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  1. snowleopard

    Released: Build 28.3

    the game is becoming better and better. though i understand it will take quite a while but planned features look just amazing! I truly appreciate your work and development. The best $15 I have ever spent on Steam
  2. snowleopard


    I would love to do something without Hamachi, but with my level of computer network I can only host the game via Hamachi which is a pain in the arse BUT I'll see what i can do
  3. snowleopard


    Recruing up to 4 survivors for PVE session. Server located in NZ and players must use hamachi to join the server. #Simple Server Rules# 1. Respect others, no swearing. 2. Please help us stay alive(NO smashing windows, NO running around, etc) 3. PVE ONLY 4. NO IDIOTS 5. HAVE FUN Will comeback with public ip address hopefully in near future.