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  1. Ah you're correct. It doesn't seem like it's yet accessible to find/edit these assets. That's my bad. But they will be when the game is next updated, most likely in that same directory, assuming you're on the beta branch.
  2. They're in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\ui\ClockAssets.
  3. Copied from my old reply: Spiffo/Pie are I think special thanks to people when you really like something (Spiffo being the highest of course.) Like is self explanatory. Pillow is to smother someone for basically behaving poorly or if you just heavily disagree with someone's opinion. In my opinion at least, that's how I see them. Pillow being like that as you smother your wife in the old version of the game to skip the tutorial/being a burden because of her broken leg.
  4. I mean if that's the first post it's not really doing you any favours. People who get banned on any forum always make up things out of spite; even when deserved. Depends what you define as negative that'd be enough to do that. 1) Development is slow, you wish it was faster? Sure, we all know and wish that, we all want the game at the best level it can be. But it is how it is, and will be until deemed good enough for release. As much flak as it gets, there won't be a compromise until all the planned features promised are in so it's fair to call it "finished".
  5. No ETAs, when it's done is the official answer.
  6. No, it's just something you'll have to get used to as everyone else has. Build 40 won't be updated any more, but it'll stay as a beta build once Build 41 hits stable. If you rather that movement; it just won't have any of the features that Build 41 has. The game had to change in this way; it just wouldn't work with how arcade-like the movement was in the previous build. There's a chance some animations may be tweaked in the future, some aren't perfect but they're known issues. The overall movement system won't change though.
  7. It's only on PC, so no. It's doubtful to ever be on mobile devices, but we'll see about consoles when the game is 1.0 and feature complete.
  8. Some nice suggestions here, but military stuff like tanks are a no. (No OP vehicles) in the commonly suggested suggestions thread. We'll see how the rest goes down in the future. Silencers are a divide in the community I'd say. Also for moving wrecks, you can tow them now in vanilla. Just stop the back of your car near the wreck's front, step out and stand between both of them and press V. You should be able to attach them. The car you're using to tow might need to be heavy to actually move it though.
  9. What are your computer specs? When it happens again, can you go to C:\Users\name\Zomboid and send us the console.txt file.
  10. This is due to your GPU, its shader isn't capable of rendering vehicles, or it's something along those lines if I remember correctly. You'll have to select the 38.30 version from the Steam betas list as it's the pre-vehicles beta unfortunately. Hopefully you can get an upgrade for your rig in time as I kind of feel bad with you being bumped back from Build 41 so much. Ah forgot that option was a thing, Beard is correct.
  11. I'm sorry to say that with the improvements to B41, the GPU just isn't going to cut it anymore. You might be able to play on B40, and if that doesn't work, then B39 in the same options where you switched to B41.
  12. What are your PC specs and are you using any mods? And do you know what build you're playing on? If you didn't opt into the B41 beta than you're most likely on 40.43. Also next time it hangs can you go to C://Users/YourUserName/Zomboid and send the console.txt file here?
  13. Yeah no toothpaste and small things like that. Probably no showers and baths either, but considering blood now appears on the character it might be nice to just be able to take a shower but not implement an actual Sims type "dirty, needs shower". More something the player would do to have access to more water when it's still on.
  14. 1. Yes, probably not soon but they're already made. Furniture being 2D just make it a bit harder but they'll come in time. 2. Yes, planned, same as above time-wise. 3. Not sure what you mean. Do you mean the doors physically opening? Unlikely. But car interiors and car doors, boonets and boots are planned eventually.
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