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  1. Went settings set frame rate to uncapped, saved accepted, restarted the game the setting didnt get saved always reverts to 60fps. I have to set it up every time I load the game
  2. That is not what is reflected in trait description. Also on top of that the trait reflects that speed demon switches gears faster it makes no sense for guy to RPM like mad if anything he should be switching gears perfectly without rpming the car.
  3. I agree if it is motorcycle helmet they shouldn't be able to take it off. Fixing the fact 100% protection is not 100% protection I think should be priority thou.
  4. very unlikely as I spent 3 days driving car and battery is over 80% condition
  5. Speed demon should not have effect on car noise it makes cars engine sound for miles. I tested it with multiple cars. Without the trait cars sound fine
  6. Sat in car turned key no sound effect was played that engine didnt start. Car acted like it couldnt start had to turn key couple times but no usual sound was played to indicate that car didnt start
  7. Motorcycle helmet supposed to give 100% head protection and still got laceration on the head. Something is not right.
  8. Also since homophobic change now implemented what is the effect of being stressed? I am only aware it affect the mood and leads to depression. Does it affect any other things about character such as accuracy? Please do let us know thanks.
  9. Can we get explanation from PZ team what does this actually mean? Some weight related traits now reduce fitness. Does this mean when I start underweight and go obese I lose fitness points? What happens when I go obese then normal then obese again do I lose double points? Does fitness come back or is this something I need to keep training after loosing it? What is the max fitness I can lose? Can I lose all of it due to weight changing constantly? To me it sound very obstruct and punishing. ====================== Or does this only apply on character selection? Can we get more explanation and clarification?
  10. Not sure how this happen but my crouch button stoped working instead character was stuck in perma running mode (as with shift button being pressed but in this case no shift being pressed). Now while in that mode and approaching any wall the character would just fall over whatever he bumped into. I was only able to fix this by starting new game. never seen ti happen before.
  11. Also note I observed this behaviour on large hordes 100+ zombies can be repeated
  12. All clocks may it be digital or alarm sometimes dont trigger when timer is set. Expected behaviour alarm should trigger when time is set correctly
  13. Please note this was not the case 2 patches ago and was introduced as recent new behaviour bug
  14. Having Outdoorsman trait doesnt stop from being sun-struck Expected behaviour is outdoorsman negating all weather effects Including being wet due to weather conditions which in turn affect swing speed as well as being sunstruck Build 41.22
  15. Hitting zombie while just before he jumps fence automatically cancels his jump animation as he goes into stun and zombie positions changes to players side of fence without re-triggering jump animation of zombie. Expected behaviour when zombie goes into jump animation and is hit while attempting to jump fence if stun triggers then he should still keep on other side of fence if he hasnt jumped over it Build 41.22
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