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  1. For now, I must make do witha two dimensional toilet paper storage system. Pray for me.
  2. So I just found a house with 377 rolls of toilet paper. To my dismay, i found out that when you place down TP, it will not stack, it will just clip into the next roll if you place them close enough. It also highlighted an issue where fine adjustments of small objects in place mode is interrupted by the player character turning to face the cursor, causing the camera to move, causing the *cursor* to move, making fine adjustments pretty hard. But that's not what this post is about, what this post is about is the toilet paper roll fortress of my dreams. Just imagine it. Beautiful, no? imagine a world where we can stack toilet paper. It will be glorious. I promise. So please.... let us stack.
  3. I think i recall this being addressed - there's so many new sounds and a new sound system, so thjey have to finish implementing and testing and fixing noiseworks before they can consider re-writing the advanced audio menu since they'd have to re-do it all from the ground up or something along those lines, i agree that it's a vital feature but it's probably not gonna be re-implemented anytime soon without a lot of pressure from the community and even then it may not be something that's possible to implement soon
  4. So I just started playing the new patch, and the Noiseworks has a LOT of awesome to it. I love the new sounds, especially those crispy deep menu button clicks. So satisfying. I could hit buttons all day long. However, when I got ingame I immediately felt something was a little off. Walked outside and it hit me after i'd walked around hearing noises for a bit. Y'all cranked the reverb up waaaaaay too high. The echo. The room wet mix. Whatever it's called in Noiseworks, it really does not feel right outdoors especially. It's..... okay, ish, indoors, so long as the room is wide open like a warehouse, but in a furnished room with carpets and all that jazz sound does NOT echo like that and it gives me actual migraines. Not sure if those settings are editable on the fly but those would be my number 1 target to give a slider in the audio options, as this is something that varies from person to person. Hell, if we had access to the basic audio settings like wet mix, damping, reverb, stereo width, etc i feel like while many people wouldn't immediately use them most people know what bad reverb sounds like and could tweak them. Even if not, please consider toning it down a little, it's ridiculous outdoors, and turns the background wind noise into a white noise esque hiss that genuinely gives me a literal headache after less than 5 minutes. Speaking of toning it down, the jumpscare chord is a very divisive thing amongst zomboid players. I know y'all are very attached to it in the dev team but please make some concessions for those of us playing that either have weak hearts or simply find jumpscare chords to be the laziest form of horror shorthand ever devised. it's literally interchangeable with the Metal Gear Solid alert noise in function, and honestly it really is far too bombastic and over the top. Please give us an option to mute the jumpscare chord and/or an option to change it to something more toned down like a zombie growl or literally a metal gear solid alert noise if you feel so inclined. Note that I don't feel it's something that needs to be removed, far from it, it's a horror trope that many people like and expect to find, it's just that there's a sizeable chunk of people out there that find it annoying or worse and they deserve to be given the option to do something about it. Anyway, that's my input on the new Noiseworks from a surface level, i'm gonna keep playing and see if any other issues pop up.
  5. Even the tiniest mod can have a huge impact even if it doesn't sound or seem like it should impact a specific part of the game. I'm just saying that for some reason i'm having trouble replicating it vanilla whereas it was occuring basically 100% of the time before if I didn't make sure to use ESC to cancel before trying to say, left click on the next furrow or something.
  6. I have the first three, though i have a different implementation of the same idea for food expiry. However, it's likely they use similar implementations behind the scenes, so it's still worth me checking with minimal bars and combat text, then with food expiration alone, and see if the behaviour comes back for either configuration, at which point it should be clearer which mod might be messing with this assuming there's not a scattering of different mods that mess with it. I'll test at some point. If you get a chance before me, give it a go and see if disabling any specific mod consistently stops the issue occuring.
  7. Yep, and i like the little fake dead ones quite a lot, they add a hair of uncertainty to encounters. I've just done a retest of this and the other thread i had running with the farming menu getting stuck, and while i am starting to suspect mods for the farming menu thing (which i'm trying to figure out with the other person who chimed in), I have observed the duplicating zombie thing while doing my vanilla tests though it's either harder to trigger than i thought or dependant on luck and/or other unknown variables (lag, or framerate fluctuations/stuttering, or some other factor i'm not aware of yet.) The methodology i'm using to test is basing the difficulty on Builder, cranking the vehicle stories and spawns up to max, and making zombies have low population whilst also being slow, weak shamblers so i can run around bashing heads in with an overpowered character build and not worry about being swarmed or killed while i'm trying to brute force test this. Which meant that corpses still spawned in stories but it wasn't overwhelming running across the map trying to find the ones that weer only *playing* dead. It took me about a dozen or so encounters with not-quite-dead bodies to actually get a duplication to occur, so it seems like it's not quite as simple as "kill them before the animation finishes". I was using the classic spiked baseball bat at the time, since the starting kit option in the sandbox settings conveniently includes a bat and a hammer, and nails are a quick find. If I can get my screen recorder's 30 second replay mode to start working i'll try to catch a recording of it occuring in vanilla next time i get a chance.
