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  1. I'm new to PZ modding. Trying to make a custom world map and I recently downloaded the mod community building pool as well as the vanilla buildings catalogue. But I'm getting an error with almost ALL of the non-residential vanilla buildings. In Worlded, When I drag one of the tbx files into the map, nothing happens (there's also no preview in the righthand sidebar) And when I try to open the tbx files in Tilzed / BuildingEd I get the following error: Unknown building version '3' Line2, column 210 Anyone else encountered this same issue?
  2. The zip file is unavailable... Is there any chance the link can be restored? *EDIT* I think maybe I couldn't access the zip file before registering with the forum. However, when i try to open the tbx files in Tilzed, I get the following error: unknown building version '3' Line2, column 211 anyone else had this problem?
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