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  1. Yes please. I don't have panic attacks like the OP do, but loud or irritating noises make my ears hurt. I tend to avoid voicechats cause they irritate me after awhile cause everyone speak on different volume, chalkboard sound and tinnitus ringing hurt my ears for minutes, and so both the alarm sounds and jumpscare sounds in PZ annoy me to an extend. Bonus is my cat get freaked out by the car alarm...
  2. tried news server near me (Aussie), that just open today. High ping but not many mods. Still have the chunk loading thing. Can you please at least recheck? It wasn't like this when MP first come out. :'(
  3. TGODZ run with high zombie pop, it is the only way the game be challenging (while sprinters can teleport around in mp aka desync). While the other Europe server I tried... it was low pop zombies as I drive from Riverside to Louiseville. It is on LV that is by default is high zombie pop that I disconnect and re-experience the chunk lag. Is there anything else I can do beside getting my own super fast super stable satellite internet?
  4. Hi TIS and Beard, Thank you for the responses. To clarify, I am saying anti-cheat update, as in the things happen after that version not specifically that anticheat to blame. I tried other servers, it is difficult to find one that mimic the condition (oversea, bare mods), I do got one that been smooth until this happens (check screenshot). It is likely, I am pulling my hair because I am using the best non-business internet here. I know generally I have high ping to properly play online games outside my region (SE Asia) but mostly it is shooter and MOBA that I can't play proper cause it. When I first try PZ multiplayer, everything seems fine (I played over 20h a week) and things start to downgrade after a few updates... Dunno if that other person plays in same server, I am on TGODZ. The server have selective resets so people can have bases with lots of things, no one else in the server experience what I experience but I am the only one from my country. I tried other servers. Aussie one seems no problem but I didn't try long. I try this server that is in EU and after an hour or two, I encounter the problem again. It starts with the gray/black screen, then I can't continue my path, I see that my ping goes up to 360ms. I get to safety and log off. Have difficulty to log in once (cant download map) but then I enter smoothly. Ping back to stable 200 but now I keep getting the gray loading. I recorded most of it:
  5. Hello, Since the anti-cheat update, I have been suffering immense movement lag that cause chunks loading so slow for me, esp when riding a vehicle. If I am passenger on other player's vehicle, I will be booted out of the vehicle. I could even experience the same chunk lag if I run too long. I been waiting for bug fixes till this version and apparently this seems going to stay. As seen on bottom right, my ping is stable 200. The server is in Europe while I am in Asia-- while it is not the best location to play, it was playable before the anti-cheat update. I am desperate here, my internet is fine and stable, I want to keep playing with this community. Thank you!
  6. I have a peculiar 'failed to download map' issue.I am currently unable to join a multiplayer on a certain minimal-mods server unless I am doing these steps: - launch with alternate launch - turn resolution down until I almost can't click the menu (121 map chunk max asked from the server) - verify files integrity every two log in in the server (there always one file that steam need to redownload, I don't know what it is) My ping to the server mostly stable, albeit 300ms because distance. This issue been happening around a week before 41.66 and getting worse over time. I hasn't change ISP but I know there is one case before these when my internet was so bad, I can see in the pings. If I didn't do this 'ritual', initializing map usually appear far after 'this is how you die' and it will slowly climb up to some numbers before failing or failing right away. If I do the 'ritual', map download starts from beginning of black screen and will initialize VERY FAST so it is not connection issue. I have tried: - uninstall several times - remove users/zomboid folder several times - uninstall java, verify there is no other java version, reinstall java - reinstall on different hard disk; from HDD to SSD - check if any of the hard disks have bad sectors and failures (none seen from crystal disk check) Thank you in advance for the help. console.txt logs.zip 18-03-22_14-20-57_DebugLog.txt
  7. Version: The 41.65 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer: Multiplayer • Host or dedicated: Dedicated by TGODZ • Mods: Yes GoDzServerB41 modpack • Reproduction steps: -- Just today out of nowhere four residents of four different safehouses were kicked out of the safehouse. The similarity is just that they all not owner of the safehouse. There wasn't server update/restart or anything when this happens. I'm not server owner but I am one that got kicked out, my char have no access to other safehouses as previous kick makes me decide to delete my personal claim. Thank you.
  8. Hi, shown before somehow my base's consumption is 4.07L/h while the math seems to be just around 1L/h. I include another base in the same server, that have more mathematically correct consumption.
  9. I don't know if it is intended or caused by the new container system, we go to military base in MP and none of the 200 zombies have guns or ammo. We also scour boxes and stuffs, only one container have ammo and it is disappoint 4 box of hadngun ammos even with setting set as abundant. The place no longer worth to raid and just a possible death trap. I hope it wasn't intended. Thanks.
  10. Hi, since this new update, we experience an amount of lag and this happens. Pictured is me (alive) standing on corpses of two zombie me. What happen was a zombie horde suddenly teleport to me, I died, and the corpse reanimate TWICE. I witnessing my friend killing them both and was going to create new character but I wasn't able to somehow. I quit to main menu and join back, and found myself alive in a place we raided before. Coming back to the location to clarify that it is happens: two zombies me have been killed, I am alive, and some items I have put in the car before the death was duplicated. In addition to this, I also wanted to report that I encounter once a zombie that keep respawning back on my tile after getting killed, end up with five corpses of the same zombie. Both of these happening after we set a siren two city blocks away, maybe this relevant. Thank you.
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