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  1. So there is a function call SendCommandToServer(), which is used in "client" side to call admin command from server. The problem is, some client player doesn't have admin access, which fails to run the command. I tried using sendClientCommand() to access server side, but turns out server side just can't call SendCommandToServer(), I guess it's only client side. So this is a weird roundabout problem, only client can call SendCommandToServer(), but client doesn't has admin access, server has admin access, but it doesn't have function to run admin command in lua. So what do we do, how do we run admin command in lua?
  2. I try to use it on an IsoZombie and it return "Tried to call nil" error. zed = createZombie(pLocation:getX(), pLocation:getY()+3, pLocation:getZ(), nil, 0, IsoDirections.S); zed:PathTo(pLocation:getX(),pLocation:getY(), pLocation:getZ(), false); If so, then what's the replacement?
  3. I have experiences in 3d software like blender, and I know how to modelling and animating them. The problem is how to add them into a mod. I saw a couple of mods have new animations in them, like that cart mod. I wonder how do you do that, saw no tutorial or post talking about this process.
  4. Like in media\lua\shared\Foraging\forageSystem.lua There are a bunch of defination variables for forageSystem: forageSystem = { isInitialised = false, -- definition tables itemDefs = {}, -- item table catDefs = {}, -- category definitions zoneDefs = {}, -- zone definitions -- forage system loot tables lootTables = {}, -- the loot table - see generateLootTable for structure lootTableMonth = nil, -- used to keep the loot table in line with the game date -- maxIconsPerZone = 2000, -- sandbox settings -- (Abundance Settings) NatureAbundance = { -75, -50, 0, 50, 100 }, -- bonus percent density per zone OtherLoot = { -75, -50, 0, 50, 100 }, -- bonus percent density per zone } Can you make a file to overwrite some of these variables, but not overwriting the entire file? Because that would be a lot of problems when future updates come up.
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