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  1. So basically I was mucking about with my hosted multiplayer games settings and found out certain characters will cause all three .ini files to be deleted, I used the symbols "<" and ">" found my .ini files were gone, basically deleting my whole game, this could be fixed simply by not allowing configuration names with certain characters. If any body knows how to get my game back, I still have the two server and player save files as they were never deleted. I was trying to name the configuration something along the lines of "<100 mods", and it doesnt matter where in the name of the configuration it is placed, it will always cause the .ini files to be deleted. Im sure there might be some other ways to accidentally delete your whole game just by naming the config, I am new to this game but have been playing it pretty consistently so it kind of sucks to lose 50 hours of progress after building a base with my friends.
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