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  1. Key To Heaven is a 2D MMORPG. This year it has received new graphics and is now a month or two away from the Steam release. I have now made a Introduction/Origin Trailer for the game: https://youtu.be/_gY8ZWxQdN0 What do you think? Discord: https://discord.gg/TmHHJkG Sign up for Steam Launch: https://mailchi.mp/9add8f4ad526/keytoheaven Website: www.key2heaven.com Some things that you can do in the game. * Craft! Make better items and explore the possibilities. * Sail! Craft a raft to explore the oceans. * Multiplayer! With guilds, parties, groups, and PvP starting on level 3. * Gather! You can mine, fish, farm, cut trees, and cook. * Upgrade! Visit the blacksmith to improve your items. * Stats & Skills! Distribute points to boost your character in ways that you think are good. * Quest! A wide range of different quests and they are all optional! With some unique paths that are extremely difficult to solve. * Seraph! Reach the required level and progression and Seraph back to Level 1. This time you have an aura and more stat/skill points. (Max 2 times). * Caves! Craft torches and explore the deep dark caves for treasure.
  2. Today at 18:00 GMT+1 the game will get 2 new servers and both will be reset so everybody is starting from level 1. Enjoy the competition!
  3. I'm an indie game developer from Sweden and way back in 2005 I started a 2d mmorpg. Although I have taken many breaks during this time, it is now very close to finished. Beta testing is now OPEN and you can download it in the discord channel. So if you want to provide suggestions and features you like, now is your chance to get them implemented. Or you can just join if you want to try an old school type game before it gets on Steam. Discord: https://discord.gg/TmHHJkG You can view the trailer video here: Main Features: * PvP, PvE. * Crafting, Smithing, Upgrading/dye items. * Questing, Lore, Survival. * Optional Hardcore mode. * No class requirements, make a unique character. Screenshots:
  4. Love the graphics, game looks pretty good too 👍
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