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  1. I feel there's misunderstanding on stuff here and straying from the initial topic. I'm just unsure what you're trying to get at MP has been out since 2014, when it was first added. Animations, has been in public testing since around October 2019, it's not SP only due to some spite, as you'd imagine poor MP implementation added since 2014 won't function with an engine rewrite and drastic change to the game, and is important to get it right for the future of the game. On feedback, PZ has mainly been a SP game and designed around SP first. We don't only get feedback from "suck-up" players. Many players are adamant about many changes and not just accepting things, which is good feedback to change and the game has been changed around that feedback. As I mainly choose to play SP myself too. You can also play MP right now with Steam's remote play feature until MP is re-added with a much better structure and foundation.
  2. It does answer the question. It's not ready, it's being rebuilt from the ground up and will be released to the public when ready. The game has undergone engine changes itself, and with models and syncing between zombies and players, their clothing changes, movements for PvP. I don't think you're understanding the foundation of the game's code is being drastically altered. Nice name by the way, doesn't really seem you're here to understand any of what's said above. Project Slowdoid = Project Betterdoid.
  3. As with zombies currently they'll most likely be customizable in the same way in sandbox. Though I would recommend trying them at least a few times and fiddling with the settings when they do come at least rather than immediately disabling them.
  4. It's unused, right now. Possibly down the line they may be used in someway, but I'm not really any bit sure of how.
  5. Once build 41 is stable and the default build people will play when first launching. Trailer also as said here: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2020/01/garbage-train/
  6. I'm fairly sure there's an option in settings already to change it to CTRL instead... I think. Accessibility maybe?
  7. Missing decals like on T-Shirts. (RJ's face, logos, etc...)
  8. He means that the GOG version will be updated to 41.30, today most likely, but including a hotfix that Steam users will probably get today, (which would make it 41.31 for both platforms). Why would they stop releasing hotfixes on Steam?
  9. You seem to be using mods, judging from the map, it doesn't look vanilla. Disable them all and try on a fresh save, see if it persists.
  10. As of now, it doesn't stop broadcasting.
  11. This will most likely be a thing in the Hunting update along with some more stealth animations/mechanics. https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Upcoming_versions
  12. Seems to be random, and no range so far as I can tell. Sometimes it's at a number you can't tune to (eg. 90.3) where you could only tune to 90.2-90.4 in that range. My fix for that is just go searching for one already pre-tuned. You'll have to venture out a good bit to find one if you're on the same save. Not all radios have it tuned either.
  13. Try walking away from the car and pressing V.
  14. Please try without mods and see if it still occurs, otherwise we can't really be sure whether it's in vanilla or not. If you're using mods and experience a bug - it's best to disable and start fresh and see if it still occurs.
  15. Closest we really know about any Faction system really at this point: Not sure about the rest of the stuff, but would be cool nonetheless having distinct differences between groups and factions and all.
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