  8. Regardless of how lack of errors or size, what mods are they? I had a lot of mods running and having just done a vanilla test, at least twice I didn't seem able to get the behaviour to trigger which makes me think it might be one of the mods that alters the context menu or something, but knowing what mods someone else is running who gets the same issue will help narrow it down if we share certain mods. That or the bug is not as simple as expected, but it'll help knowing which mods *could* be involved in order to rule out possibilities.
  9. i figured out right clicking on wells worked to clear it as well as generator info, though wells are few and far between perhaps rain collection barrels will do? Out of curiousity did you have any mods enabled at the time?
  10. it is likely that there's a possibility you are experience the gambler's fallacy, a dissonance between "real" rng and "weighted" rng. Weighted RNG is what most people think of because game designers tend to design in a guarantee that you'll get what FEELS right from RNG, so if you fail a lot it'll compensate by making your odds actually better each time you fail. True random RNG doesn't give a toss about how improbable it is to, say, fail a 99% to hit in games that feature it. Sometimes the random number generator just spits out failure after failure because that's simply the chaotic nature of random generation. I've gotten about what i expected from a 25% chance to break sinks. It's nota 3 in 4 guaruntee. It will almost never be 3 in 4 unless you do it a million times and take a look at the average from that large dataset. The previous RNG roll doesn't affect the next one, so every time you pick up a sink it rolls a 4 sided dice, one side of which is a failure, the other three which are not. Naturally, this means that you are more likely to succeed than to fail, but that doesn't necesarrily mean you *will* succeed. Now, I do think that it'd be nice to see it down to 15% or less like with carpentry, but that risk is part of the intent of the game developers. there is ALWAYS a chance it will break. You are *never* safe unless there is a 0% chance to break.
  11. So this is something i've only experienced twice, and may be inconsistent. I still need to test with mods disabled, and i'm not sure if stuttering issues may have some involvement. The bug: Certain corpses you find on the ground aren't actually dead and will trigger a wake up animation once the player gets close enough to them. In two cases, both laying in front of wrecked cars (vehicle stories) when I approached and quickly attacked and killed the zombie during that initial animation as it wakes up, the zombie duplicated itself. Both zombies i killed with a one hit KO using a spiked baseball bat. The first time, I killed it almost immediately after the scare chord and animation began since i was anticipating it waking up as it seemed suspicious. I then turned to walk away and check the car when a very brief stutter was followed by, in my periphery, the zombie began to move towards me. It had the exact same body, outfit and inventory contents including random loot (a bottle of vitamins), and had been perfectly aligned in position and pose, which lead me to conclude that it had duplicated. Fast forward a week or two. The second time (just now) I swung at one towards the end of that animation but before it began to crawl at me, and the same duplication occurred, except this time the fresh duplicate had a completely empty inventory. Otherwise the sequence of events and result were identical. I have yet to exhaustively test this or to test without mods, and I haven't encountered many fakeout zombie corpses that i had time to hit before their wakeup animation had already finished. After the animation finishes i'm pretty sure the zombie doesn't duplicate. I'd appreciate someone testing this in vanilla as well since i'll not get a chance to test without mods for some time. Since these spawn as part of vehicle stories afaik, best method to find them would be a custom sandbox with stories on very common or better. I did have zombies set as slow weak shamblers in both instances which may be important if one hit killing them is part of the cause.
  12. I'll record this once i get a free chance, probably after the current playthrough i have going on. I'll update this thread once i get around to it, assuming i remember (which it'll be hard to forget during a playthrough where i'm farming!) note: this is the first 15 inch model of the Razer Blade (2018) laptop, so some part numbers aren't detectable by Speccy Specs: Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz RAM 16.0GB (unspecified branding, as this is a prebuilt laptop) Motherboard Razer C1_MB (U3E1) Graphics 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with Max-Q Design (Razer USA) Storage 238GB SAMSUNG MZVLB256HAHQ-00000 (Unknown (SSD)) 3725GB Western Digital WD Elements SE 25FF USB Device (USB (SATA) (SSD)) <----zomboid is on this drive
  13. I would agree there. Often things like spices, bowls, refridgerated foods, tools etc getting slurped into your inventory can be a bit annoying when you have to manually sort it all back where it's supposed to go. Not sure how feasable it'd be but having items return to the shelf they came from after taking however much is needed for a recipe would be a great QOL improvement in my eyes.
