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  1. Hello! At the beginning i wanted to say i speak english well, but my grammar is not top notch and if there was already made a thread about this problem then i'm sorry for wasting your time. The story happened in march this year. I was playing project zomboid (Hardest Difficulty) and what happened to me was i triggered the house alarm on the edge of the city. Soon horde of zombies was following me and tried to lose them by turning corners or going through the houses. One time when i was leaving the house, single zombie was staying near the window on the outside. When i killed him i've seen the damage icon and i thought what the hell because there was no damage notification (Chomp sound). I checked the healing panel and i got bit in the neck and my health was dropping fast because of bleeding. I was just wondering if you guys knew about it or fixed it already (maybe?). I wanted to come back to PZ and when i launched the game today i felt really annoyed about it and somewhat sad that i did not report it, so here i am : ) Have a good day!
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