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  1. It was less a suggestion and more a natural progression of my thought process. Naturally disappearing blood -> Accelerated breakdown in the rain -> man-made accelerated breakdown. In my defense, I tried to not leave on such a note considering the nature of the overall discussion of the current features; I did not dwell on my musings but instead praised the new implementations in the latter half of my post and expounded on how I was putting them to use, something well within the stated boundaries of the original post. Oh, Devs. The adding of Trapping is just fantastic, it's going to make getting through winter so much easier. Thanks.
  2. Eeesh. Since a lot of killing is going to be indoors (especially with zombies spawning inside buildings again) is that going to mean you'll be having the game detect if the blood is inside / under a roof too? If that's the case (and it probably should be) I can't say I envy you trying to get that to work. Though now that brings to mind combining Bleach + Bucket + [Cloth Item] to clear away gore from the inside of buildings or outer walls. Oh, to no longer need to lure zombies out of a house I want to live in before bashing their brains in. A (safe) house just isn't a home with grey matter on the carpet. Loving the world fillers, by the way. It's so much easier to tell if I've looted a place or not and reduces the amount of accidental backtracking we've all fallen victim to at one point or another. That and the corpse moving. The nice pile of 20+ zed heads on my front lawn is going to look splendid once I find some gasoline and set it ablaze.
  3. Thanks for this, devs. I've been needing a reason to start fresh since I've pretty much gotten nice and safe in a big fenced in area and gotten the garden started. Haven't regretted buying this game since day one and I don't see that happening soon. Though now I have to ask. With the addition of Trapping and Fishing, is this a precursor to "Balanced Nutrition" being added to the game? I mean to say a need for a balanced intake of the different kinds of food currently and soon to be in the game and not being able to survive on just what is in the garden or preserved in cans. Starvation is one thing, but "it's skinnier, nerdier cousin" Malnutrition can and is just as big threat in long term survival situations, something this game seems to be built for. Seems being the operative word, on account of all the zombies. Related Reading http://www.cracked.com/article_21251_5-things-every-movie-gets-wrong-about-apocalypse_p2.html http://readynutrition.com/resources/the-4-things-you-must-eat-to-avoid-malnutrition_20102011/
  4. I completely agree, so many of my walls have gone wonky because of this and many time I have been trapped because I thought I could just walk through a wall i didn't see but to be honesty I'd rather have the update out soon rather than fix this and delaying further Couldn't agree more. Shouldn't delay something as cool as multiplayer just because some people can't keep track of their strangely ethereal fortifications. Waiting to fiddle with the amount of transparency on walls until the next build would be better that putting off allowing people to smash skulls with their friends like a group of hooligans stomping pumpkins the night after Halloween.
  5. If I may make a suggestion. Reducing transparency on walls when behind them by about twenty-five percent might be a welcome change. I know I myself and likely others have run into problems when building carpentry walls and fences as they are almost impossible to actually see when they become transparent. Problems this near-invisibility causes interfere with a few things like making sure a fence you're building is lined up correctly, knowing where your fences are when only a few feet away, and navigating through your own compound. I realize that players have to know what is happening on their side of the walls, less they get nibbled on without knowing, but the amount of transparency currently in the game if more than enough. This problem seems to be mostly present with carpentry walls, but the other walls throughout the game likely wouldn't be hurt too badly with a little less ghosting. I'm by no means a graphics designer, but having to break out a walking stick like a blind man to find where a wall starts and open field ends seems a bit annoying.
  6. Doesn't the game always start in the dead of summer? I say this because after a couple in game weeks my character usually doesn't overheat unless I have him wearing a sweater. That said, my guy still overheats even during and after rainfall so that's a bit odd.
  7. Books were consumed when fastest time setting was in effect when book was finished. Cooking for Beginners was not consumed as normal time was returned to before completing the book. Something to do with the fastest setting and reading seems to not like the idea of characters learning how to not die. -Consumed- Carpentry for Intermediate Farming for Beginners -Not Consumed- Cooking for Beginners
  8. Right now, as a Project Zomboid newbie, I'm holing up in the house to the north east of the southern trailer park in Muldraugh. The one next to the house surrounded by high fence. I figured it had some distance from the town so I might not get mobbed while getting set up and the house with the high fence would make a good place to start a garden / act as a secondary 'bug-out' location. Just got all but one door boarded up downstairs and a sheet-rope escape on the top floor, ready for excrement to hit the air accelerator. Once I get more used to the map and finally get all the tools I'll have to make a second base closer to main street so I loot in a more efficient manner, but keeping my distance feels like the better thing to do for now. Probably the house with white fence around it....
  9. Done and done, already on my way to my favorite spot (the houses north-east of the trailer park) to start cleaning out the infestation and then plant a garden at the fenced in area north-east-east of the that. Having fun imagining the 'whistle while you work' song from Disney's Snow White while I cave in skulls. Feeling lucky, the trailer I spawned in had a Baseball Bat and Golf Club. It was like a sign from God that I was destined to do terrible, terrible things.
  10. It's released for public testing? So my plants won't are less likely to disappear on me? Stay calm, stay calm, stay cal-
  11. Ayup. Don't want my crops disappearing on me, don't want to starve to death cause I don't have crops. Once this new version drops, time to make a garden that would make Martha Stewart blush.
  12. Would it be considered strange that, out of all these new features and bug fixes, it's the disappearing crops bug being nixed I'm most excited for? Not the future addition of MP, not controller optimization, not NPCs (though that's still a close second), it's the ability to have a garden at both the primary and secondary locations and not be worried about all my crops going to pot because of a glitch in the code. I'd rather that accidentally leaving the door open and letting in Zs that could step on my carrots or, lord forbid, a horde breaking down my walls and trampling the lot were bigger worries than a command in the program containing a typo or, even worse, just having one to many spaces after the line of code. Good work on the game so far, Indie Stone. Money well spent, might even get me to start making YouTube Videos again and try to out build MathasGames.
  13. Personally, I don't understand why there at least isn't a release candidate in the iwillbackupmysave option on Steam. From what's been listed this seems like the perfect time to get this 'Beta' build available in that format and try to iron out a few more bugs before the actual Beta Release becomes the official current build (whenever that's supposed to be, but my money is on before the month is out) That sure is a big list of 'fixes' that need to be tested, sure would be a shame if they say 'It's in Beta, yay!' and then the game crashes on half the player-base's computers. Then again, I understand how difficult it is to program pretty much anything and Indie Stone's problems are compounded by having an international team, three different distributors of their game that each need to be kept running, and being forced to rework just about everything pertaining to rendering the game in order to not have people's computers 'shit the bed.' That's not to mention how few people are actually working on the game when considering the scope of their ambition. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly annoyed, despite everything I just said in defence of their current 'release schedule.' Just releasing a hotfix on major bugs that are in the game now (namely crops turning invisible and every day being a thunderstorm) would be fantastic. I need mah sustenance, brah. Ya feel me?
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