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  1. Any mods? If so, does it happen without them? It would be really beneficial to have a video of this so we could hear it.
  2. It's more a ratings and content type deal. Fallout 3 had kids, but they were invincible. GTA doesn't have kids in the world. Most games don't and they're AAA games that have lots of money behind them, though they are also in more of a spotlight. Not a good source of attention for an indie development team, really. And it likely would bring a lot of bad attention. On top of the technicalities as well which is even going further than something already difficult which is varying height, as everyone is the same height. Individual animations for that height, combat (assuming this is TWD), and a range of other things.
  3. Discord unban was declined.
  4. You have been warned to stop posting new threads for this in another of your threads, Please bump one old one instead as needed, but not often.
  5. As far as I'm aware it wasn't removed. It's likely mods, or if not, and you selected Hearty Appetite then the game removes Light Eater as it's mutually exclusive.
  6. Does it happen without mods? I believe the More Traits mod contains a trait which can cause this. In the future we really prefer if people confirm it also occurs without mods if possible. And it helps our testers trying to confirm it themselves only for it to be an external source we have no control over. Think I might edit the bug report guidelines to further this point again.
  7. You can change the theme back to dark (although it's different than the normal dark) at the bottom of the page. "Villain".
  8. https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2019/08/lowdown/ There's also this. I definitely remember there was a couple of more images, but there's so many blogs now it's hard to keep track as I used to.
  9. The intention is to add these eventually, likely alongside the animations for opening hoods/trunks and doors of cars.
  10. "We posted the changelog of the upcoming build in our last blog." It's not out yet, and 41.73 is the latest stable version. "This build will go into the unstable beta once MP servers are fully patched up and stable."
  11. In Build 42 there should hopefully be a significant improvement to the general optimization of the game. https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2022/02/42-techdoid/ However it's still worth bearing in mind, there's a limit to how much things can be optimized, but we will see how it goes. The general optimization should by consequence affect large groups of zombies too.
  12. There used to be exhaustion sounds in the game, but those were removed for being... questionable at best. Yeah this would certainly count too as it'd be a mismatch. Having dialogue for some things and not for other things would be odd.
  13. [n] Voiceover The reason being, is that it'd be a gigantic pain to hire at least adequate voice actors for multiple characters, we'd be thus extremely limited in creative freedom in writing stories, branching paths, and scenarios easily for NPCs. Things can't be added easily if there's voice acting because it's not just changing text. There's much more to consider. It's just an unnecessary cost for a small development team who would like the game to be more free and creative with more options, rather than stunted by having to record every single line. If the game was extremely story focused, it'd be much better but that's not what this game is.
  14. The loot changing wouldn't be for cannibalism, or to make it more common. It's just due to the amount of current loot there will be rebalancing likely in the future. I was using that as an example that at some point, there will be people who resort to it. The latter into years or at least a year being the more 'realistic' of course. We're not talking weeks here or common things. I'm certainly not arguing that it should happen a few weeks or days in as that'd certainly be ridiculous and take out any immersion. The further the apocalypse goes, the further people will go to get what they want. I'm not up on the current radio lore, so I would also be in disagreement about it occurring so early. There's so many things to game is going to still evolve through, so if everyone's game ends up having cannibals three days into the apocalypse I would safely assume there'd be nothing to worry about in terms of changing that to make it more realistic and much further out.
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