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  1. Delete the 'Lua' folder in C:\Users\YourName\Zomboid.
  2. With over 1K hours at this point plus a dev having to step in on an argument to confirm it's a bug, I'm fairly confident. Lucky trait only affects repair chance, and loot spawn chance. Long ago there used to be legend that the Spiffo plushie granted luck, and helped you survive, too.
  3. If this was on build 41 - it's a bug. The base chance is flat 100%. If you've got mods I'd assume they're interfering but if not, this shouldn't be happening. If it's an older version you're on - bug may still be there. To clarify: 7% infection chance from scratches. 25% infection chance from lacerations. 100% infection chance from a bite.
  4. Well when you're carrying them they count as 'items' in your inventory. All you need to do is transfer them to the boot or seats even just like any other normal item. They weigh 20 so they'll fit in most car boots, larger cars and trailers adding to the amount of course. Though I'd like if it had an animation for carrying a corpse and loading it into a car, too. And generators too maybe. Just for the more unique items.
  5. Aye, they posted some on Twitter too, the "last remaining survivors" screenshot is my favourite one. The outfits really personify everyone, and the weapon models too. The animations and models were one thing in SP, in MP it's no longer "look at that guy with a vest and pants". And the female models back in B40... Dear lord.
  6. Hey, could you find the coordinates of that house on this map and just copy the link in the address bar and post it here so we know the exact location? https://map.projectzomboid.com/
  7. I agree that this wasn't creative to just grab a lot of cars and stick them together. Survival in PZ is not guaranteed, the opposite is basically guaranteed, though. People do stuff like this and then complain the game is boring, yet then complain when you're forced to be limited in your choices. Limitation inspires creativity. If people are creative enough, there's plenty more options of dealing with zombies and hordes. Regardless, it's by default on 50% that crawl under the car. You can turn it completely off in the sandbox settings. Adding "only crawlers crawl under" I think is
  8. If you guys want to play that old version you can: I was given permission to post this with the Desura keys (as Desura is defunct) so there's no setup required. Just open the application and click "login". https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/195F9t1obsgaBlGLLY9FozQTeuodnj6gW?usp=sharing Start with "Story Mode", then grab a pillow from the wardrobe and click on your wife.
  9. Spiffo/Pie are I think special thanks to people when you really like something (Spiffo being the highest of course.) Like is self explanatory. Pillow is to smother someone for basically behaving poorly or if you just heavily disagree with someone's opinion. Hopefully you played the old versions to know why pillow means what it does.
  10. Eventually, yes. Not for a while still though and there's no date as to when there would be. Blog: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2019/08/twisted/ Image: Blog: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2019/08/lowdown/ Image: Edit: The 'support' section isn't really the best place for this stuff, this would be more suited in General Discussion under the Project Zomboid heading.
  11. I've seen a couple of people make this mistake for some reason, the game didn't release until 2011 though. You may be getting it confused with Zombie Shooter 2, which came out in 2009 and bears (some slight) resemblance to old PZ:
  12. Yeah if you did a little searching... https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/405692224235441345/ 'Course considering the attitude you have towards it, doubt this will satisfy you. Tl;dr: There's no date, once build 41 is out in stable they'll be talked about more openly as they're next on the table. They haven't been lying dormant just because you're not hearing news about them. The same people working on MP don't work on NPCs. Once MP is redone and playable, and build 41 is stable everyone (for the most part) will be working on NPCs.
  13. On the vehicle modding, there's been placeholder art shown off quite a while ago but it gives the idea of what it'd be like presumably (when) it comes: Blog: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2018/09/beeverdoid/
  14. What a great constructive way to report issues. This is such a minor issue, it'll be fixed when someone gets around to it. There are far more important things they are working on. Insulting the developers is hardly going to get you anywhere, is it? I wonder why, considering you're insulting them in general I assume you'd look to personally insult them because what you want isn't done which is what's truly shameful.
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