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  1. That's what Sandbox is for. Just change "Infection Mortality" in the "Zombie Lore" tab.
  2. Well, there might be no difference, depending on quantities of electrical devices. You can look at my comment on this post for more info on that: Link. For example: if you check with 2 fridges, of course there wont be any difference, because even under a roof the consume 11%. But if you check with 6 fridges, the ones under the roof will consume 46%, and the ones outside still 11%. Try finding the lone house (the only one in range of generator), and first place your devices inside the house, then outside and compere. You'll see the difference.
  3. As the title says, when electrical devices (fridges, ovens, etc.) are not placed under a roof (floor), they do not consume electricity, but still work. With dozens of them the consumption stays at 11% per day, which is a base consumption. And my guess is that it wasn't intentional, 'cause it's cheesy.
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