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  1. A little progress has been made on this issue. Based on the thread below, I was able to decompile by ZIP-compressing the source file. JD no longer available? However, I am in trouble because the outline of the class information is not displayed (null). To devs @nasKo Reading Java source files is the easiest way to understand Mod development, so could you please investigate to this issue? I'm sorry if this problem is my environmental problem. Best regards.
  2. Is it possible to decompile Java class files after Build 41.51 with JD-GUI? After selecting the file, it remains unresponsive without any errors. I am using the following version of JD-GUI and the class files before 41.50 can be displayed normally. I tried changing the JDK to Java 15 but it didn't improve. Any ideas? Java Decompiler JD-GUI version 1.6.6 JD-Core version 1.1.3
  3. Hi devs, thanks for great game. I'm just starting develop Mods and sorry if this is known issue. I found problem about 51 or more items. On 51 or more items, Open Item and select header and execute any function (Ex. Favorite). Then, the function will be executed for other items that exceed 50, too. I have found this issue on Built 41.50, and new release 41.51 has also this issue yet. This is my guess, but in ISInventoryPane.lua, the processing when the number exceeds 51 is written, but I think that the equivalent processing is leaked in th
  4. I want to change character's alpha and overlay color in B41. Let me ask you 2 questions. [Question 1] I tried change IsoPlayer:setAlpha, and it was available for temporary change. Temporary... I mean it could be set my specified alpha value but return to original value (1.0) soon. I need permanent change so I tried some method, and I found like below. MySandbox.OnPlayerUpdate = function(player) player:setAlpha(0.1) end Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(MySandbox.OnPlayerUpdate) I could have done it this way, but I think it's a very forcibly way. I'm worry abou
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