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  1. Hello, I've been playing awhile until the error has occurred (it seems now take more to appear...), but the console has not detected any error, even the typical notice. I do not understand why, I'll keep trying these days to see if it appears. I don't think it's the pc problem, I hope that you continue investigating to see if you find the solution. I will be patient because I love this game and I don't want to stop playing it. If not, I will have to wait until I can buy a more powerful computer to me :(. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, I will continue
  2. Hello, I discovered that when you put a sheet on a sliding door and you open it, the sheet stays floating in the air. Maybe it would be better to make it disappear when the sliding door is open to solve the bug. LXS
  3. I need go to sleep now. I'll try it tomorrow. Thank you very much to all.
  4. And now... two error connections: Incorrect Password Server and P2P conection server
  5. I followed your instructions step by step, and now I'm going to join in Spiffospace to see what happens. See you there. Thanks for your help Enigma.
  6. Everything has to happen to me. Yes, I bought the game a year ago, in build 36 I think, through Steam. Before the cars I never had failures. Today I have reached 400 hours playing Zomboid ... and I need to solve this to continue playing my favorite game. Any recommendation? I have tried to optimize my computer to the maximum, but the failure persists.
  7. The same mistake over and over again. I tried your server in the build 40.17 and it also happens. I don't understand this. With that bug I managed to duplicate a car key! This is my favorite game and I am very sorry that I can't play well. I don't know why it works well on solo player. Here attached the console. txt again. Please help me to solve this problem. Thanx console.txt
  8. I have 4GB of RAM (3 ' 88 usable), but why in solo mode don't happen this error? I tested your server (V40) with that configuration and everything is much more fluid. I thought that was the solution, but when I went into Riverside has happened to me again... Although this time the cars around have'nt disappeared. I only have the Windows Defender activated... I don't think he's the culprit, right? File attachment. console.txt
  9. I share an image so you see that cars really disappear me. Although this time they have disappeared while I was walking.
  10. I played again on a server with version 39 and with the file you gave me, but the car I drive does'nt produce the usual error. Although after playing for a while, all the cars around me have disappeared except mine, again after zombie load. Here I pass the text document, I see some strange errors at the beginning of the load of the server, but I do not see the Error that you commented on no side. Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience. console.txt EDIT: I added a second "console.txt". Is a log from your server and with the file vehicleCache.class replaced. Th
  11. It's happened to me again after I replaced the file again. But the error you've commented before has not appeared in console, not even the error that always happened to me. Besides, when I got off the car, this one's dissapeared . console.txt
  12. Sorry, I noticed when I reviewed the document console. txt. It's probably happened when I installed version 40. I'm trying to catch de error again. I'll be back. (Here it is 4 AM XD)
  13. Oh, it's happened to me again . I thought it was fixed. I send the file with the error. console.txt
  14. It's amazing, I've been playing around for over an hour on a private server, with the 39.67.5 version, and there has not appeared the car error any time. Although I've had a couple of strange server disconnections. I will try on your server with version 40 to see what happens.
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