  14. TL;DR summary: • Add/modify the random ingredient function to prioritise selecting unique ingredients (the current random one feels like playing russian roulette) • Add a one-click button that adds unique ingredients until nothing more can be added to a recipe (to fix RSI/frustration/busywork) • Prevent ingredients, especially spices, from showing more than one entry in the cooking menu to ease eyestrain and RSI from scrolling Full proposal: I wish to fix the issues explained in the next section, to make cooking less boring and mishap prone and more accessible for disabled gamers. Modify the random ingredient button or add a new button which selects a random unique ingredient that is NOT already in the recipe; Add a button to add random unique ingredients one at a time until the recipe can no longer have ingredients added. This should include spices, herbs, et cetera instead of being limited to just vegetables or just meats or just spices. The goal is to have a one-click solution that assembles a unique meal with as much as can be crammed into it as possible with unique ingredients. Modify the cooking menu to show one and only one of each unique/identical/stackable ingredient. It serves literally no purpose to have 30 identical Small Bird Meat options to choose when you can't see each ones' nutritional value, even if they have variation. The same goes for salt and pepper, which you can only add ONCE and yet shows every unit of spice in range, cluttering the menu to the point of near unusability. Justification for these changes: There's a few suggestions from the last few years that agree with my own feelings that cooking meals is sluggish, repetitive and frustrating when you have a lot of ingredients and just want to slap together meals. The "add random <ingredient type>" button is nice to have but it has one glaring, unforgiveable flaw: It randomly chooses items rather than choosing random unique ingredients. It works exactly as it says it does, and that's not necessarily a good thing. After all, the pitfall of seeking true randomness is often something in game design that conversely leads to player frustration. What this means is that if you just hit the random button you will often end up with multiples of the same ingredient, which can lead to a meal with worse stats or unhappiness than if you manually add to the meal. This is, arguably, an unintentionally hostile design choice that has made the random button something I never even use anymore because it's just too unpredictable and can screw up a meal. Though at least it doesn't randomly add bleach if it's nearby, so it's not all doom and gloom. This is compounded by how frustrating it is having to scroll through that tiny eyestraining list on the craft menu past 30 cabbages, 50 salt/peppers, etc etc etc for every single ingredient unless you micromanage your food storage by having two fridges and ferry stuff from one to the other in small amounts. It's busywork that adds nothing to the game but frustration and makes it feel like a complete waste of time. Currently, making more than one meal at once is not just busywork but a janky and gimmicky process that gets old very fast. Having the option to carefully select every ingredient to your liking for roleplay purposes is great and I do like how much better this system is than the right click menu, but when you have 100 random foraged berries and a cupboard full of bowls making these meals becomes an eyestraining, rsi inducing nightmare. Cooking simply does not scale beyond single meal preparations, and single meals often cannot sustain a character with the limited nutritional content available. The experience is worsened tenfold if you have mods that add more than a dozen new ingredients and/or run Zomboid off a hard drive rather than a SSD like I do, as between each and every ingredient the game freezes for a split second as it refreshes the list of available ingredients to add. While that factor is unique to mods and out of the control of IndieStone, you do have the power to nullify it as a side effect of the changes i'm proposing if you find this idea worth trying out. A related post, and final thoughts: Since this post seems to have been languishing since early 2020 I felt i should point to it as it is a suggestion that is tangentally related to mine with the same motive which I agree with wholeheartedly, just in case it slipped under the radar. I invite input and discussion on the suggestions i've made above from anyone who has an opinion on the subject. I can see some grey areas, points for confusion, and I am not convinced that i've explained this well. There could be flaws in my reasoning I can't see without perspective from the community as a whole, and discussion will help hone and shape the suggestion into something more persuasive and positive, or reveal that the status quo is better left as is. Do you think the system is fine as it is and needs no change? If so, could you explain your thought process? Every opinion is valid! Do you feel like my suggestions above are not feasable, realistic or would detriment the experience? I'd love to hear from you ♥ Do you agree with some of my reasoning but see flaws in other areas? Please do bring it up! Do you simply agree? Say so, or leave a reaction to let the devs know this is an issue, and that i'm not insane! I'm not insane, right?? Are you reading this in 2030 and wanted to chime in? Leave a comment! it certainly can't hurt, can it?
  15. No, All of them, and watering can, npk fertilizer, compost, and i did start a new game to test without mods.
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