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  1. Hi, we're not currently supporting more than 32 slots officially at the moment so these bypasses aren't going to be allowed to posted on our own platforms.
  2. You could follow up by messaging nasKo in the staff section at the top of the forum and giving the logs.
  3. Sorry, a 'no' is what has been decided.
  4. Yep, unbanned. Definitely something to keep an eye on though.
  5. Your post history on Discord is only filled with Discord Gift scam links posted in numerous channels from after you asked your questions. I'd advise you to maybe change your password/increase security if your account is compromised and verify you didn't click anything malicious that caused this, like a fake gift link from a friend that may have also been compromised.
  6. There'll no doubt be options - however NPCs aren't intended to be static like this making it an RPG with quest givers. More like MP, playing the game as a survivor and traits/personalities being the focal point to create some drama and add more to the 'story' of how you died. More endgame threats with bandits/factions etc... It's really the type of game PZ has always set out to be. Anything else (like the videos above, no disrespect to the creator) would really be immersion breaking for a game like PZ.
  7. For this one, if you hold 'F', (or whatever your toggle light key is set to) it should bring up a radial menu like guns/melee for you to insert/remove batteries etc... without any of this happening. I remember that was added not too long ago.
  8. Unbanned. It was an automod violation but there didn't seem to be anything to indicate something worthy of a ban. Can't really comment on your status, but probably best to keep it private if it's overt.
  9. Not sure if there is a fix for this specifically yet for the next patch, didn't see anything about it, but a temporary workaround is just don't have the car on before you attach. Or turn off the car and detach/re-attach. That's been working for me, no need to log out. I am running un-modded though, so if you have mods and this workaround isn't working it may be due to that.
  10. I doubt there's going to be any tutorial that goes in to depth of all of PZ's mechanics as it'd just end up being hours and hours long which no one would even bother with, as many already ignore the tutorial for its length already even though it's short. I think the tutorial covers the best basic things because genuinely those are what new players struggle the most with, even though it's just an OS' file explorer that they already use. For games like PZ, a lot of the tutorial comes from making mistakes, and learning from them so I'd recommend just learning as you go, that's where a lot of the fun comes from too, discovering things as you need them rather than being overwhelmed by choices. We tried our best with the new trailer to sell the gist of the game being this way too.
  11. Not everyone is the same. It doesn't give you the right to decide how others should feel about things just because you went through it, and is frankly a completely ridiculous excuse to justify things. This is a suggestion relevant to me, and I'm not using it as some excuse to make others who might be more affected than I was about it feel bad for doing so. We've all been through shit, doesn't help to be an asshole to people who don't think the same as you, because of some sense of being macho.
  12. It's MadDan by the way. It'll be a 30-day ban. Try not to get involved in piracy chats again that might cause such a reaction. Edit: Ninja'd.
  13. It's more the calling people 'scum' part. There's one big rule that the rest of the rules stem from which is: Be Lovely. Regardless of your stance on things. To demonize them, as much as it is frustrating, doesn't help, because a lot of them come around when they can. Lots of stories of people who used to pirate it, who ended up purchasing and buying multiple copies etc... Hell, I may have even done so but I can't remember since it was so long ago. The far more damaging thing is people who buy from key resellers, rather than trusted retailers. Especially for indie games. I'll let you know of the ban status, but it's not really an attitude we like to have in the community regardless if it's shitting on the game or defending the game to the ends of the earth.
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