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  1. First is here, second is here
  2. When you sneak and jog at the same time, climbing over the fence causes this kind of animation. Here's the video. This happened here if that depends on location. No mods, ofc.
  3. The main bug seems to work with any kind of firearm. If you push a zombie with space action and then pull the trigger while another zombie is close enough to your weapon to visually touch it, the animation will freeze. Here's the video. Another bug is with homemade plumbing. I know about that clean water benefit, and I use it shamelessly, but while it's raining, if there is a puddle nearby, my character tends to fill his water bottle from the puddle (I definitely press on the sink). The third bug is related to fishing system. Fishes abundance parameter is updated only if you start fishing, despite the fact that there is 0% fish. It took me three hungry days of despair to understand that there was a lot of fish in my pond And there is some tile bugs. First is here, second (double floor) is here
  4. Composters absorb rotten products. but don't produce compost in return. Compost level remains at 0%. -- Upd Nevermind, I'm just dumb. My sandbox settings were "20 days to rotten food removal" and "Compost time: 8 weeks"
  5. I understand that there is some kind of decimal value, but it looks ridiculous
  6. Which is worse, I can't hide from it even on the second floor 😧
  7. Don't know if the skull and arrow on the wall should be visible from this angle, but obviously neither they nor the curtain on the door should glow. Before 41.30 update it wasn't visible at all, doesn’t matter open or closed, and after 41.30 the mysterious curtain finally appeared, but now it glows in the dark an scares me at night. Quality settings attached. I'm in this house, if that helps (that farm next to Riverside) https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.4969899553958355,0.08637910024066497,590.6682291542426
  8. This happens at low lighting settings. Try to raise it a little, sacrificing something else, until devs fix it properly
  9. 1) I cut my hair to the crew cut style. More than a month has passed, but hair didn't grow back :c 2) When you change lightbulbs to the absolutely new ones (100%), they appear as 10% damaged. Same with brakes and suspensions. 3) If you go to sleep with 3x and more speed and your character needs to walk around the bed, he/she keeps walking even after black screen of sleeping process. 4) When you are fishing on 3x and more speed and your bait is running out, the character keeps swinging fishing rod and can't move or do anything else.
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