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  1. Hi, all. I'm helping someone on the workshop with a mod that makes Wallets equippable containers. I have everything working except there is no context menu option to equip them. Double clicking the item equips it fine. I've searched high and low for a guide on this and haven't found anything. (RoboMat's tutorial being now defunct).. I know I need to use the OnFillInventoryContextMenu event, and I've written a snippet of code but honestly, I'm just unsure as to how to implement it properly. Literally any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all you awesome people.
  2. Posted this in wrong forum. When I figure out how to delete this I will.
  3. Great updates as always. Just curious if the new 'direct connection' in 41.76 will eliminate the need for "-nosteam" servers/clients and also if a dedicated LAN server will see any benefits as far as desync/lag issues?
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