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  1. MadDan2013

    Old but new player

    That's a lot of stuff. Here you can find a general overview of the big, flashy stuff. Here is a gigantic list of every single change ever made, including IWBUMS versions and stable releases of builds. The next build is build 41 which is animation, clothing and combat overhaul. You can find tons of information about its development over the past few months here: After animations are in stable, the roadmap is as follows, with no ETAs as usual, and disregarding any intermediary builds:
  2. MadDan2013

    Door Knocking

    The closest you can do right now is press space at the door, or hit it with a weapon, although yes that's definitely a lot louder than knocking.
  3. It's actually the 9th of July that it begins on the default PZ settings (Survival): It would be cool if there were some fictional event that the Radio/TV broadcasts mention that they hold annually. It'd be great to have more lore/hidden broadcasts/flavour text.
  4. MadDan2013

    Combat Renovations

    Seems to be extremely close, as in the next few months for IWBUMS, if things keep progressing how they are currently. I would say check back in a few months. You can check the website every Thursday (although Friday is better because there's no set time for news to be posted). I'm sure that the blog title when it's released will be hard to miss.
  5. MadDan2013

    Combat Renovations

    That's a good point. If the whole "bones showing after being eaten" is going to be a thing, the zombies would have eaten a lot of the character already. It may look more gory and horrifying to actually hear your character screaming while they're being eaten and torn to shreds, and not coming back. Maybe they could come back more visibly damaged if it's only a few zombies, however it would make more sense of them coming back after being bitten and escaping and turning over time like you're saying. The "upper limit" could be used to determine if that character has a chance to come back mildly damaged, or if they're absolutely destroyed and mangled to pieces.
  6. MadDan2013

    Where is the LINK to the Controller Beta Build ???

    It's the first pinned post in the PZ Updates section of this forum. In Steam, right click the game, go to properties, betas and type in badassstas456.
  7. MadDan2013

    Combat Renovations

    You're correct. People will just restart their saves anyway or make a new one. This difference is it's now instantaneous. This way you'll get a more glorified and gory death because of lack of combat skills, and being overwhelmed. If you do get out safely, then you actually count yourself extremely lucky.
  8. MadDan2013

    Combat Renovations

    At the very least, a few more weeks, possibly a month or two for IWBUMS was the latest I heard. Could be longer, could be shorter. That's the closest I can give you.
  9. Not necessarily "close", but they are on their way. 42 will be hunting, which is a rudimentary version of the AI code made for animals and each build will implement bigger NPC behaviours.
  10. MadDan2013

    Zed Snacking

    I agree, if possible it should be more like this: Them squatting makes more sense to me if they were Sprinters, ready to jump up and run at you. Vicious and bloodthirsty. Regular Shamblers, it makes more sense for them to be slower, spend more time eating a corpse almost lying down. It feels we're getting way more than we expected with this update, though, or at least I feel that way.
  11. MadDan2013

    More corpse position

    Good point, I completely forgot about crawlers. Since this update will add more variety, more corpse variations would be welcome.
  12. MadDan2013

    More corpse position

    If you look at the Gigamart employee at 46s, she falls on her stomach. The video was supposed to start at that time, might have glitched out. Of course, yes she wasn't dead at that point, but I don't see why it wouldn't imply that we'll have different corpse positions. At least I hope it implies that.
  13. MadDan2013

    More corpse position

    Seems like it's already added to the next major build.
  14. MadDan2013

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    I'd love something like Rick's "Murder Jacket". Also something simple like his S9 shirt. The image just made me wonder, will watches be visible on your character's wrist? It could be tied into those "idle actions" when you're walking or just waiting in place to give some life to the character instead of standing still.
  15. MadDan2013

    Glowing picture

    I think this would be considered part of these lines of bugs I've reported: