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  1. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    I have 4GB of RAM (3 ' 88 usable), but why in solo mode don't happen this error? I tested your server (V40) with that configuration and everything is much more fluid. I thought that was the solution, but when I went into Riverside has happened to me again... Although this time the cars around have'nt disappeared. I only have the Windows Defender activated... I don't think he's the culprit, right? File attachment. console.txt
  2. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    I share an image so you see that cars really disappear me. Although this time they have disappeared while I was walking.
  3. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    I played again on a server with version 39 and with the file you gave me, but the car I drive does'nt produce the usual error. Although after playing for a while, all the cars around me have disappeared except mine, again after zombie load. Here I pass the text document, I see some strange errors at the beginning of the load of the server, but I do not see the Error that you commented on no side. Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience. console.txt EDIT: I added a second "console.txt". Is a log from your server and with the file vehicleCache.class replaced. The car blocks again, and when I get down it dissapier. With differents errors in console I think. console.txt
  4. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    It's happened to me again after I replaced the file again. But the error you've commented before has not appeared in console, not even the error that always happened to me. Besides, when I got off the car, this one's dissapeared . console.txt
  5. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    Sorry, I noticed when I reviewed the document console. txt. It's probably happened when I installed version 40. I'm trying to catch de error again. I'll be back. (Here it is 4 AM XD)
  6. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    Oh, it's happened to me again . I thought it was fixed. I send the file with the error. console.txt
  7. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    It's amazing, I've been playing around for over an hour on a private server, with the 39.67.5 version, and there has not appeared the car error any time. Although I've had a couple of strange server disconnections. I will try on your server with version 40 to see what happens.
  8. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    I have replaced the file that you have passed me and I have driven for a while until the message that you have told me has appeared. Here's the text document with the log. Thanks for the help @EasyPickins console.txt
  9. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    I did what you told me, but the problem persists. It seems that it always happens when there is a load of many Zombos. Maybe the fault is the memory of my PC...:( But in the Solo Modo does'nt happen this error... so I do not know what can be the fault. I'm sharing the console.txt file of my last game again, this time on a private server. Thanks console.txt
  10. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    I'm doing it, I hope it works because it's a big nuisance. Thankyou very much Enigma, I'll be back with news.
  11. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    Hello, I have commented this error before, but it was not in right place, so I return to comment here if someone happens too. When I drive a car a few kilometres the car is completely blocked (I think it happens when the map makes a load or saved). When this happens, I cannot turn on/off the lights, raise/lower the windows, honk the horn... etc. I can't even turn off the engine! And usually all the cars around me disappear. It's strange, but the other players can see the actions I do in the car. When they join me in the car, they see me colliding with the cars I don't see, and I don't get any damage. This happens to me both in the current version and in the 40. Normally, when I walk away and return a few minutes later, the error is fixed, others not. Here I share the console file of the last game I played on your server. It's happened to me a couple of times. Thanks a lot. Luxus console.txt
  12. The most reasonable suggestion ever made!

    I think being able to sleep on the ground is a good idea, the developers will probably think about it. I think it should be possible, but on the condition that the possibility of waking up surrounded by Zombos, and with serious penalties such as "muscular pain" or "tired".
  13. Some medical suggestions.

    I really like your idea. I would wait months to cure brain damage if necessary, but it should be very difficult to heal. In the solo mode maybe it would be a nuisance and surely you would die (one more cause to die), but in MP, a doctor (great healing ability) could get to heal you and recover you in a lot less time. About the hallucinations, I had been thinking about it for a while. Imagine that you eat a mushroom hallucinogenic without wanting (low skill in herbalist), you start to have fever and need to sleep, you lie down in bed to rest and suddenly listen the Zombos entering the house. You get up and start fighting with them. The other players see you, but you're fighting against nothing, there's nothing there, you're hallucinating. That would be great in my opinion.
  14. I don't know if someone has commented before, but it would be a great incentive to find music tapes or CDs to improve the happiness of the players, or be able to find video tapes that are played in their respective devices to gain happiness or improve Our skills. In addition, I belong to a music band of Death Metal and we can offer our songs for free to help you in the advancement of your game. Greetings!
  15. [IWBUMS Build 40 Test Server] SpiffoSpace: Weather

    @EnigmaGrey I have updated Java if the error was that, but I have again the same when I played on your server (you've seen me ). What can I do? I also uninstalled the game and re-installed, but still the same . As you've told me on the server, I'm the only person who's got this error. Thanks again for the help. Best regards. EDIT: This post is in a wrong place, the thread on this problem continues here.