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  1. Specific food adds a specific amount of caloriers aswell as has a list of substances such as carbs that act as modifiers for the weight gain. But most of it boils down to calories - if you have them HIGHER than a certain amount ( there's a formula on wiki ), your weight starts to slowly go up and doesn't stop unless those calories are burned back to the neutral value. 1500 is a lot. I believe that calorie breakpoint is about 2-3-4k depending on the weight, so you might've just gained weight due to those ice cream buckets and a watermelon. Tips - vegetables tend to have little calorie, such as potatos and cabbages. Go vegan and only eat when you're Hungry ( Not Peckish ), and you'll be alright.
  2. SDFR

    Will there be backpack models behind?

    Maybe at some point, when we'll have all mechanics and will move on to quality of life stuff. So still a bit to go.
  3. SDFR

    Cooking is difficult

    I believe soups and stews take different ingredients once you choose to make one. Same goes with types of salads. Ideally not picking stale ( doesn't have a Fresh in front of it ) ingredients will result in more hunger reduction, altho stale meat and such could still be used in stews to an alright effect. It's really not difficult, especially since you have a long list of possible ingredients if you cook through Crafting menu (hammer icon). It's actually part of the game that i enjoyed greatly and probably why i'm still around. (500+ hours )
  4. SDFR

    Zombies in my house

    You might be living in a town that is the greatest spawn point for zombies and where most of them actually appear at the start of the map ( highway ). With a body count like that - i'd say they busted a barricade. Or you didn't put boards ( they can go through curtains, and so do you btw ) on the back windows. I'm long since playing without sleep enabled, so dunno about night events.
  5. Vans ( and heavy duty vehicles in general ) make buttload of noise that attract zeds from far away. Thus it's recommended to leave them on the edges of town and instead use more silent standart cars for town looting. About alarm suggestion - well, they can already spawn alarmed. And connecting two wires that YOU KNOW will start up the car as per mechanics skill - is stupid. The only way this can be implemented without much effort is random chance - and no one wants a horde on their ass due to random. If they however make it some form of minigame that gets progressively easier, but still doable at mechanic 2 or lower - i'd dig that.
  6. SDFR

    automatic water drinking

    I agree. Stuff like this is not challenge - it's busywork. And as much as this game is aimed at realism and a slower pace, it's still a game. For entertainment and escapism. No reason to make it a chore.
  7. Eh, that's a bit lame. No collective effort to keep the wall secure and to keep a stockpile of wood\a designated carpenter. You're missing out on the fun.
  8. If it has even a small town nearby - meta events might collect a group or two nearby, or even just stray zombies, and then geni will draw those in. Aswell as a little mechanic that migrates zombies to empty cells of the map over time - both used to populate it a bit. Sooo you'd still have to do perimeter check if the fencing is made by your carpentry\metalwork. I guess you could make a proper wall with 2 wall strips on each side of the tile and a walkway with a small fence above to prevent you from falling.
  9. SDFR


    I believe it doesn't accept anything lower than 1.0.
  10. SDFR

    rottenfoodremoval eating bowls

    None. Vanilla both client and server.
  11. If still relevant - vertical distance is about 2 floors excluding one with the geni, and the condition of fumes poisoning you is the tile DIRECTLY above the generator being obtructed. So i believe a hole in the celling that goes to the sky will do the trick. Personal tip - never put it at ground level. Zombies will break your shit down and will swarm the generator. Keep also in mind that they will go below it too, so make some preparations for the worst.
  12. SDFR

    Why is water poisoned?

    Might not be as healthy tho. Shit's mildly corrosive to your insides. That's just how it is. There's a reason for water purification tablets in MRIs and why it's ill-advised to drink water from anywhere besides your water bottle where you know the origin of said water. Also if it's you who created unbreakable walls mod - you might want to tone down on the casuality of your playthrough. Mods are meant to make a richer experience, not a dumbed down one.
  13. After leaving for a night, fully expecting food items to rot away in the inventory - i didn't pay much attention to it in the morning, but when i wanted to make another salad - suddenly i've noticed the absence of a bowl ( which i always keep on me ). After testing it by putting a filled bowl inside a crate and leaving it there (no one entered the server and it was a secure safehouse) - same thing happened, it dissapeared alongside the bowl. Didn't try it with cooking pots - but i'd assume it might happen also.