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  1. We have to abide by Discord rules as an official server so your Discord ban will not be revoked.
  2. Do you know what the reason for the ban was?
  3. https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2022/05/bad-red-vs-good-green/
  4. You can unlock the trunk on the dashboard of the car, there will be a green icon lit up that releases the lock. It separates from cluttering the radial menu with too many options and vice-versa.
  5. Do you have any idea which track that is? Or would you be able to capture some footage of it happening? Both would be very handy.
  6. You can remove all those items without any mods. You can only dismantle wrecks, not normal cars but that doesn't stop you from removing individual items.
  7. I do believe it's on a long long list of possible additions/re-additions but it's low in priority as there's a lot more to focus on at the moment. Some time after animals/hunting are added I'd like it to be taken on to enhance the wilderness and it overtaking the world more. Seems like a suitable time to add it back and maybe enhance how wild it gets as the years get on.
  8. Stand near the door and press V to activate the radial menu and select "open door" then you can loot them.
  9. MadDan2013

    42 Techdoid

    They weren't functional in MP.
  10. It's not a mod, it's a test version of the game which is currently irrelevant as when you download the game as it is right now you get 41.65, the latest version.
  11. Hi, we're not currently supporting more than 32 slots officially at the moment so these bypasses aren't going to be allowed to posted on our own platforms.
  12. There'll no doubt be options - however NPCs aren't intended to be static like this making it an RPG with quest givers. More like MP, playing the game as a survivor and traits/personalities being the focal point to create some drama and add more to the 'story' of how you died. More endgame threats with bandits/factions etc... It's really the type of game PZ has always set out to be. Anything else (like the videos above, no disrespect to the creator) would really be immersion breaking for a game like PZ.
  13. For this one, if you hold 'F', (or whatever your toggle light key is set to) it should bring up a radial menu like guns/melee for you to insert/remove batteries etc... without any of this happening. I remember that was added not too long ago.
  14. Not sure if there is a fix for this specifically yet for the next patch, didn't see anything about it, but a temporary workaround is just don't have the car on before you attach. Or turn off the car and detach/re-attach. That's been working for me, no need to log out. I am running un-modded though, so if you have mods and this workaround isn't working it may be due to that.
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