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  1. SDFR

    Making a map, ideas welcomed!

    I don't know if it's possible with the current PZ map, but having some sort of underground complex or bunkers would be pretty rad. Bomb shelters are a thing, after all.
  2. Specific food adds a specific amount of caloriers aswell as has a list of substances such as carbs that act as modifiers for the weight gain. But most of it boils down to calories - if you have them HIGHER than a certain amount ( there's a formula on wiki ), your weight starts to slowly go up and doesn't stop unless those calories are burned back to the neutral value. 1500 is a lot. I believe that calorie breakpoint is about 2-3-4k depending on the weight, so you might've just gained weight due to those ice cream buckets and a watermelon. Tips - vegetables tend to have little calorie, such as potatos and cabbages. Go vegan and only eat when you're Hungry ( Not Peckish ), and you'll be alright.
  3. SDFR

    Cooking is difficult

    I believe soups and stews take different ingredients once you choose to make one. Same goes with types of salads. Ideally not picking stale ( doesn't have a Fresh in front of it ) ingredients will result in more hunger reduction, altho stale meat and such could still be used in stews to an alright effect. It's really not difficult, especially since you have a long list of possible ingredients if you cook through Crafting menu (hammer icon). It's actually part of the game that i enjoyed greatly and probably why i'm still around. (500+ hours )
  4. SDFR


    I believe it doesn't accept anything lower than 1.0.
  5. SDFR

    rottenfoodremoval eating bowls

    None. Vanilla both client and server.
  6. After leaving for a night, fully expecting food items to rot away in the inventory - i didn't pay much attention to it in the morning, but when i wanted to make another salad - suddenly i've noticed the absence of a bowl ( which i always keep on me ). After testing it by putting a filled bowl inside a crate and leaving it there (no one entered the server and it was a secure safehouse) - same thing happened, it dissapeared alongside the bowl. Didn't try it with cooking pots - but i'd assume it might happen also.