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  1. Horn queue can make you stuck

    It does not stop, it's looped incorrectly. But if there's an SFX update planned, then that should solve the problem. Could you link where they said there was one planned if you don't mind? This is what it sounds like in PZ when held: This is what held car horns sounds like:
  2. A noticeable issue and can get a bit annoying in combat. At least for me. The car horn noise is fairly obvious but during any hit with a blunt object, or stomping on a downed zombie (haven't noticed with blades), results in a *pop* sound. I've just especially noticed it with headphones. Video: Edit: It does happen with bladed weapons, but only if you don't use the *one-shot jaw stab* animation.
  3. Horn queue can make you stuck

    I mean the sound? As in how it gets chopped off when it's playing the effect. Like what I mentioned in the first post: "but will the horn sound be updated? It cuts out and can get very annoying, it doesn't seem like it loops correctly." Maybe you mightn't know if they'll add it which is fine, but I'm just curious because the sound effect is a bit glitchy at the moment. At least when you don't use Q and use the menu.
  4. Horn queue can make you stuck

    Ah okay, thanks. I think that's new, haven't used ESC before to cancel anything. I need to check that out to see if it cancels but it should do it now. Do you know if they're going to re-do the horn sound?
  5. Horn queue can make you stuck

    If you spam pressing the horn, your character gets stuck in the action queue until the number of times you clicked catches up, so if you pressed "e" to exit in the middle of the queue, your character will get out at the end of the action queue, with no way to cancel. At least as far as I can see, doing another action didn't cancel it and I basically couldn't do anything else. Also: I haven't been on the forum in a while, but will the horn sound be updated? It cuts out and can get very annoying, it doesn't seem like it loops correctly. Latest stable build: 39
  6. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    As long as I have an option to severely reduce each type of vehicle, then I'm fine, but goddamn I can't imagine living in the U.S if that's how loud cars are. I barely hear any noise unless it's an idle diesel jeep. Or truck/tractor.
  7. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I also have the boot/trunk bug. Not one single car has the container. Green tiles are there and the animation for opening the bonnet/hood.
  8. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I don't know what this car was supposed to be or how it happened, I couldn't get it to work when I snapped the screenshot though. Possibly due to fraps maybe? My FPS there was alright, which was weird. Pressing "Stop engine" throws up tons of errors. Start engine works though.
  9. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I've been getting worse performance, micro stutters when walking/running, and when I pick up speed it crashed. I'll keep trying and tweaking. Never gave my specs: Intel Core i7 6700 nVidia GTX 1070 16GB Ram Windows 10 64-bit DX12 if that makes any difference. I'll check if I had mods on by accident too and do another test. Performance before this patch was gradually dropping FPS. UPDATE: Performance seems to be the same as last time, still about 20FPS and it doesn't fix itself once the car has been driven, e.g when I'm walking it's still the same FPS when I'm not going as fast as the car was. Disabled my mods and the micro-stuttering is a bit less but still is a lot more than without cars in the game. Normally (without cars)it might be one stutter when a massive horde appears out of nowhere.
  10. More funding

    Never understood how showing development and progress can look like anything else. I remember a post that Lemmy made year(s) ago about them being tired of developing, yet are still doing it and intended to complete it regardless of the fact. We're all annoyed at not having what we want, I think that's obvious. There's no doubt though that TIS is the most annoyed out of all of us not having it completed yet.
  11. Here In My Car

    This is exactly what I was hoping for and more. I didn't expect cars to interact with each other that way. Pretty awesome progress, with the engine even. Having a full degree of rotation is just...
  12. V for Victor (and Vehicles)

    With animations, most likely the most realistic animations you'll get in an Isometric game when you're running them over. Which should be pretty decent. I doubt we'll have proper physics ever from the limitation of the engine, though who knows? At the very least, judging from how good the animations are, vehicles should have great animations for running over zeds.
  13. V for Victor (and Vehicles)

    Congrats on the baby! Could this be like MP back in the day? Randomly I woke up one Monday and saw multiplayer videos out of nowhere. Animations teased first, vehicles released before them. Who knows, but crazy progress on vehicles. Man. Also, the little features of TVs menus and the oven dials play a big part in this since you already have code in place to use for the car radio, heater, (filling fuel?) etc... I'm always a firm believer that small features go a long way into changing a game dramatically when all put in place with other systems.
  14. Questions about animations and some suggestions

    Maybe how in the latest mondoids, we saw the zombie direction is only in one way, towards the character once they're aggroed. So allow us to attack from the side? Or maybe new animations for stabbing the side of the head instead of under the jaw? Not too sure honestly.
  15. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    Is that my bug or a different one? Just making sure because if it was mine, it's still the same way. If not it's grand and can be fixed with the next update. I can put this in the tracker but in my base, my non-wood floorboard is creaking and I can't access it. Maybe it's the wooden shelves? Video: