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  1. I believe this has been fixed recently and will be one of the bug fixes alongside the MP build when it gets released to public testing.
  2. I'm not sure how long you have been around but there's a good bit more information over the years available too. This is one of them which talks about behaviour trees, and a video from a blog that has some gameplay of them back in the day "playing" the game: https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/ChrisSimpson/20140717/221339/Behavior_trees_for_AI_How_they_work.php And while they're old, they're still relevant to the basic behaviour they'll have which already is at a much higher level than the mods have due to the behaviour trees.
  3. Nope, not cans but almost anything else can be I think. Empty wine bottles, whiskey, beer, plastic, bleach now too? Probably more. That might not have gone through yet patch wise though. And might as well cover it, if you're watering crops you don't need to worry about boiling or anything as I think I've seen a few players worry about that. Then through the tedium of boil bucket > fill watering can > fill bucket > repeat.
  4. I'm fairly sure you can fill almost anything except empty tin cans with water from any source, but I haven't done an actual play-through in a while so you're making me question if it actually is possible now too.
  5. Everything seems like it hasn't changed much for me? The Reddit is booming unlike years ago, as is the Discord. The Steam discussions seem the same as they always were. These forums used to be quite active I'll agree there's been a bit of a slow down. Really, the game has been around so long at this point the majority of discussion has been had of features and suggestions so there's not really room for much debate anymore. The majority of questions that get debated are normally the three same questions as "when is x", "is x in the game yet" or "when will the game
  6. I don't have the time to go into the details of everything you've mentioned unfortunately or talk about them but in case you haven't seen it:
  7. There's also a third choice: playing multiplayer which is still available to play in Build 40. It's still in the stable branch for that reason. Regardless of how much you prefer Build 41, it's a lie to state you cannot play it in 2021. Not to mind remote play in Build 41 too.
  8. Unfortunately they can't be disabled in Build 41 due to the animation requirements of the characters and models. Your PC most likely won't be compatible with Build 41 but we'll leave Build 40 as a playable version for anyone unable to upgrade yet. If you give your PC specs though, someone else might be able to help you get it running depending, but it may be unlikely.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I'll make sure the developers see it. There is no way to donate but there may be merchandise in the future to purchase and presumably the soundtrack though I imagine a lot of that would go to Zach Beever. For now the most you can do is buy gift copies for friends if you feel so inclined.
  10. Nope, that's a Steam feature for online splitscreen and it needs controllers for the other players. So not until official MP is back in will you be able to play without a controller.
  11. It is probably an issue with mods. I've heard a trait called Bouncer in some mod can cause this too. But even then, mods can have some unexpected behaviour. Does it happen without mods?
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    I think you mean EntitySmoker, not me. I'm a moderator, I'm aware.
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    To play Build 40 you need to select "none" from the Steam options. It's the default build. Yes MP will be in B41, there is no release date as it is currently being rebuilt. You can look at the weekly blogs (every Thursday) to see its progress. Latest blog was today: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2021/05/really-useful/
  14. MadDan2013

    Really Useful

    It had to happen. We always knew he’d come for us. Anyway, onto the dev news. MULTIPLAYER Work continues on the MP Strike Force’s smoothening out of the client zombies transplant. Early this week we had a few serious bugs that resulted in the player being teleported inside the bodies of zombies, which are fixed now but we’re mentioning as it was a WEIRD TIME. This week’s Wednesday test was another positive one as it
  15. There's certain sections we're not going to implement in PZ because it'd be annoying and there needs to be a distinction between realism and gameplay. This is one of the things we're not going to add. I suggest looking at the commonly suggested suggestions thread as there's others mentioned there.
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