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  1. I posted this to general discussions already and it got quite a positive feedback, so I'm posting it here as suggestion in hopes it will be noticed by some of the devs. So I've been playing this build for like a 2 days now, and I really like what you guys did with it. One thing I've noticed though is that most of the times I've died is either from 3 or 4 zombies jumping on you in a house, from a bathroom or right up the stairs. You can't prepare for these attacks in any way, as most of the time the zombies are just chilling in their spots until player comes too close. In closed quarters this means a bite in most of the cases. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for dangerous zeds and don't even mind that they have faster bites and scratches. After all it's zombie apocalypse, and all those people wouldn't have died and turned if zombies weren't dangerous. The thing I don't like is that you can't check houses for zombies in any other way than looking through windows. And even then you'll see only one or 2 only to find 2 more charging at you from bathroom once you enter through window. Or you can press Q and draw the zombies from whole neighborhood your way, including those from the house. We got em, I guess? I think there should be some less noisy version of "Hey you!" command. Something that will attract only the zombies few tiles away from you. Kind of like when they knocked on building windows in The Walking Dead before they went in to see if there are any zombies in there. I think this would give players a new interesting way to clean houses instead of just charging inside head first and hoping there is no zed behind the corner that will finish your playthrough before you notice what happened.
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