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  1. a pity that this game no longer runs as well as it once ran on my pc. I'm thinking about stopping once and for all to try and play. Project zomboid is a game that I really like but for some reason I can't play it right. I'm very sad to have to make this decision but if I don't manage to play I will unfortunately have to abandon the game.
  2. I can play on the 32-bit client at least
  3. I just came to point out that updating the driver had no effect, on the contrary, it caused the performance of the entire pc to suffer. is the problem persists msm dps of build 41.54 has been released
  4. I already tried and nothing changed
  5. i play on a laptop so i expected it to not run very well but soon after update 41.51 the game just doesn't work. the game is suffering from rendering delay, cpu and gpu peaks, in version 41.50 the average was 60 to 80% cpu and gpu now the game is between 80 and 5% has no entability. my setup is an i3 6006u, intel hd 520, 4 Gb of ram DDR4 2133 Mhs, 1 Tb of hd and Windows 10 home. I know my setup isn't good but I could play around 60 to 40 fps
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