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  1. MadDan2013


    No, but the animations update (build 41) is currently in IWBUMS. As you'd imagine it's a pretty big update, but it's really great. It's currently missing MP (had to be removed as updates to the engine etc...) but it's being rebuilt to be much better than it was. Once MP is in that, and the build in general is considered in a good state overall to release, phasing into NPC's should begin as you'll see below. The latest info on NPC's:
  2. MadDan2013

    The Walking Spiff

    I think you need some serious anger management. Either way, I don't see this post going anywhere without a ban.
  3. Definitely seems like it's a Super Survivors issue. Not a master of logs though. Looks like you're using "Super Survivors"? Which isn't working for Build 41. "Superb Survivors" or "Serious Survivors" are for Build 41. I don't use any of them though so I'm not sure exactly which one is up-to-date fully. I could be completely off on that mod though, but it seems like that's causing an error nonetheless. Not sure how much disabling it will break the rest of the save. You could start a new save, and add those mods one by one, or add Super Survivors and see if it crashes still. They could also be conflicting mods etc, doesn't look like it's the case here though from my view.
  4. If I remember correctly, it doesn't really make a sound that indicates it's working. It makes a zombie hit sound that sounds very light as if it's doing nothing. I think roughly 7-8 times should do it.
  5. This actually is possible as far as I'm aware. Or it used to be at least. But overall I agree, it's tricky and would be great if it worked easier. Normally it tends to be towards the back of the car where I can get it to pop up.
  6. Unfortunately I don't think so. For this reason build 40 will always be available in the Steam betas as PZ classic.
  7. Those are mods for now, but the roadmap for NPCs is here for after build 41:
  8. These would probably fall under "special" zombies, in my mind, which are not going to be a thing. Zombie dogs and the like just aren't part of the lore of PZ, as far as I'm aware. Though maybe there will be normal dogs that may or may not be vicious when they're added. Not too sure about that at all though.
  9. As with zombies currently they'll most likely be customizable in the same way in sandbox. Though I would recommend trying them at least a few times and fiddling with the settings when they do come at least rather than immediately disabling them.
  10. Once build 41 is stable and the default build people will play when first launching. Trailer also as said here: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2020/01/garbage-train/
  11. I'm fairly sure there's an option in settings already to change it to CTRL instead... I think. Accessibility maybe?
  12. Missing decals like on T-Shirts. (RJ's face, logos, etc...)
  13. He means that the GOG version will be updated to 41.30, today most likely, but including a hotfix that Steam users will probably get today, (which would make it 41.31 for both platforms). Why would they stop releasing hotfixes on Steam?
  14. You seem to be using mods, judging from the map, it doesn't look vanilla. Disable them all and try on a fresh save, see if it persists.
  15. As of now, it doesn't stop broadcasting.
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