post anywhere. Just standard rules like read the pinned topic (Commonly Suggested Suggestions) and search to make sure your suggestion hasn't been suggested a million times before. Also, welcome to the PZ Forums.
  5. Frustration and animations

    I was more imagining May 2019. Around when vehicles came out this year. If it's out (even for testing) before the end of this year I'd be fairly surprised.
  6. Frustration and animations

    I think most people feel the burn of waiting for so long and patience runs out eventually. Maybe once the weather update is out, we'll get a test branch separate from IWBUMS like we did for the weather update, to be able to test a much earlier buggy release? I hope. Without a doubt, the devs understand how much people want them, to be able to test them like we did with vehicles. Hell, I absolutely remember when vehicles first released, it was awful, unplayable and I felt like "man, maybe they've reached a limit with the engine... there's no way this will ever run smoothly" and now they're fully released with a few months and they're so smooth. I took a break and came back incredibly impressed with how much effort had been made. But think of that, the effort that has been made, look at the version history of PZ, all the tiny details/smaller features added over the years which made the game all of what it is right now. It's crazy to think of all those details not being in the game, right? No camping, no farming, no fishing, no nutrition, no updated textures, no shaders, no generators. You get the idea. It took a long time for a major feature to arrive in the game. It, to me, feels like we're on a very close road to the end and trust me I think I know how much the devs (especially Lemmy, Mash, Binky) feel burnout from working on a game for so long but they've done it and seemingly are determined to do so until it's done. Even if it causes the worst people who have no form of understanding at all (that one Steam thread) to attack them for being slow. Lemmy's made some great comments on Reddit about the development actually. Half of this rant is gibberish, honestly, I don't know the point I'm trying to make. A quick note about the NPCs discussion ceasing to exist: Honestly, it's really because we're worn out of talking about them. On Steam, most of it is hate towards the slow development, of which criticism is fine, everyone knows they're slow because of bad early programming languages and engine choices. I've dialed back my hype for NPCs just in case. They're supposed to be just THE single biggest feature ever. How much of that is possible? Crazy bandits late game, smart AI that doesn't die the second they walk outside, dynamic stories, making you actually care about your group? If the survivors mod is anything to go by, it'll be the single most disappointing thing since No Man's Sky, for me at least. The mod is nowhere close to what the devs have promised and that's scary considering there's a decent amount of effort put into it. Yet even with Super Survivors, it's still micromanaging everything. That's why animations have bumped up my list because they're possible. We haven't seen anything from NPCs since 2014 so who actually knows but the devs. All rants end up in the same place: We don't know until we play them ourselves so discussions are just going in circles sadly. I'm just curious about a few things, is that if vehicles released for testing in that bad of a state, how bad are animations' performance right now? Or is it that? Is it because there are so many major bugs they know about, testers would report redundant bug reports? Do they want shit tons of animations for testing? They said no before that not all animations will make it into testing. I know we get the usual state systems and other small updates in Thursdoids, but I'd really love an actual reason as to why they feel it isn't ready when vehicles made me feel like the game's development was over with their initial test release. Absolutely no hate or pressure to put on the devs, the game has far exceeded my expectations for (genuinely) my dream game since I can't count times in 2009-2010 I was looking for a game like this.
  7. Really seems tough to warm up, got a sweater in a fully undamaged van with the heater on full blast. Moodles said I was warming up (was at hypothermic) but still died. The journey for the sweater and subsequent trek back to the van really messed with the temperature and my character recovering, but if I didn't try for one I probably would have died anyway. This was Six Months Later so I'm not aware if there have been changes to make SML even tougher.
  8. 40.7 — Odd things with vehicle sounds

    Yep, can confirm it's happened to me too. Cars play drifting sounds when trying to move without a key, and engine sounds play. Only noticed in hatchback cars but I haven't checked all the cars, only a Sedan and I'm not sure if it could happen with that car either.
  9. Moodles vs Animation

    Judging from this video's list: It seems it's fairly in depth, but of course, we haven't seen all of these in action so who knows if they will make it in or give enough context for moodles to be removed. I'm at least assuming that they are actual animations created for those actions. Raking is one example we've seen. I doubt it would be a good idea to remove moodles. Animations give the game more life and the moodles give details sometimes on how to heal yourself if you're injured or how wet you are. Even if they are that detailed to show a soaking wet character compared to a dry or slightly wet character, it's unlikely the majority of the player base would even notice a detail like that. I have thought about it and really until we start to play them and judge for ourselves, we won't really know. Although I'm sure the devs would have considered it if they started to see in their own testing it made it obsolete.
  10. How long do YOU survive?

    Mostly a month, and it's simply because I get to a point where I get too cocky, and/or feel as if I've achieved a self-sustainability and I need action and danger so I end up getting myself killed. It does feel though as some systems in the future *cough*, will change that when there may be more than one threat and some storytelling, stuff like that. I like the 365 days, but I doubt the majority of the player base will reach that, and probably all because of different reasons. Would you change the start date for all players permanently or put in an option when selecting? I mean you could add options when selecting the game modes (besides sandbox since we already have it) to select one of the four seasons to start the game in with a description of how it affects gameplay.
  11. 40.3 — Grey screen in every building at some zoom levels

    Seems dependant on the colour of the house? Mine was blue coloured, and the houses I went into were blue. Also happening with different zoom levels. On Weather Build yes.
  12. Black Corpses

    Same happened to me after launching the same save again.
  13. Apologies for spamming the bug reports but I rather compile them in groups rather than forget about them.,0.26894697605347456,311.0196045167247 If you break the window you can't pass by the booths, the only way in is breaking the walls because most of the time doors are locked.
  14. Missing panels from window

    This house is missing panels from the second floor,0.2388901063543327,259.1830037639371
  15. Also in the challenge "You Have One Day" there's a ton of these highlighting/clipping(?) issues with the map. Especially when in the big apartment building. I believe this is just issues with the map itself. The best I can understand for the most part is Erosion growth causes them in Sandbox/Survival/MP. Although I do have another post with a green dot issue caused by planks.